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Alien "Cereal Killers" : UFOs, Aliens & Crop Circles

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posted on Mar, 24 2015 @ 05:02 PM

They arrive from outer space and inconspicuously like to embed their geometrically inspired artwork in our crop fields with some unknown advanced technology. These same, or perhaps other, aliens also desanguinate and steal body parts from our cattle. Then they dispense with their carcasses and leave them in a field to rot.

What is their motive for extracting bovine blood and offal?

Why do they make patterns in our crops?

Of course aliens may not be involved in either of these practices. But it has long been suspected and if you can spare the time to read on we’ll revisit the crop circle/UFO/alien link.

Part 2 (Alien Cattle Mutilations) will be along sometime in the future. But let’s first look at the alien ’cereal killers’.

Crop Formations

Records of strange patterns in crop fields date back 5 centuries in England. Back then the devil was blamed for creating them. The British Government suspected that German spies were creating them during WWII to help the Luftwaffe identify bombing targets.

The link to them being made by alien beings was only popularized in the latter third of the 20th century.

More than 50% of the annual crop circles across the globe appear in England. However one of the first modern cases, linked to UFO activity, happened in 1966 near the town of Tully, Australia.

Around 9:00am on January 19th, 1966 farmer George Pedley was driving a tractor on land in the Euramo area. Pedley first heard a sound like air escaping and then saw a "flying saucer" rise from the swampland in Horseshoe Lagoon and fly off into the distance.

Pedley found a clockwise circle of swirled reeds, measuring around 30 feet in diameter in the area where the UFO appeared to have been. He later asked the landowner, Albert Pennisi ,to accompany him back to the area as a witness. Pennisi went as far as wading out into the water and observed that the reeds had been physically uprooted from the bed of the lagoon and were swirling on the surface of the water.

The local media became interested and the circles were dubbed ‘saucer nests’. Two, smaller,’ nests’ were discovered, hidden in thick swamp grass along with a completely bare rectangle in the reeds. The plants had been completely uprooted and removed from the area.

continues below >>>>

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posted on Mar, 24 2015 @ 05:03 PM
Doug and Dave

In the long hot English summer of 1976, whilst discussing the Tully incident in a country pub, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley decided that they’d try to create a “saucer nest” or crop circle themselves. So began two decades of crop patterns, escalating in scale and geometrical complexity, in fields of wheat and barley. Endless debates raged about how these crop formations were created and who, or even what was behind them?

ITN News at Ten 1990 covering Crop Circles

A number of theories were put forward. The obvious one was that they were human created hoaxes. But various scientific explanations about helicopters, strange weather conditions and plasma vortices were also put forward. Others with a more New Age view of the world saw crop formations as the product of ‘earth energies’, ancient spirits and aliens. Farmers were annoyed because of the damage to their crops and loss of revenue.

By 1985 the British Army had become involved after a farmer complained to them about a circle that had appeared on his land (NB many circles are created near to areas where military exercises are conducted in England). Lieutenant Colonel Edgecombe, flew over the formation, took photographs and even attended a public meeting to assure everyone that a helicopter’s rotor blades could not create the intricate well-defined formations that were seen across the English countryside. He also pointed out at the meeting that he had forwarded a report of his investigation to the Ministry of Defence.

This was probably one of the first triggers to the belief that the military were actively conducting their own investigation of crop circles. By the late 1980s questions were being asked in the Houses of Parliament and some researchers found the answers merely confirmed their belief that something was being covered up.

Cereal Fields (Hansard, 11 July 1989):
Mr Teddy Taylor: To ask the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food how many reports he has received of the flattening of circular areas in cereal fields in the south-west and other areas of England respectively; and if he will make a statement.

Mr Ryder: The flattening of circular areas in cereal fields is a phenomenon known to occur from time to time. It is confined to winter cereal crops and is more prevalent in dry seasons, but we have no arrangements for recording such occurrences and therefore cannot comment on their frequency.

Cereal Fields (Hansard, 11 July 1989):
Mr Teddy Taylor: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what progress has been made in the inquiries initiated by Army helicopters based in the south-west in investigating the origin of flattened circular areas of wheat; and if he will make a statement.
Mr Neubert: The Ministry of Defence is not conducting any inquiries into the origins of flattened circular areas of crops. However, we are satisfied that they are not caused by service helicopter activity.

Crop Circles on the BBC

In 1989 our beloved BBC even broadcast a whole programme dedicated to the mystery of the crop circles called ‘Secret Circles’.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

In the programme Colin Andrews, an engineer and long time ‘cerealogist’, declared that an unknown outside intelligence was responsible. Ken Rodgers, a UFO spotter, claimed that a strange glow could be seen in the sky followed by a buzzing sound, or whine, before an object would hover and lower itself down into the crops to create an alien ‘calling card’ in the corn. But without ever revealing how he had acquired this information. Even a Wiltshire farmer appears in the documentary open to the possibility of aliens being involved. Although the narrator points out that no one, up to that point, had actually seen anything like a ‘spacecraft’ making a crop formation.

