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Yucca Mountain facility explored for other uses

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posted on Mar, 11 2015 @ 09:37 PM

Put this in the category of "nothing to see here...move along". The DOE certainly has tunneling expertise, though I don't know if they are state of the art. But I wouldn't be surprised if some non-nuclear project ended up at the Yucca Mountain Project site, if only to keep it from being used as a nuclear dump.

WASHINGTON — Officials from a Pentagon agency toured the Yucca Mountain’s tunnels last month but do not intend to work at the Nevada site, a spokesman said March 2. A small group from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency visited Yucca on Feb. 17, confirmed Daniel Gaffney, the agency’s spokesman. He described it as a one-time deal.

“One of the three letter agencies has been doing a study for potential alternative uses, probably with the encouragement of Harry Reid,” Lacy said during the Pahrump Nuclear Waste and Environmental Advisory Committee meeting on Friday. “There was a Pentagon agency, DTRA – Defense Threat Reduction Agency- and was throwing a lot of stuff out on the test site, and was going to do some testing on train crashes in tunnels, thought that would be a perfect spot to do it.”

Hey, DTRA is a four letter agency!

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