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VOTE: Judge Blocks Count of New Washington Ballots

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posted on Dec, 17 2004 @ 06:20 PM
Ruling on a suit brought by the Washington state Republican party, a judge grated a request to block the counting of over 700 ballots that have recently turned up in the tight governors race. The Republican candidate maintains a razor thin lead of 43 and the state Democratic party feel that those votes could turn the election around. However, the judge ruled that even if the votes were improperly rejected it was not appropriate to keep going back and revising pervious decisions.
TACOMA, Wash. - A judge Friday granted a state Republican Party request to block the counting of hundreds of recently discovered King County ballots in Washington's extremely close governor's race.

Even if the election workers wrongly rejected the ballots, it is too late for King County to reconsider them now, Pierce County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Arend said.

From reading state law and state Supreme Court decisions, "it is clear to me that it is not appropriate to go back and revisit decisions on whether ballots should or should not be counted," Arend said.

State Democratic Party Chairman Paul Berendt said the party will appeal the decision.

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Funny these votes just popped up and in a heavily Democratic region of the state as well. While no doubt the Democrats could claim the votes were purposely discarded, Republicans can also make an argument that the Democrats who are paying for a hand tally could have added a few in themselves. At any rate, I doubt that this is the last court challenge we will see on this matter. After an automatic recount, these votes just turned up? Really now?


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