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Tell me a weird or creepy story

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posted on Mar, 18 2015 @ 12:50 PM
a reply to: Skid Mark

he was drunk and out of anger he got into a car and drove it into a guy . chopping him almost in half

on the positive note

he said he was sorry

yeay what a world
I moved out of the house

I still worked in a shopping centre that is in the suburb

the lady who rented it after me came into my shop she looked like a zombie
and she bought sage we sold in form of tea (I worked in a body building /vitamin shop)
my next door neighbor who's kids own the house don't have a mum
the said she disapeared one day ????
and i am like.., well I think she is burried under my house

the dog think is real crazy creepy
it was not the only one
he did it again
this time in front of a psychowards
I didn't know it was a mental institution
until I googled it looked like a posh big house

posted on Mar, 18 2015 @ 02:04 PM
a reply to: MimiSia

That's creepy. I wonder if anyone thought to excavate the basement to search for a body.

posted on Mar, 18 2015 @ 03:46 PM
a reply to: Skid Mark

I was thinking the daddy killed her (accident in domestic abuse) he build the house for the kids. he said to them that mami was upset with him so she left them

I looked there was something wrapped up in plastic underneath the house
but I though I am just paranoid

there was no way to get to it I would need to remove few metal poles and I would need an approval from the rental owner (being him) to remove it

weird thing was I was not allowed to call gardeners and pool maintainance people myself I had to use him

but then again I did have a few beers with him he was weird but not unfriendly

I just read ur response to general eyes

I know one thing, you're not dead. Unless, that is, one of the crazy things I did actually killed me and we're sharing the same afterlife

and it made feel totally fuc
[ ked up

what if we freaking are sharing together afterlife !!!

no that comments was so unpleasant (it is not ur fault) but any type of comment like this and I completely loose sense of reality
I forgot were I am and who I am for a split moment I read that and it is so hard to focus on replying

all I want to do is go to bed now to snap out of the yucky feeling

I want to see how general eyes will feel about that comment it will be very interesting
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posted on Mar, 18 2015 @ 04:51 PM
a reply to: MimiSia

That's weird you had to use him to do stuff. It's like he didn't want you to find something, like he maybe had bodies buried and knew where they were located so he wouldn't accidentally dig them up and was afraid that if somebody else did the work they'd be found.

posted on Mar, 18 2015 @ 06:34 PM
a reply to: Skid Mark

oh I wrote this 1h long story and it got lost???

I say it again but very short

after the thing with my folks I could not cope with them
next time they came I made sure they are not with me I had high anxiety
one night we were talking drinking when they looked me straight into my eyes and said do u remember the funny rabbit story?
I said yes
I put my sunnies on and excused my self I said I need to go home I have an early start tomorrow

on my way home my heart was pounding I was going to be sick it felt like everything i was trying to forget so hard just came back to me (the whole house plus everything they said and done to me there)

I walked upstairs and I need fag so bad

my lighter was in the car so I went back to the car

I just set there smoking when I completely broke down I never felt so much pain in my life (and that is coming from someone who last a pregnancy because my ex kicked it out of my stomach)

after I don't know how long I locked up and the car was all fogey up when I looked up

on the inside my car window was a print of lips (u know like someone left a kiss) my instinct told me to look into back mirror

on the back of my car on the inside window was a few sets of foot and hand prints!!
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posted on Mar, 18 2015 @ 07:00 PM
a reply to: Skid Mark

another story someone here on ats was trying to mock my intelligence because I said to someone else here on ats

welcome enlighten one
my mum was visited by gray
and my uncle(well he was something like my step uncle ) worked at a millitary base where they kept grays

the person mocking me said quoting me that they got nothing to say to me because obviously I am not serious about stuff

my response was to them:

what are u trying to say i am lying?

did I mention my uncle punched me in my face when I was 11 when I said I don't believe him.. his last words to me we're I am just a silly little girl who knows nothing and we never spoke again
and my mum "after she was visited "spend 7moths in hospital getting counseling when I was four and they told her if she doesn't recover from the shock she would have to give me up (back then it was only her and me)

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posted on Mar, 19 2015 @ 02:40 AM
a reply to: Skid Mark