The British Army then show us how to make crop circles with the most rudimentary of tools. Dr. Terence Meaden proposes a whole new weather condition, similar to a tornado but one that flattens crops.

This was also picked up in New Scientist magazine in 1989.

Clip : New Scientist Sep 2nd 1989

continues below >>>>

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posted on Mar, 24 2015 @ 05:06 PM
Oliver’s Castle: UFO Creating Crop Circle

But in 1996 an exciting video was circulated on various TV programmes around the world. Now known as the “Oliver’s Castles Crop Circle”, it shows a number of bright ‘orb’ like objects flying over a field as a crop circle forms below them.

It was quite brilliant in its timing and execution. Anyone with a modicum of knowledge and cheap video software could pull something similar together nowadays. But in 1996, when interest in all things paranormal was heightened by shows like the X-Files, it was not so cheap or easy.

Eventually an individual known as John Wayleigh(or Wabe) eventually claimed to have filmed an already formed crop circle and then used CGI of the day to show the circle forming.

National Geographic used their usual analytic skills to debunk it all:

Since the mid 1990s patterns have continued to expand in their design. Sceptics maintain this is almost certainly due to the circle makers having access to ever more powerful computers, GPS equipment, and lasers. Media and public interest has also waned somewhat since the peak period of the 80s and 90s. There is now (in Britain) almost a total acceptance that the circles were and continue to be created by human beings. In fact a number of them take more than one night to complete due to their complexity these days.

Above : The Milk Hill (Wilstshire) 2009 formation that was created across the 21st – 23rd June 2009

But there have always been a number of researchers who maintain that some crop formations are not human creations. They highlight the lack of tracks in the field and that strange anomalies are present in certain crop circles. Some say static like effects can be felt on the skin and strange sounds can be picked up with ultrasound equipment. Many claim electromagnetic radiation can be detected or other damage to the crops inhibiting growth.

Nearly twenty years after Doug and Dave had retired, in 2009, a story that directly linked aliens with crop circles was reported in UK media :

A police officer contacted British UFO experts after seeing three aliens examining a freshly made crop circle near Avebury, Wiltshire..... The sergeant, who has not been named, was off-duty when he saw the figures standing in a field near Silbury Hill, and stopped his car to investigate.

However, as he approached the 'men' – all over 6ft tall with blond hair – he heard "the sound of static electricity" and the trio ran away ''faster than any man he had ever seen''. ...

He said: ''At first he thought they were forensic officers as they were dressed in white coveralls. He stopped his car and approached the field.

''The figures were all over 6ft and had blond hair. They seemed to be inspecting the crop. When he got to the edge of the field he heard what he believed to be a sound not dissimilar to static electricity.

''This crackling noise seemed to be running through the field and the crop was moving gently, close to where the noise was.
''He shouted to the figures who, at first, ignored him, not glancing at him. When he tried to enter the field they looked up and began running.

''He said; 'They ran faster than any man I have ever seen. I'm no slouch but they were moving so fast. I looked away for a second and when I looked back they were gone. ......

Source : Daily Telegraph

Make of that what you will.

The crop formation season will be upon us once again shortly here in England. Admittedly there is something quite breathtaking about seeing an intricately designed formation from a good vantage point on a warm mid-summer day.

But despite what was once a very popular theory, the real world evidence, pointing to aliens doodling in our crops is really pretty thin on the ground (no pun intended).

There are still those that think there is something more to this mystery, something beyond the work of mere human beings.

Is there?

posted on Mar, 24 2015 @ 05:10 PM
I do believe that a few crop circles were made by aliens, they could have been trying to send us a message or just having some fun.

posted on Mar, 24 2015 @ 05:10 PM
Oh but wait. They found a crop circle board game made by Mystic Merlin in a circle once. Therefore, all circles are hoaxes made by him and a few other pranksters.

Poor Colin.


posted on Mar, 24 2015 @ 05:35 PM
a reply to: Ancient Champion

If that is the case the question has to be who is imitating who and why?

Most 'emergency services' workers in Wiltshire and other areas will tell you that there are teams of circle makers out and about in the farmlands across the high summer months in Britain.

Why would aliens bother joining in, with the knowledge that their efforts would be obscured and marginalized amongst the plethora of human made formations?
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posted on Mar, 24 2015 @ 05:37 PM
a reply to: BlueMule

Lyrics of "Vienna (Ultravox) spring to mind.

posted on Mar, 24 2015 @ 05:48 PM
They were simply telling us about the future gluten apocalypse... but had trouble with the details and median.

