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Tell me a weird or creepy story

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posted on Mar, 22 2015 @ 03:06 AM
a reply to: BASSPLYR

Those were pretty creepy. What was with the room filled with dirt? For some reason that struck me as the weirdest thing.

posted on Mar, 22 2015 @ 03:11 AM
a reply to: Skid Mark


posted on Mar, 23 2015 @ 01:45 PM
a reply to: Skid Mark

Yeah the room was filled with loose soil from wall to wall to about 2 feet from the ceiling. Was eventually excavated but there was nothing hidden in the dirt. Just a lot of dirt. But if you have a lot of dirt why not leave it in the backyard. It's like someone wanted to hide all this dirt and didn't want it in the backyard where people could see someone had been doing some digging so it was hidden on the ground floor off the backyard in that room. Was someone trying to hide the fact they were digging on the property.

It gets weirder. My sister's bedroom the one with all the poltergeist activity had a small walk in closet. We discovered after years of living there that there was a spiral staircase. That lead from the back of the closet to the living room. Probably for the servants to use back when the house was built. But it had been walled in. Nobody knew it was there for at least 20 years and it wasn't on the architectural plans so it was added after and then walled in. But why?

posted on Mar, 23 2015 @ 01:54 PM
a reply to: BASSPLYR

That sounds like one weird house. I wonder why they were digging.

posted on Mar, 23 2015 @ 02:07 PM
a reply to: MimiSia


I haven't forgotten about you. Your post gets a special response since there is a lot in it I want to talk about. We're very similar with our paranormal experiences. But since I'm at work I'm sneaking these post in quickly and want to take the time to actually write a well though out post in response so when I get home I will. you'll probably be asleep by then ...sorry. But it will be there when you wake up.

posted on Mar, 23 2015 @ 02:23 PM
a reply to: BASSPLYR

I am still awake is 3:24 am here
can't sleep feel strange kind of volnurable

i am rereading the posts
but I understand pls don't stress
thank u for being thoughtful
"sneaking in" that is adorable
I have to say up front I can't read long posts
bit by bit is better

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posted on Mar, 24 2015 @ 04:04 PM

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posted on May, 22 2015 @ 02:07 AM
I just remembered a really creepy thing. I'd go to this one store to get food because it was cheap. Well, there was a cashier there that I always tried to avoid. She was pretty and seemed nice enough but there was just something wrong about her. Her smile sent chills down my spine for some reason. No, it wasn't her teeth. It was just something about her smile that I couldn't put my finger on. It actually scared me quite a bit and for me to be scared of something, that's something. Luckily, she wasn't there all the time. If so, I would have found another store.

posted on May, 22 2015 @ 10:59 AM
I've never had anything too supernatural happen but I have had a creepy experience where I was pretty sure I was going to be kidnapped. I was in my early teens at the time and walking home from school down a fairly busy road, one of the side roads that goes onto the main road is nothing more than a narrow alley that separates two buildings.

Anyway, as I'm walking down the main road and crossing where the alley meets the road these two guys yelled out to me from a ways down the alley. They had an old pickup with a canopy on the back and they were just standing there with nothing in their hands and nothing on the ground around them or anything. They said they were moving and needed some help and would pay me, I forget what the amount was but I remember it being a pretty good amount of money especially for a young teen.

They were probably 50 feet down the alley way, I figured I'd see if it was going to be quick and easy and if it was maybe help them out. As I'm walking down the alley I'm looking around because I'm assuming they are moving into a building that is up against the alley way, but I couldn't see any open doors or even any openings at all as everything was boarded up and painted over. I remember thinking to myself well what are these guys moving there is nothing here to move.

I just kind of froze in place as I got an instant and overwhelming feeling the something wasn't right, I felt like I was shrinking smaller and smaller and just had that general sense of dread and terror. I quickly, and obviously sounding nervous, softly yelled that I had to get going because my parents were expecting me back and I was late, I lied and said my house was just a few blocks away and I needed to get back and took off running back to the main road and right as I turned the corner I looked back and saw the guys getting into their truck.

It was some pretty shady stuff, as an adult looking back on it now I am almost positive they were planning to kidnap me. There is literally nothing in that alleyway, on the other side it exits onto a road that straddles a sound wall for the high-way, and on the other side is just the back lots of restaurants and shops. So there is nothing legitimate those guys would have been doing down that alleyway. Not to mention a 13 year old kid or whatever isn't exactly a lot of help to a pair of large grown men when it comes to moving things. Or the fact that they were leaving right after I ran off.