"angels" are real too

I never asked "upstairs for help" every time I see a shooting star i give my wish back to the world cause I don't know what to wish for but I am sure the upstairs know what is the best for this world

but one night I stopped breathing in my sleep and I woke up grasping for air but nothing was coming into my lungs
I paniced so hard suddently my spine was hurting like I had razor blades in it I could move

I said in my mind please someone help me I closed my eyes
next thing the blinds bust opened and in my mind I saw an angel who goes these days by the name of Gabriel
but when this angel came to me they came to me in female form and said her original name she was blue and scaly (u know like the one on xman
) she poured blue light loquid thing into my third eye and it traveled through my sinus and into my spine and I was able to take a breath

I started crying
after I calmed down I closed my eyes and I said u are nothing like I thought u would look like
she responded that our perception of beautiful is very different she said people expect her to look like a beutiful creature with wings but that is not what she wants
she showed me this place she was touching a lake and said this is where I like to spend my time mostly because I can be part of the element of water

posted on Mar, 19 2015 @ 02:43 AM

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posted on Mar, 19 2015 @ 02:43 AM

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posted on Mar, 19 2015 @ 03:28 AM
a reply to: Skid Mark

next "angel story"
not sure if u watched final destination but there is a girl having eye laser surgery and the laser ends up frying her eye and brain anyway..

I was having laser surgery and everybody including the doctor told me it doesnt hurt too much

some lady told me that the pain was not as bad as the smell of ur burning eye flash 

so when I went in I held my breath the entire time and u know that puts a lot of pressure on ur eyes they feel like they will pop

anyway when they finished my folk took me home but left I could see jack and shait

after few hours suddenly became excruciating and I though something went terribly wrong and I will never stop feeling the paint

it was snowing outside
it was so bad I got up only in my underwear and I blindly made it to the door and opened it
I heard trains in the back round
I was in so much pain I preferred to kill myself so I thought If I follow the sound of the train I get to the rail and can jump underneath the train and end my pain

as I step outside the house bare foot into the snow 

I saw nothing obviously everything was pitch black

when suddenly I saw yellow light on the back of my eyelids and everything around my head felt warm I was attending in -15 degrees freezing cold wether

I felt "hands" around my head and suddenly all pain was gone 
I knew someone is with me I bursted into tears making my eyes hurt again but nothing like before
I asked who are u
the response was my name is raziel
he helped me get back to the bed I asked if he can stay with me

he said gladly
we chatted till I felt asleep
again nothing what u would expect he was biatching about other angels and was cracking jokes about humans

I now have tattoo with top five(I did not have space for raziel but I know he is ok with that 

when I was picking a symbol for Gabriel I could not decide between two drawings 

I went to school and set down in a class I could not focus so I looked around the class when I saw tiny piece of paper on the floor

when everybody left the class for break I picked up the paper and it has a hand pencil drawing of one of the symbols I was deciding between 

I have chamuel, Rafael , metatron , Michael and Gabriel 
I have the most amazing story from when I was getting my tattoos done my friend who went with me to get them done is still like wtf ??

every time I watch a really bad war story on news my Michael tattoo starts burning like hell

every time I am trying to tell people we are all one my metatron tattoo burns and I get ringing in my ears

posted on Mar, 19 2015 @ 04:50 AM
a reply to: Skid Mark

um, Here is some fiction.

Guy is mowing his lawn, to kids selling chocolate walk up to him. He shuts off the mower and walks towards them smiling under a large straw hat. Only the crooked, dirty rotten smile can be seen under the downward tilted brim of an old and tattered straw hat...

The kids freak out and run away screaming, ....they saw something in his smile...something malicious and horror the commotion they bump into each other and drop their chocolates....spilling them hopelessly all over the hot sidewalk, too scattered to pick up before the man casually walked over to them.

The boys run for their lives....they look back and see the man standing over the spilled chocolates at the top of his hill as the boys turned the corner. They knew only to run to their parents.

In short time the boys parents as well as several other neighbors go marching off to the house where the man was mowing the lawn. The boys were nearly wetting themselves in fear just at the thought of going back. Even with the small mob the boys walked far behind. They were terrified of returning.

Something wasnt right and the parents knew it. The boys parents and the neighbors asked them what he did. They couldnt answer so they all assumed the worst. The boys hadnt spoken much at all. They were just scared. The boys were just shocked out of whack in deep fear.