Good thread, btw... despite my silly contribution. I've always thought crop cir... uh.. 'cereology'... to be a weird, unicorn chasing exercise that was solidly based in human nocturnal missions... some of the oddness has made me almost reconsider some of them.... almost.

eta: and yes, poor Colin... poor, poor, pooooor Colin...
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posted on Mar, 24 2015 @ 06:22 PM
a reply to: mirageman

Records of strange patterns in crop fields date back 5 centuries in England. Back then the devil was blamed for creating them.

A closer look at the mowing devil story shows it to be an allegorical tale , it's often used to show a long history of circles but in reality has no relation to them.

There are still those that think there is something more to this mystery, something beyond the work of mere human beings.
Is there?

No , but hopefully we'll see many circles this year , we don't get many when it's a cold and wet summer kids prefer to stay in the pub.

In the programme Colin Andrews, an engineer and long time ‘cerealogist’

Shredded wheat and weetabix were part of my cerealogy degree.

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posted on Mar, 24 2015 @ 07:11 PM
a reply to: mirageman

What do the aliens have against Cereal? Seems odd. Even for aliens.


posted on Mar, 24 2015 @ 07:33 PM

originally posted by: mirageman
a reply to: Ancient Champion

If that is the case the question has to be who is imitating who and why?

Most 'emergency services' workers in Wiltshire and other areas will tell you that there are teams of circle makers out and about in the farmlands across the high summer months in Britain.

Why would aliens bother joining in, with the knowledge that their efforts would be obscured and marginalized amongst the plethora of human made formations?

To answer that question you would have to have a sit-down with the aliens.

posted on Mar, 24 2015 @ 07:44 PM
Nicely put-together thread.

Crop circles are interesting, and some are quite beautiful, but anyone who still believes 'aliens' are making them isn't firing on all cylinders.

posted on Mar, 24 2015 @ 08:00 PM
a reply to: AdmireTheDistance

It's called being open minded. Don't insult people for believing something you don't.

posted on Mar, 24 2015 @ 08:26 PM

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posted on Mar, 25 2015 @ 12:03 AM

originally posted by: mirageman
There is now (in Britain) almost a total acceptance that the circles were and continue to be created by human beings.
OK Maybe those are solved, but has anybody solved the mystery of why I leave town for a few days and come back and find these colorful circles all around my house? I never see them being made, they appear seemingly out of nowhere, usually while I'm at work, or out of town on a business trip. They are always made so they make sense when viewed from straight above, like the Nazca lines. What are they trying to tell us?

July Chalk Circles - Stunning Implications for Earth !

originally posted by: visible_villain
Clearly we see the story being told is that because individuals ( c ) love and care about the Earth ( a ) 'less than or equal to' the love and care the Earth has for individuals ( b ), then this 'galactic alignment' will occur during the time of a full moon ( i ).

But, not to worry, it seems like the 'seventh incarnation of the Earth' will be happy one -
Is it really telling us that the seventh incarnation of the Earth will be a happy one?

I know the people who study crop circles are cerealogists, but I don't know what the people who study these more colorful circles are called. Some people say these are probably made by humans too, but how would mere humans even know about the seventh incarnation of the Earth being a happy one?

posted on Mar, 25 2015 @ 02:23 AM
a reply to: mirageman

Vallée hypothyses there are 2 kinds of crop circles:

1. hoaxer/artist made ones with rope and planks; in these circles the stalks are broken;

2. military made ones with some kind of directed energy beam, probably microwaves; in these circles the nodes of the stalks have exploded. The purpose being to test the weapons and to propagate the UFO meme. The circles are found near military and secret research laboratories.

Following are the links to a series of four articles by Vallée, and one about the 'active denial system', a non-lethal crowd (and enemy) control system.

* In Search of Alien Glyphs (or are they microwave blasters?)
* Crop Circles, Part Deux: Alien Glyphs, Human Myths
* Of Flattened Flora and Expulsion Cavities
* Vallee: Of Crop Circles, meme wars and web-based flypaper

* Beam of Pain

posted on Mar, 25 2015 @ 03:39 AM
There are characteristics of a substantial number of crop circles that are impossible to replicate, they separate "genuine" crop formations from anything hoaxers like Doug and Dave could ever hope to attempt.

