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independent review on UNITEL's MQT laser lens

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posted on Jun, 4 2003 @ 09:47 AM
UNITEL received a generic patent for a unique supercrystalline laser lens which they hope will bring quantum tunneling to the real Macroscopic world opening up applications in quantum computing, interstellar travel, and cellular regeneration & repair. Their problems have been as much in the theoretical side as in the materials sciences arena (where only a handful of labs are equipped to do molecular beam epitaxy on Type II semiconductor materials).

In their zeal to create, engineers do not often exhibit or practice the "purest" science. In UNITEL's case, their theories were often dismissed by "professional" physicists because of what appeared to be misused concepts. Although most of these cutting-edge physical effects are well-documented (e.g., Lamb Shift), they are rarely used in combination with one another as in the UNITEL proposals. As such the UNITEL designs still rest largely "on paper" awaiting $10MM funding to start the ~2-year construction of the 5-foot diameter, 1-molecule thick laser lens at the University of Chicago's MicroPhysics Lab (formerly operated for the US Army by Northrop-Grumman).

But some progress has been made as new experiments have validated several of UNITEL's central premises:


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