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'Artificial life' comes another step closer:

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posted on Dec, 19 2004 @ 07:35 AM
Researchers at Rockefeller University in the US have made the first tentative steps towards creating a form of artificial life. Their creations, small synthetic vesicles that can process (express) genes, resemble a crude kind of biological cell. The parts for their "vesicle bioreactors", as they call them, all come from diverse realms of life.

Jelly fish: A gene for green fluorescent protein taken from a species of jellyfish was the first they tried. The glow from the protein showed that the genes were being transcribed. With a second gene, from the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus, the researchers got their cells to make small pores in their walls.

The Rockefellers..??..Are'nt they the most Powerful Free Masons in the U.S....Emmm..they're not by any chance working on a Top Secret project;building the I.Robot...hehe...

The Jelly fish gene is used to give fluorescence the a whole array of cells and proteins etc; With these techniques they can make visible the prottein or cells that are being studied.Another topic I came across a couple of days ago,using the same Jelly fish gene was in the Liver treatment from the various Hepatitis A,B,C,D and E types.

A famous Person That come to mind Being extreemly happy with this new found research is no less than the Wholesom 'Pamela Anderson'...who was diagnosed with hepatitis C, the worst kind of them all.Usually, these patients will need a liver transplant, but there are very long waiting lists..

HepatitisC is mainly transmitted only through direct contact with already infected blood.Her case was made while married to Tommy Lee,who's covered in tattoos,but I somehow doupt that he got infected that way,cause of the standards requiered by law.
Great tattoo artists respect these regulations to the letter,scince the Aids virus came to the publics attention much emphasis has been put on tattoo atrists and dentists to sterilize their equipment properly and even despose of needles previously used.Not all tattooists do this because of cost and time to sterilize the equipment (25/30 min.),there's another machine called an Ultra sonic cleaner,which basically 'only'cleans the needles and tips of the machine from the Ink!!.I myself have been a tatooist for some years and know all the info there's to know on the matter..

Besides the tattooing accident,one can get infected through sex only if blood is present,that means if your at it for hours and 'both' parties experience sore skin or tears.Through pregnancy there's only a 6% chance that you'd get the virus,and babies have a defence against the virus,however they should be tested after 12-18 after birth,that's when their ammuine system fails to beat the Hepatitis virus.Up to now Interferron has been the most effective medicine against this disease,but it is a very debilitating med,and besides loss of hair in some cases,you'll most definately feel worn out most of the time.The cource of this med is a year long and has an 85% cure rate..blha.. blha ..

Stem cells 'to treat liver harm' ;UK researchers are pioneering tests of the use of adult stem cells which could reverse cirrhosis of the liver. London's Hammersmith Hospitals team will use a patient's own bone marrow stem cells to treat the disease. New Scientist magazine also reports on a Japanese team looking at using the treatment for liver fibrosis. Currently, the only hope for many patients is a transplant - but there are too few organs available, so other treatments are urgently needed.

posted on Dec, 19 2004 @ 09:52 AM
Heres another link explaning this in different details.
I have been following sciences search for creating life from scrach for 20 years and its getting closer and closer .When Humans finly creat life weather its a cell or a Pc programed It should be very intence seeing how the religes comunity responds to this. As God is the only way life can be created is what they teach .
This will prove two things 1 is its not just the relm of god .(if god is real and we are created in his immage endowed with his abilitys to a degree then according to this creating life is in our progaitive.
and 2 its shows life can be created in more then one way and more the one envierment given more evadence for life on other worlds .
sorry to burst your bubble but man may not be anything special or devine after all .Even if we were created by god .So much for earth (Dirt) being the center of the universe.

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