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\where is Bagdad Bob & Moku?

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posted on Dec, 18 2004 @ 08:52 AM
I haven't seen them postiing lately, after the Jihadunpun website has been busted as a CIA misinformation site, I don't who should feel more stupid , the "apperently" pro jihad guys referring to those ridiculous claims or the neocons making silly jokes about them dang cameljockeys while the jihadunspun "news" really was written by homeland security in such a way that even FOXnews looks credible compared to that and to cast doubt on any arab news source in general...

This begs the questions, are they feeling stupid or were they actually on the payroll to spread the ridiculous gospel?

I already had my suspicions when i first visited they site, it had definately that slick and glossy made in Hollywood look and feel about it, seems like other people on the net felt the same and been uising tracerroute etc ....

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