I've also thought about how that was a perfect spot too, because nobody would see anything as the only way to see into the alley is if you are walking down the road on either side of it. If you are driving past you'll get a split second glimpse and if walking past only a second or two. If they threw me in their truck they could have driven out the other side of the alley and been on a major highway within about 30 seconds driving slightly over the speed limit, as I mentioned the alley exits onto a road straddling the highway with an on-ramp near by.

As I got older and watched the movie Goodfellas there was that scene towards the end after Henry got busted where Jimmy was telling Karen to go into the shop to pick up some free dresses or something. She looks in there and sees these big creepy guys and she freaks out and runs away because Jimmy was going to have her killed. First time seeing that scene I had like a flashback to that experience in the alley because the way that scene conveyed the emotion of experiencing something like that was pretty damn authentic.

Sorry for rambling on so long!

posted on May, 22 2015 @ 12:07 PM
a reply to: James1982

That's pretty scary. It's a good thing that you ran. They probably would have kidnapped you. Ted Bundy used to do the same sort of stuff in order to lure in victims.

posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 01:10 AM
I suppose this is as good a place to place this as any.

Literally like 2 days ago, was jogging here at evening trying to do half a mile run or jog, as I have not done it in a long time more or less running about half a mile then walking then off again. Also took the dog with me so since it wanted to stop at every mailbox or brush along the way it made the run more annoying, also the place were I was jogging was pretty new to me as we moved here some months ago.

Anyways, lots of trees around, mostly pine trees around here, they are easily 60 to 100 feet tall so even before the sun sets it gets dark here fast, and pretty much pitch when the sun sets. And since its not really lighted up like in towns, or cities, not even stoplights on the streets so even the streets are pretty much pitch dark after the sun sets.

So anyways was jogging along with the dog, about a quarter through my jog I catch this glim out in the sky and through the trees, dont know what it was could just have been a flock of seagulls or cranes or who know but they were white and not only that but ridiculously white, also flying in pattern but it was pretty huge and they were pretty dam evenly dispersed and making an outline like it was one solid thing in the sky as they moved along the skyline, and that is you know if it was birds as it did look like one translucent see through massive shape.

If it was as I could not tell in the literally 10 seconds I seen it not so much fly as what looked like hover across the sky. Could have been some sort of solid see-through structure, but if it was then it was about the size of two boing 747's only making absolutely no noise, even if it was flock of birds I still will have heard something, but no this thing was dead silent, or could have been just my imagination. WHo knows, but its not important just something I saw on my way in the jog among other things.

I probably should have run around the tree line to see if I could catch it go on its way, past the tree lines and I know the place were I saw it was what looked like right over the lake which was the end of my run. But I was busy trying to keep time on my run and pulling the dog along so did not even think of following it more to see if it comes out the other side of the treeline and back into sight.

So anyways, running along now plus I stop and walk every once in a while as not used to running in a while. There is this street which is basically about a mile long and heads straight up to a lake, on either side are more pine trees so it does make things dark on my run as its pretty late in the evening, and off course you can see driveways heading into the woods with mailboxes at the entrances to paths heading in to peoples yards or driveways, though most houses are pretty in the woods so you cant see them.

I thought to run it all the whole mile long road, but again stopping quarter of the way as not used to running that far in a while. One of the places I was walking by had this wired entrance it had a fence made of pines about 16 feet tall which were sharpened into points at the top, and on each side and was covered by brush and trees so you cant just walk in there but through the entrance, but at the entrance between the two sides of the fence made of just sharpened pines like a medieval town gate, or in some medieval fantasy story complete with sharpened top wall/entrance to town. Lets just say whoever lived there and they must have been there a while because they like the rest have a mailbox outside only it looked like its been there over over 50 years without any maintenance on it, I mean really old and beat up and weathered.

But the wierd thing was that inbetween his pointy fence which you can only see as it lead to the dirt gravel road, which again was pretty high and cut/sharpened into points at top so your not going to climb over it. The enterence to get in to that dirt street was pretty narrow, but high and wide enough you can drive one of those big campers through it. But the guy had a camo sheet, or green fabric hanging down right at the entrance from both ends of the 16 or so feet high fence. I mean it blended in pretty well, as it only came about a foot off the ground and inside you can only see more sharpened pine stakes build into little walls and just tipped over on one side, like back in the dark ages were they wanted to fortify the keep from invaders.

