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Born Again - what is it?

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posted on Mar, 25 2015 @ 09:08 PM
a reply to: iNobody

Originally posted by iNobody
Notice that one of the fruits of the spirit is faith.

For anyone to doubt scripture is to have a lack of faith. And how can they be showing they have God's spirit? I am talking about TomCroft.
For he very well knows he does not have faith in God's word.

For the last time, I don’t lack faith, God has just shown me a different understanding of the Bible, most of which I haven’t even fully outlined on this thread. And like I already stated, which seems to have gone completely over your head, different people receive different gifts from the Holy Spirit, and not everyone receives knowledge and understanding…

I believe it’s been that way since the beginning, whereby those who are given faith, tend to attack and rise up, against those who have been given spiritual understanding from God…

Having faith is one of the gifts of the Spirit yes, but Jesus said have faith in ME, and his words etc…, he didn’t say have faith in ALL scriptures, and he said those words, long before the Epistles were ever put into a Bible…

Jesus also said seek the truth, which does not come through acceptance…most people just stop at faith, and don’t continue to seek out Gods truth…IMO

Originally posted by iNobody
And thus he knows he lacks faith, and thus he knows he does not have holy spirit.

Anyone who has Godly wisdom from the Bible know you are a fraud.

Godly Wisdom comes from the Spirit of God though, it does not come by just reading and accepting all verses as true; truth is something that must be sought out.

And just for the record, God led me on a long journey into the truth, after I humbled myself to his guidance, and at the end of that Journey, I received the Holy Spirit and became Born Again!!!

Anyway, I agree with the poster bb23108 sentiments, in that your posts in general, show no signs of someone who has the fruits of the Holy Spirit, and based on the evidence below (and my previous post), if anything, it is you who is the fraud…

And a number of posters on this thread and other threads, have pointed out numerous times, just how arrogant you sound…and I agree with them all…again these are not the signs of someone who is supposedly born again…

Here’s the evidence…

In this thread below for example, which was closed down by the mods because they said your thread was gibberish…

There aint no going back

All you did on that thread, was assume some high and mighty position over others; and practically made vague statements throughout it, and when posters asked for further info, all you did was throw nasty insults at them…again, those are not the actions of someone who is truly “born again”…IMO

And there’s also these posts below…

Originally posted by iNobody
You are correct. I apologize, if I sound arrogant. That was not my intention. Please forgive me.


You keep using the word “if” as if you don’t seem to think you’re being arrogant…

And again here below…

Originally posted by iNobody
That is possible. If so I do apologize. I wonder why that is though. Perhaps I can learn something.


And this from another thread…

Originally posted by iNobody
And if you perceive me as not humble, than I apologize. Humility is something we all must work for to achieve. And the moment you think you have it, you have lost it.


And here you use the phrase “if you”… etc…flip turning it around, onto the other person…as if they’ve made the mistake, in their perception of you…

And then there’s this, in reply to me below….

Originally posted by iNobody
If I have offended you in anyway I apologize. One of the greatest things a person can have is humility. I understand that, nor do I claim to have it.

You freely admit that you don’t have humility, but humility and patience are key signs of the gifts of the Holy Spirit…

Your overall character shows no signs of someone who has received the Holy Spirit, and I seriously doubt that you are “born again”…

ALL of the posters you were responding to above, can’t ALL be WRONG. You need to take a serious long hard look at yourself here…IMO

- JC

posted on Mar, 25 2015 @ 09:14 PM
a reply to: Joecroft

Nicely said, maybe he'll be able to take a step back and actually see how judgemental and insincere he makes himself look.

This may be a good time for me to say that being "born again" is a spiritual process that is not exclusively Christian. And the poster in question is yet to actually experience it.

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