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What will happen to Christianity when we finally confirm ET?

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posted on Mar, 20 2015 @ 10:02 AM
a reply to: Lucid Lunacy

Since Genesis makes no mention, during the parts where it would be pertinent to do so, of other planets.

Actually as vague as Genesis 1:1 is, other planets are covered in that, as in all planets within the heavens were created in that unknown time period, mostly likely billions of years just like science says.
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posted on Mar, 20 2015 @ 10:21 AM

originally posted by: Lucid Lunacy
a reply to: Akragon

Most Christians are not fundamentalists

I haven't been taking the position one way or another. I don't see any reason to believe we know definitively the answer to that one way or another. Do you? Can you substantiate the claim most Christians are not? Half are? 25%? Can we not honestly agree that assessing this question is so difficult as to render uncertainty a given?

I offered my personal experience that a significant amount of Christians I have come across take Genesis literally. On ATS, yes. Also on many other online sites. What has been your experience from Christians on ATS and elsewhere?

I'm therefore, end of story. It is not 100%.

posted on Mar, 20 2015 @ 11:28 AM

originally posted by: Blue_Jay33
a reply to: StalkerSolent

Then as the bible relates they were dabbling into the false gods of the day, faithful Israelites worshiped one God only.
There is no mention of any form of even a duality being worshiped by loyal Jews.
There were some really bad Kings leading Israel, and archaeology reveals that after their return from Babylonian exile interfaith ceased. should check out my link. The idea wasn't that they were worshipping more than one God, but that they were worshipping a God in three persons. I'm not an expert in the field by any means, but I think you'll find the article interesting reading.

posted on Mar, 20 2015 @ 11:29 AM
From Genesis I will jump to Revelation 12. The Woman is among the stars, or at least on orbit around the Earth. She is not on the surface of the Earth when she gives birth.

That means, we the Church are not on Earth when the manchild will be born. If the Woman is the church.

Or anyway. The manchild is not born on earth at all. He is born on near space orbit or in the space among the stars (perhaps close to earth). Therefore he cannot be literally Jesus Christ, he is just an image of Jesus Christ (who wasn't raptured as baby!!!)

Follows the war in heaven. Word heaven is equivalent to word sky throughout the Bible. Today we add the word universe, space, whatever you call it the distance between earth and the highest realm of God. The war starts only after the rapture of the manchild, something never occurred in history. And ends with the dragon cast down to earth. Something again never occurred in history. Although the evil is always present, the dragon has not been cast down as his ultimate dwelling in the universe. The prophecy cannot be mystical experience, if it is prophecy at all. It must be visible occurrence manifestation in history.

So to fear that the aliens are the fallen angels at this point is premature. There are enough aliens in the Universe. Remember, we the church must be taken up, at least on orbit may be higher, in order to have the sequence of events in Revelation 12. If we believe Revelation 12 as authentic prophecy that must occur. Only then is Revelation 13 and the resurfacing of the Beast. There are other events that I will skip for now, and I talked about, namely the dragon first persecutes the woman and then starts a war on earth with the rest of her offspring. Those are two big events that need their time, and they too precede the re-appearance of the beast "who was and is not". Many preachers omit that point, that the beast at that time was not found on earth, even for a brief period of time, and does not come out of the sea before the landing of the dragon.

Many of these very important elements are totally or partially missing in most if not all preachers of today. The fears of the aliens that can turn to be the strange creatures angels with 6 wings and multiple eyes and wheels, are unfounded. We need to know to discern, what is a dragon and what is an angel of God, according to what God's word the Bible gives us as example. Please re-read Ezekiel 1 before demonizing any extraterrestrials and their flying vehicles.

posted on Mar, 20 2015 @ 11:54 AM
The widely assumed speculation that the War in heaven (space) in Revelation 12 is the same event as the expell of Satan from God's highest realm (what we call today with the word "heaven") is wrong. Revelation 12 does not precede Genesis. It follows its sequence in the last book of the Bible. It is written long after Jesus' death and resurrection. It is wild speculation to mess times and timelines and to put it back in time. Because someone doesn't want it to be seen, pretending it already occurred. No it is not. Otherwise, we may say, Ezekiel and Daniel already occurred too. And they did not.

I don't like the preterists. If they were true we would be living in God's kingdom on earth for centuries, and we are not. Instead we had the bloodiest chapters of history exactly in the so called Christendom, or alleged God's kingdom on earth in the manifestation of his church. Pity! Unfortunately, one of the biggest preterists is Augustine who changed drastically the entire timeline of the Revelation, for reasons not known to me.

The war in heaven/space must happen before our eyes (or those in future generations) in order to be qualified as fulfilled prophecy. As well as the preceding event (rapture of manchild) and the event following that war (casting down dragon to earth). Those are physical events, those are not mystical experiences that could be interpreted at the will of the theologian following doctrine of particuar church and agenda suitable for its own times. Sorry to all theologians who feel themselves tied up by Augustine, but they have to start looking with wider horizons than those past centuries, and to start understanding God's word that is not limited to this earth, that is not flat surface anymore but a body in space.