If you were driving by which I dont think anybody that does not live in the area does, but if you were. You would never notice there was an entrance there because the wool it was more or less dark green to blend in with the surroundings was hanging from the top of the two ends of the fence to the bottom right were the gravel road lead. Even me though I was about 7 feet from it, if I was running instead of walking I would not notice it, and if you were driving by you would not likely no there was an entrance there but you would see the mailbox. So who knows who lives there. However they are they like there privacy I take it.

So anyways moving on, on my run. Once I get to the end of the road which is pretty wide, the sun has almost set so its pretty dark. But once you get to the end its a dead end with a little dirt path to the lake. So I go there, as I have been there before once only, not on foot and only to check out the area. But I take the dog and we go to the lake, the dog sniffing things like dogs do. Then I head into a little path there which I never seen before and by this time its pretty dark as I cant see much past 10 feet in front of me but dark woods, about 5 minutes into going there the sun must have set because it became pitch dark pretty fast.

Eventually I get bored turn around and head back to the lake, its dark also but you can still make out things by the moon light. And this is probably the weirdest part of the little run, the dogs drags on because it for some reason wants to go look out on the water. So I stand there in pretty much pitch darkness while the dog sits on its hounches and looks calmly on. At this point you know being alone in the woods at night the mind starts to wonder, and not long after that, I hear this swoosh noise right behind me somewhere either coming from the the woods or the dirt trail, and something zipps through the air landing right in the middle of the lake right at were the dog and I were looking.

I tried to track it through the air when I heard it, but I could only see that something was swooshing in an ark and see the splash of its landing in the lake, when it fired off it sounded like those roman candle stick fireworks only minus any sort of flash or light, I could almost track its trajectory by noise alone but could not see anything as its dark.

And ya this lake is the same lake I saw that weird whatever it was in the sky about 40 or so minutes earlier in the beginning of my jog. I dont know, but it definetley felt like there was somebody out there who fired that right over my head in a, "oh he will never find me sort of way" Like I said it did sound like firework taking off only minus the flash and light and it did sound like it was some yards back down the trail that it originated from or the woods. Though it could have been much farther and doupt it was the woods because there is nothing but brush and pine next to pine so you would have hit something and not the clean ark into the lake the thing sounded like it made.

posted on Oct, 18 2015 @ 01:25 AM
Ran out of space, but there is not much more to the story.

So anyways after hearing the thing fly literally over my head and splash in the middle of the lake. I look at the dog and its all calm just looking at the spot, which is unusual as it always is just snifing and trudging along from place to place. By now its dark and pretty much almost pitch dark even in the clearing of the lake.

Dont know what it was that just swooshed over and into the lake but it did sound like it literally was launched some 50 feet back the way I came, either from the forest or the path to the lake. I was thinking it could have been some sort of massive insect, but that went out the window fast from the splash it made into the lake it had some weight and speed behind it. So anyways now its getting a bit bizzare I am thinking and so its time to head back.

I pull the dogs along and head back. As soon as I do that it comes out its water watching trance and wants to run around sniff things again. So we head back the way we came along the trail to the lake which is narrow and completely dark, the dog sniffing both ends like there are sausages around the corner. Once we get to the spot were I think whatever that swoosh was flying by was fired from the dog starts sniffing more, so much so that it does not even budge when I drag or pull on her leash pretty hard.

Now if there was somebody shooting fireworks and ones that dont give of any light at all this would be the spot were they would have been fired from, that I must have totally missed my hearing and it came from much farther, but to do that it would have had to clear literally 300 or so feet of the whole trail and the really tall pines, so I doubt it.

By this time I forget about it as its way past time to jog back. Which is what I do, and in the hour or so to get back jogging and the last bit just walking in darkness with a few cars coming down the road, well nothing eventful happened other then thinking the possible reason for that swoosh or who it could have been, I even thought it could have been the denizens of the whole camo'ed hidden driveway place, but its just as likely to not be that as it is.

Other then the fact that I was trying to time my run using my cellphones stopwatch which was not happening because it kept bouncing in my pocket and turning off the stopwatch app program. The only thing I really remember when I get back is thinking that I need to take a watch next time on me so I can time the runs next time. Other then that, chock the rest up to just more weird happenings, as they sometimes happen quite often. In all it was a pretty uneventful thing and didn't even do the thing I set out to do which was time my mile and a half run, bummer you know.

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