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Kazakhstan Sleeping Sickness Update

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posted on Mar, 7 2015 @ 12:26 AM

originally posted by: ScientificRailgun
a reply to: FamCore

Despite what the alarmists want you to believe, if over 40 years of nuclear weapons testing (some roughly 2500 total nuclear weapon detonations) hasn't turned the entirety of the earth into a nuclear wasteland by now, one reactor complex on the east coast of Japan won't.

You have studied this extensively. You had relations in the field. Excellent. And here's the question that I don't want to ask. I invited Phage to an infrasound sleepover, but he spurned me with science and silence on the topic. It's always the same. It all just goes away, harmlessly. "Harmlessly disperses, like mixing a drink". Until you stop asking questions, or can't ask them because of censorship laws in Japan, or because you're 6 feet under. Had too much to drink. Crashed the car. Just can't wait for that world government. They'll all get equal censorship decrees on a global basis. The worst of every part of the world, all wrapped up in a single inescapable package. I'd rather be a tadpole in a toilet, than to surface to that sort of mess.

My understanding of nuclear bomb devices is that the weight of the radioactive material is quite small compared to, say, the equivalence in TNT. Little boy (9,700 lbs.) had 140 lbs. of U 235 to yield a 15 kiloton blast. So my question from day 1, regarding the site you refer to, is how many Little boys (equivalence in radioactive contamination) are unfurling from Fukushima per hour? Even simpler…how many little boys are there in total? That is something many persons know the answer to. It is on paper, inventory. There's no getting around it. Rads are rads. I watched the video presentation which shows the 2400+ nuke tests; it is the wherefore and why tobacco was crucified, and one of the reasons I inhale when I smoke.

There has got to be a figure for this. And the way it was done is dirty. The stuff isn't blowing up anymore. It's just oozing out, unchained. No bomb blast to boost the efficiency of the energy transfer, which would make a 'cleaner' reaction.

If you would rather not add your knowledge to the screen, I understand. Now they go after the speaker dependent on country of residence, rather than where the IP was located when the poor bastard opened his mouth. If the UAE can jail a man who spoke from Florida about his job, then you are not safe anywhere in the world speaking truthfully about this. You will have to come home one day, or they will perhaps extradite you if what you say stings them enough to take action.

Horses for courses. Until we're all on the same rat race track.

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posted on Mar, 7 2015 @ 09:07 AM
a reply to: TheWhiteKnight

You don't actually expect an answer, do you?

The star is from me.

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