The small group of neighbors and parents walk onto the porch and bang on the door. There is no answer. This goes on for some more time until out of despair the decision is made to break the door down. Right before one of the boys father was about to kick down the door, the straw hat man violently swings the door open...again the only thing they see is the brim of his nasty old large straw hat and the smile underneath it. A dark and twisted smile that hung on his chin like a corpse on a spike. The sense of instinctual fear that broke over everyone gathered went beyond the broken rotted out teeth lodged in a chapped and sore set of thin decrepit black lips.

The man pulled from behind him a crushed and broken box of melted chocolate. He dug into it eagerly and swiftly with one hand, almost menacingly towards the crowd. He pulled out a fist full of mushy chocolate and aluminum wrappers. He took the heap of mess and threw it at the father who was standing right in his path. His laughter was profound and hateful.

He then turned around and dropped his filthy overalls to the ground and bore his malnourished bony ass full of sores and all things vile. He then let out a projectile stream of filth filled with snakes and insects of all forms both threatening and heinous in nature. The small mob now dispersing in all directions was completely covered in the vile mess that crawled and wormed itself into their cloths and screaming mouths.

The boys soon realize they are alone again in front of the man. He on his porch, they on the sidewalk in the very spot where this all happened.

Call it the The Straw hat smile.
Here is a back story, the whole stretch of road where these demons appear in old houses was used by a prison long ago for work detail farming the wardens lands for free.The kids walked down this road because they saw a house they never noticed before and wanted to try to sell off some of their chocolate... Its a mile stretch of road where the straw hat demon men appear...the houses where they appear can never be found unless the straw hat demons are appearing...hence straw hats mile...straw hat smile

They are former prisoners of a local jail that were executed by crucifying them dressed like straw men all along that road. They are also buried along the road- The houses they appear at are always located at their impromptu graves.

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posted on Mar, 19 2015 @ 10:07 AM
a reply to: Skid Mark

are u joking about this or not?
I had a friend with seizures and that was bad enough one day he had an attack with us I never wish that on anyone
anything strange about the place? any history ?

posted on Mar, 19 2015 @ 10:17 AM
a reply to: GENERAL EYES

i just read this
only now and it is exactly my thoughts it is exactly what I am thinking
I was posting here without reading all the stories first now I am coming back
and I don't know what to say

posted on Mar, 19 2015 @ 11:39 AM
a reply to: tadaman

That was creepy. The back story is really creepy too.

posted on Mar, 19 2015 @ 11:43 AM
a reply to: MimiSia

I'm not joking. It really happened. I don't think it was seizures because he wasn't shaking or doing anything else a person suffering from one does. I really think that something got into him. The place was creepy even during the day time and I had a distinct "get the hell out of here" feeling.

posted on Mar, 19 2015 @ 02:28 PM
a reply to: Skid Mark

i don't believe it was seizures for one second either
I am just saying yes I would never tell them too I could even tell my friend and he new he gets them

posted on Mar, 21 2015 @ 09:50 AM
Wow, just discovered this thread. I have a few creepy stories. I'll break them up into a few general categories. One grew up in a haunted house with weird poltergeist activity. Two confronted a wraith or a entity from another dimension in my backyard (wrote about it here on ATS before) Three Been chased through the house by a glowing orb and have had reoccurring nightmares about it since. Four saw a extremely classified military aircraft and was stupid enough to talk about it in the aviation forums.

Ill start wit the haunted house. I grew up in a large three story house in the hollywood hills up until the early teens. Somewhere halfway up Outpost Dr. from Franklin Blvd is a old spanish style house that has a cursed history. Iiving in the house pretty much cursed anybody for a few years even after moving out.

The house had strong poltergeist activity. Lights would turn on and off. Small objects when placed in the dinning room (dinning room only) would disappear. You could put a small item on the dinning room table walk out of the room with nobody else there or entering it afterwards and then come back literally ten minutes later and the object would vanish. You could look everywhere around the house but it was not anywhere. Then it would suddenly reappear a week or so later in the exact same position and spot. This would happen to every member of the house at one point or another. Did some research later in life and found that paranormal researchers call the phenomena "Displacement"

The bottom floor was the laundry room and maids quarters/ guest bedroom. One room was completely filled about 6 feet high with dirt. It wasn't a room built into the side of the hill or a crawl space but a old bedroom filled almost to the ceiling with dirt. We had a live in maid at the time and we could never keep them for more than a few months. They all said they would see someone walking around down there at night. but it was never any one of us. One night a maid fled the house screaming that she had seen a ghost and refused to ever come back.