The war n heaven/space could long do you think? I cannot contemplate duration less than 2 weeks, probably months, years....or longer. In anyway, the first rapture of the Church has to happen beforehand, if we are talking of a sequence given in the prophetic book Revelation. Otherwise, we are not talking of sequence of events, we are talking of arbitrary interpretation of pieces of it.

How can we ever reach rapture (whatever word) without the help of God's angels, without the chariot of Elijah that is a spaceship with flames?

Even if the candidate for the final beast leader is already present on earth (and that we will never know until it happens) still these events must happen first in order to be given permission for Revelation 13 to be enacted on earth. Otherwise, Nero will be changed with Hitler but we will never have the final end times. Generations blamed this or that empire of being the beast, including the Caliphate. Many tomorrow will blame the country(s) where the ET will land. They have every chance to miss their own rapture and to await whether there will be a second one or not.

I do not defend every ET race. There are hostile races. I defend the right of God's people to use Elijah's chariots spaceships in the plan of God of their own rescue before all that happens.

posted on Mar, 20 2015 @ 12:02 PM
a reply to: Lucid Lunacy

Lovely–I might go back and engage with your other posts at some point then.
Re: fundamentalism, I doubt that *anyone* (certainly not myself) knows how many there are *exactly.* But from what I've seen they're largely a subset of evangelicalism which is itself largely a subset of Protestantism. This might give you a rough idea of how many there are.

posted on Mar, 20 2015 @ 12:26 PM
a reply to: 2012newstart

Perhaps the Rapture happens in Revelation 4, as many scholars say. The sooner the better! The term "on orbit" seems useful, although we don't know how far from earth it will be. May be to a nearby star system to be as nearest as possible for the next events that will require the raptured people to get involved too. We don't know on which planet Elijah went with his NONRESURRECTED BODY taken up in a space vehicle leaving behind flames. We don't have to assume all the raptured people will be instantaneously transformed as Jesus in resurrection. Perhaps they won't be, all of them at the same time. Perhaps some of them will be indeed. I don't know . And I pretend nobody knows. We know of the First Resurrection spoken by Revelation some chapters later, to occur on planet Earth. Perhaps some if not all raptured people will wait in their normal mortal bodies in spaceships (or landing on other planets) until the First Resurrection happens at the Second Coming of Jesus in glory on Earth.

The picture becomes simpler when you look at it from cosmic perspective. It might be harder to imagine at first time, but later it becomes more and more clear, and you find words said in the holy text with their more real meaning than just symbols.

A reread of the holy books is absolute must for any church that wants to bring the Gospel beyond earth. And here we reach the point not only of our rescue, but also of our mission. Because Jesus' last words in his resurrected body said minutes before he ascended to heaven, were: go to the entire world/universe/cosmos and preach the gospel, baptize them ... The word cosmos is used in Greek in Marc 16. The meanings of the words change gradually with newer translations to mean only "earth". It is not only wrong, it is changing the meaning that was put AT THAT TIME of writing the Gospels!

Having a mission makes the things even more complicated. Because as you see 1/3 of all stars follow Satan, and 2/3 God and Jesus. Perhaps we don't have to preach to those 2/3, or who knows. Perhaps our mission comes to completely another time periods, or eons, when the rest 1/3 will have to repent. It will take time. Perhaps during the Millennium. I can say more, but I feel it doesn't fit here. The Universe is not about to end tomorrow.

I find it important to say these things online and define them as good as possible, for those theologians who might feel called to be missionaries in space tomorrow, and to follow the Lamb wherever He goes. Sure not only on the planet that may turn soon in a pre-historic place of lava flows as result of nuclear war. That will make a big pause in prophecy, enlarging the pause of Daniel 69-70. Nobody likes when the prophecy doesn't follow scripts and goes out of the frames, as the sands of time. But it is what it is. Until now we had many occasions to pretend the end times are "now" all those years, 2 world wars, rising of Hitler and Stalin. And yet we don't have them. The generation is about to die off. Perhaps the lifespan of the last generation that saw Israel restored will be prolonged for those who are raptured in the spaceships. Whether it will be momentous or prolonged event, does it matter. God can do it in a minute or in an hour or in 48 hours. I don't know. I know it will happen and only then the events will start rolling towards the end times. It is not guaranteed for any Church to be there, unless her pastors decide so. Jesus guaranteed for His church and now we have dozens big ones and thousands small ones. To say Jesus meant the Catholic church is not very wise and perhaps the name Catholic will be abandoned right after the landing of the first ships. If the Catholic church wants to have any leading position among its brethren from other churches. The processes in Rome are deep, I hope they are successful, but for now remains only hope. Tomorrow other bishops may jump into the ships, and then the churches on Sirius and Orion will be established by them.
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posted on Mar, 20 2015 @ 01:07 PM
Moreover, the successor of Peter in Rome must decide for himself where to reside from now on, if the conditions on earth become uninhabitable - if lava flows superquakes or man-made war make it uninhabitable for eons. He may choose to move the see of Peter to the most hospitable planet with God -fearing ET and where the most part of the catholics could relocate.