Physical changes of plants and soil - not only does the physical appearance of seem to change (it looks dehydrated), but there is change at the molecular level. Research has been conducted over a ten year period with samples and thorough laboratory testing carried out by the biophysicist Dr. Levengood, Nancy Talbott, and John Burks -- the BLT Research Team, and a small army of volunteers worldwide. Their findings include enlarged cell walls, expulsion cavities in the nodes of the plant stalks, significantly extended node lengths, and changes to the soil composition (ie. vastly higher level of magnetite concentration) from samples taken within the crop formations in contrast to the control samples taken from outside the circles.
Reported increase in crop yield - Some farmers and researchers have independently reported greater yield in the years following the appearance of formations in their fields. In 1997, Tim Carson who farms East Field (where the "DNA" formation appeared in 1996) reported to researchers that his yield was up 30-40%. The increased yield that usually only comes with annual rehybridization (done in labs) remains the same level even in up to 5th generation crops coming from crop circles, according to researcher Steve Purkaple. Swirl in multiple directions - many formations have complex woven patterns of the swirled crops. Not only do the plants in the formation swirl clockwise or counter-clockwise, but sometimes certain sections will swirl one direction and layers on top are going another direction. They sometimes even have multiple layers swirled in different directions.

Woven stalks - Other times the stalks are actually woven like a piece of loose cloth on the floor of the formation. This has been observed by various researchers in the UK.

Selective swirling - Even though the edges are clearly defined, sometimes stalks from the outside edge are pulled into the formation. This doesn't seem to be too unusual, but actually certain stalks from the middle of a grouping of plants gets pulled in. The ones closest to the formation do not. And this occurs around the entire edge of the crop circle. Very meticulous!

Equipment malfunctions - There have been numerous reports of electronic equipment failing in crop circles and compasses spinning out of control in & over the crop circles (when flying over in aircraft). This range of equipment includes watches, mobile phones, batteries, cameras... fortunately no pacemakers yet! No explanations for these occurrences, other than the indication of a strong EM field distortions.

Formations "transform" into new patterns - There have been instances where certain formations take on an entirely different appearance as they continue to grow in the field. For example, one formation got a wavy look within the center of the circle that wasn't there originally.

Unusual bending of plant stalks - It's a widely publicized fact that plants within a formation actually bend at the naturally occurring nodes 90 degrees. This can also happen in hoaxed formations where the plant is pressed to the ground and "bends" to reach towards the light. This process known as phototropism is more pronounced in younger stalks, often reaching up towards the light in 1-2 days. However, what isn't well-known is that there is more than one possible place for bent nodes. Some formations have had stalks all bent from the same node (there are up to a half dozen nodes on one plant). Some formations show bending at the knuckle closest to the ground, yet in a neighboring section they all bend two knuckles up and so on. In the line of ~24 circles in Windmill Hill in 2000, virtually all the stalks were bent 1/4" beneath the nodes, though at completely different heights (1" to 6" range) from the ground. This means that each stalk would have to be bent individually to give that effect.

Geophysical features - One common denominator of many of the crop formations is that they occur over underground water supplies and land situated above chalk beds, according to researcher Steve Page. Water is a good conductor of electrical current, and could possibly be channeling the electromagnetic currents of the Earth (which is what dowsers attempt to detect). This observation may have something to do with how some crop circles are formed.

Sacred geometry - Researchers have discovered layers within layers of information contained in the crop circles themselves. There are sacred ratios, such as phi, that governs the growth process of all organic life. This is an area that requires more attention and resources, as perhaps this understanding could reveal a message or at least "higher intelligence" behind these artistic patterns.

Physical side effects - Many people mention having some sort of physical reaction (positive or negative) during and after a visit to a crop formation. Side effects range from nausea, headaches, dizziness, tingling sensations, pains and giddiness... to getting literally knocked off their feet! Sometimes the effects are felt only after leaving the formation, such as sickness or disruption to the menstrual cycle, which could be affected by the surge of energies absorbed from within the formation.
Alignment with natural features of the land - This isn't apparent from the ground, but aerial photographs have shown that often formations are imprinted on the earth in alignment with tram lines or even darkened sections on the earth. This is an impossibility without been able to see "the big picture" before permanently laying out the design.

posted on Mar, 25 2015 @ 04:19 AM
a reply to: Scdfa

You really should use the ext tags when quoting others work.

Most of that is the same old rhetoric promoted without evidence or checkable data by those that want to portray the CC phenomena as something other worldly , anyone who can be bothered to look at crop circles with an open mind will see the evidence is there to prove it isn't.

posted on Mar, 25 2015 @ 06:36 AM
While I do believe that many crop circles are hoaxes, I don't believe that makes all of them hoaxes.

The earliest case ever recorded on a crop circle is a leaflet from Britain from 1678. The incident was titled - "The Mowing Devil". Somehow, I don't think crop circles are Military secret code when the phenomenon is very, very old. This case is conveniently dismissed by crop circle skeptics.

Mowing Devil


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