My sister got the brunt of the poltergeist activity. She had small toys that would twitch and move as if they were suddenly poked at by something. She would stay up all night frozen in bed watching her shelves waiting for one of the smaller toys to jerk or move. I never believed her until one time I saw it happen too.

As for me. I got to deal with the shadow creatures that seemed to like running around the top floor where all the bedrooms were. The house seemed like a porthole for entities or energies to enter or exit this world. I would often see small roughly human shaped black masses or shadows dart from room to room. usually they didn't like to be seen. They never did anything bad but they also didn't seem friendly either. Just that it was suspicious that they acted like hey never wanted to be seen. What I mean by this is that they would usually hide in a part of the house that wasn't occupied or active with people at the moment. Like say the whole family was in the living room and you got up alone to go to the kitchen or your bedroom you would often walk in on them as if you caught them with their guard down. You'd enter the room and see a 4 foot shadow or a pair of them dart out the room. They would move very quickly. Again it seemed and felt like they didn't want to be seen. The room or part of the house would always feel icy cold after you saw them.

The parents eventually had psychics and what not come to the house to check it out and they all said the place was haunted and acted like a porthole to somewhere and things were coming and going. Apparently even the local native americans wouldn't camp in that part of the canyon that outpost road went down saying it had bad juju.

The worst is we had a large back yard. Deer and other wildlife would come through it. We had balconies on each bedroom. I woke up on several occasions to see a great horned owl perched on the balcony railing staring back at me. WHICH IS REALLY UNSETTLING LET ME TELL YOU!

The house seemed cursed as in anybody who lived in it had bad luck until they moved out. My dad eventually sold the house to a celebrity and his career went south until he moved out. He sold it to another celebrity and the same thing. Currently a new celebrity lives in the house and he seems to be doing OK. Had a movie come out a few months back so maybe the curse has been lifted or something. He has done a lot of remodeling to the house maybe that changed something.

Heres a story about the house I've only shared with a few people and it still gets me wondering. When I was about 6 or 7 I got up in the middle of the night. Walked out of my bedroom, walked down the stairs onto the main floor. Walked out the back door. Walked through the back yard (which was about half an acre deep) to the rear yard gate that connected to outpost dr. (The front of the house was located on a street just behind outpost and the backyard connected to outpost) walked into the middle of the street and meet a bunch of strange men that were there waiting for me. They were all short 5 feet or less and I couldn't remember any of their faces. They felt like they were older people and were really interested in meeting me. There was nobody around. just me and these strange professor like men. Not even cars were around which is strange cause even at 3 in the morning cars drive down outpost at least once every few minutes. It was all very strange. I then remember walking back through the backyard and then waking up. The power in the house was acting weird and intermittent the next day. Told my dad and he said I would see them again because it was my choice. Never understood that.

Whats weird is I can tell where ever I'm at if a place is huanted or has something paranormal going on. It's like I can sense or feel a vibe about the place and sometimes I smell this certain odor that lets me know. It's hard to describe and I think the only people who do know what I'm talking about are others who have been around a haunted or paranormal location for a long time or been exposed to it. My friend is a real estate salesman in the hollywood hills. Sometimes when he takes me to see a house cause he thinks it's a neat place or wants my opinion on something there I get that vibe again and I tell him. Did somebody die in the house? He'll always respond yes, how did you know? the previous owner died or tell me about the history of the house where something tragic had happened.

posted on Mar, 21 2015 @ 10:06 AM
a reply to: BASSPLYR

Wraith encounter story.

I've also talked about this on ATS but it never seems to get much attention. So here it is again. In my late teens I was living in another house in the "Valley" of Los Angeles. I was really into martial arts (still am) and was doing some meditation alone in the back yard. It was about 8 or so at night and the sun had gone down a half hour earlier by the time I was wrapping the meditation up. I stand up and I see a flash of white light everywhere and I look straight up. The sky for a split second looks sepia colored and the stars are like black pin holes. Like I was looking at an old photo negative.