Jesus never told Peter, goto Rome! Never told him, crown kings! That is all history, not Gospel. Perhaps today's or tomorrow's successor of Peter has to take that decision too. It all depends on what extend the entire operation will take - mass evacuation from planet earth, selective rapture in the night, or voluntary minority big enough (hundreds of millions) to bring the earth's culture and religion over there. It also depends how close we are to the end times, and what exact cataclysm stays between now and then. If it is, as I suggested multiple times, earth-changing event that killed dinosaurs, the humans who remain on earth would not be much smarter than the poor dinos, awaiting Jesus to come and save them at the time they reject the safe boat sent by the same Jesus. I don't know what extend it will be. Following nowadays prophets, one may expect a first chastisement by a nuclear devastating WW3 but not the end of the life at that point. It will be followed by a comet that will hit the Atlantic ocean (the comet hitting ocean dates back to middle centuries prophets, then it was only one known ocean). We know as much as we are being told, and this is enough to make conclusions of what to do to be saved. Whether the kings and princes of the church will follow, I don't know. They'd better do, for the sake of the flock of Jesus Christ, the arch-priest and pastor bonus.

posted on Mar, 20 2015 @ 01:31 PM
I favor rapture scenario now. But may be God's plan is different. In case a earth changing event is indeed approaching with proportions of dinosaur-killing magnitude, then the end times will be postponed as long as the restoration of the planet will take. You name it. The earth restored for hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of years from oprevious catastrophes. If such event is soon on our road, then it might be more logical God to send rescue teams of ET who serve Him (angels recognized in the Bible, not recognized today). Then they may have more than one night or week to convince the people it is time to follow God's plan not their own. That time may be even years. I don't know how many months or years of that grace to save humankind will be granted to humanity. Of course it could all be done in 3 days of darkness as I discuss in another thread. But is it God's plan, or to give more time with the real face to face contact with His angels? I don't know and will not know until it is actually given. Whatever form it wil take, I will follow it. Be it overnight rapture, be it 3 days - 3 weeks preparation of multitudes who actually wil be minorities in their countries and cities, may be among their families. Or a more massive, more organized exodus. For that last option churches and governments need to collaborate to organize it without panic. I think there are signs of such will in some governments not necessarily Western. But will it be the case, frankly, I don't know. But to demonize all of that is the most stupid thing to be done. Because those people will cut off God's plan to save humanity to prolong life in future generations, in fact the promise given to Abraham of his children to be as numerous as the stars. The numbers of the stars rise, the humanity never reached these numbers and will never reach them within the limitations of its current home the earth. The earth may always remain the birthplace and may be restored artificially much sooner than the geology would require. But may be it is time to leave it for now.

posted on Mar, 20 2015 @ 08:43 PM
UFOs are entirely compatible with Christianity.

According to him, Evolution did happen, but it's so slow that UFOs had to come to speed up the process. He resolved
the Creation Account by saying that Genesis 1 was a forgery, that Genesis 1 and 2 are two different creation stories.
And indeed, according to this website, Genesis 1-2:4 had no author.

If you read all of his stuff, I think it does fit very well.

posted on Mar, 20 2015 @ 09:01 PM
a reply to: Akragon

Elohim refers to the ET god race, which we shall call Elohim, just because it sounds cool. Yod He Vau He and Yod Shin Vau Ayin are simply two of them.

As far as the Trinity, the Bible makes no mention of it, but if it exists, then the Holy Spirit is female. Read the link above, and you'll see that Jesus made a quote of her directly.

posted on Mar, 21 2015 @ 01:19 PM
a reply to: AinElohim
I beg to differ. I'm eastern european born and bred and you won't see me hulking out on an atheist. I could care less what another person believes. My faith is my own and someone disagreeing with it matters not. I'm of strong enough mind to realize others will disagree with me, and I can handle that. Can you say the same? If your faith is as strong as you would lead us to believe perhaps the disagreement of another wouldn't put such a large bee in your bonnet, friend.

No disrespect intended, just adding my two cents.

posted on Mar, 23 2015 @ 12:19 PM
I just started a new thread what should happen to the Catholic Church to accept the truth of ET Pope Francis should break up the status quo this Easter

A major announcement is a must if the Catholic church wants to keep the pace with the events and not dragging feet behind them. Disclosure by a secular state would do more harm to the Church than disclosure by itself.

The other option is quite terrifying, if we are speaking of centuries old predicted end game and flood by fire, prophecies that repeatedly come up again with newer seers, incl. Saints (Padre Pio), and in which is logical to be seen the place of higher ET or archangels fulfilling the justice of God for worldwide chastisement. Then the Churches may not have a time to cope with the fast changing reality, as well as the states. We may have minutes to board ships before the chastisement of whatever kind, most likely mentioned is the word fire.

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