Then movement out of the corner of my eye catches my attention so I turn to look. I'm standing on the far end of my backyard. There is a swimming pool between me and the back door of the house. So I'm trapped. Next to the house coming out of the sidewall that divided our property from out neighbors I see a black beach ball sized ball of irredecent tar thats oozing out of the wall like a blob about knee high. Once it was all the way out It then stood up and appeared to be the matte black silhouette of a muscular man. Like a athlete in a one piece flat black body suit. No face or eyes. Standing there on the cement patio that connects to the back door of the house, fully lite up by the flood light, is this wraith like man. Casting no shadow and so black it reflected no light. He takes two steps towards the back door of the house and stops mid step and notices me and turns to face me. I'm just standing there frozen looking at it. It's looking back at me with it's head cocked to the side as if it's confused as to what it's seeing. It's in between me and the house so I'm trapped basically. It then turns back towards the wall and takes two steps crouches down and turns into that black tar like ball again and oozes into the wall presumably going into my neighbors back yard a disappears. It's body language said that it was surprised and confused to see me like I didn't belong. I got the feeling like our world and it's intersected for a moment and we were able to see each other. Was a little spooked about going into the backyard for a few months after that.

posted on Mar, 21 2015 @ 10:18 AM
Same house as the last post. Around the same time. My sister and I are home alone. I'm in my bedroom, she's in hers. We both have our doors shut. It's about 9 at night or so and I decide to get up and go to the kitchen for something. As I'm walking through the living room towards the corner that leads to the kitchen I hear my dog growl/bark quickly on the other side of the house past the kitchen. Just then a glowing orb of light about the size of a grapefruit comes flying around the corner from the kitchen into the living room coming right at me hovering about 6 feet of the ground. It was a bluish/greenish white color. This thing is changing course like it locked on to me and it's trying to get me. I instantly turn in panic and scramble back towards my bedroom slam the door behind me so hard the house shakes. I jump on my bed which is in the corner and put my back to the wall staring at the door. My sister then stomps through the house looking for me and what the hell was going on. saying she heard me yelp, run and then slam my door. We look around the house and dont see anything.

To this day I still have once or twice a year a vivid nightmare of that orb. I'm always running for my life and terrified in the dream. Sometimes I'm with others sometimes I'm alone in the dream. When I'm with others in the dream we are all equally terrified like we are being hunted. Almost every time I have the dream I hear a woman's voice say in a panic "Don't let it touch you!" The few times it does get me or touch me it's like my breath is sucked out of me. A strong buzzing tingling like a electric shock and instant numbness and falling sensation like I'm fainting. Like I'm being pulled out of my body. So I would say thats pretty creepy.

posted on Mar, 22 2015 @ 02:06 AM
a reply to: BASSPLYR

with the orb I had the same thing
it eventually got to me in my dream that is when I stopped breathing in my sleep as I mentioned above

with the house at one point
(I had a billiard table and I know it was annoying "them") I started to feel negative energy and I screamed I said look if u got something to say come out and say it I said I had enough of fighting then I said they are welcome to come and sit to me and watch tv I moved my ass and made space for them. the door bast open the billiard balls moved and suddently there was indent of someone sitting next to me. oh boy was I not ready to share I ran into kitchen still in my underwear all I could find is a tool u use to get the car screws on tires of and I run out. I didn't want to go in to get dressed so I missed work(hence the story I almost got fired)
after that I knew there were times they just didn't want me there when I got the feeling I went out in to the pool and waited
the lights in the spare room turned on and after few minutes they turned of and I knew I can go back inside
one I accidentally locked the back door on both locks and the sensors light start flicking on and of so I knew I had to come unlock the actual door(the fly screen was ok to be left locked) I still went with knife in my hand
when I was upset my grandma (dads mum)died we where so close (I flew home cause I had a feeling that will be the last time I see her my mum said I got to go to holidays to chroacia with her I said no but she said I am so ungrateful so I said fine I will go for 3days but no more -I was meeting her new partner there.i said after 3 days I had to go home but she took my belongings and refused to give them to me. she though I want to leave cause I don't like the guy. she made me stay 7days. when I came back home my grandma was dead) when I came back to AU three months later I bursted into tears (my father told me how her ghost said goodbye to everyone) I was upset she never came to me. I was sitting in living room when someone knock 3times on my door. I had sensor lights so I knew it is not a person. I got from that was it took her so long because I live now on the other side of the world and it just took her longer to find me

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