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Etymology of "God" in Hebrew

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posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 04:51 PM
The point is the etymology turns into dogmatism.There are no exact records of what was “written” of the name “HaShem”.The Israelites ended up revering the “name” as opposed to the one “named”.A name can be simply defined as”the nature and character of the thing or person named”.

When Moses asked what was their name it was(transliterated) ehyeh asher ehyeh..I will be what I will be.That is a condensed statement of the creator Gods nature and character that leaves their “name” wide open.The Israelites called them many names(literally!!) however they were just names given to the creator by what they perceived as their “acting” in their nature.Similar to if you helped someone in need they would call you kind however that is not your only characteristic just one of many.

Since the creator God is the “be all” of everything they are in essence..”I will be what I will be”…that is their name..their nature and character.What happened is the religious carnal mind of man turned it into dogma.So much so that the high priest Aaron was the only person permitted to speak the name transliterated Yahweh on one day of the year inside the holy of Holies who only he was allowed to enter...and the madness began.

Their basic intentions were good.They wanted to revere the creator God however it turned into the elitism of hierarchy and religious dogma.Now it is so twisted around it is ludicrous.Some people fear saying goddamn and believe it is “taking the lords name in vain”.However it isn't reverence to the creator God it’s just religious dogma. That practiced extended over to the name Jesus.Christianity is taught to “pray” in Jesus name because of a extrapolation from the scriptures so they the say it as the invocation opening or tag it at the end.That is a incantation however that is not what the scriptures mean.

Praying in Yahoshua name is like computing in a computers name.A names is the nature and character.The name Yahoshua( a transliteration from Hebrew) means Yahweh(the creator God) is deliverance/salvation.That is what Yahoshua is and does.The word salvation has come to mean being saved from the eternal punishment of hell(which there is not such place or thing). However it is an all encompassing word meaning to deliver.So praying in Yahoshua name is acting according to the nature of deliverance of the creator God and that all is possible”outside” of your power because it is the creator God that is doing it.

Christianity has turned it into an meaningless incantation because they do not “know” the name of the creator God.That doesn’t mean the correct etymological spelling and pronunciation it means the nature and character.That includes chasing down every names meaning used to “call” God.You can “call” the creator God whatever you want but it will not alter the fact they are …”.I will be what “I” will be”….NOT what you call them.

I get a lot of flack (mostly by Christians) for saying or writing the name Yahoshua.I (nor any one else) know exactly what the name was written as or how it was pronounced.It can be very close but that information is lost to history.My point is that is not what is significant.I write and say Yahoshua because Jesus is the God of Christianity and Christianity is false religion(just as is all religion).We may be referring to the same historical person however I am saying it to distinguish the “name”(nature and character) because the name is what is important.

I could care less how someone says the name.In fact it makes it very easy to identify who I am talking to because I know they literally don’t know any better.Many of them “revere” the name Jesus like the Israelites then the Jews revered the name “Yahweh” however it is only meaningless religious dogma.That is just the way it is.I never try to convert them(even though some swear I do) because that is what they believe however that doesn’t make it true.

The bottom line point is ....a names importance has greatly been diminished even though the process is alive and well.Many people buy “products” because of the name.For example .There are some headphones marketed as Beats by Dre(Dr.Dre) or just Beats.These headphones go for a premium(they start at $300!) however they are not even close to the quality of other quality headphones.They are what musicians called hyped(double meaning) in the bass..that means they produce a LOT of bass.That is their nature and character to produce LOTS of bass because the are Beats by Dre.They are marketed by Apple another “corporate”name that gets a premium for their product because of a name.Everything is sold this way.If you have a “known” name there is more visibility and “hype”.It's all in a name.Quality and truth have very little do to with it.

This name identification runs deep both ways.When a person wants to degrade another person or persons the call them a name.The old saying sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me was used as a psychological defense by parents to protect their children.

However names do and can hurt(emotionally also) the person called the name unjustly because when they are not true to the persons “nature and character” they create a false reality.Obviously the creator God is not emotionally hurt by mans name calling however it does create a false reality for the name caller.Billions of people are calling on the “name” they do not know at all.They say the believe in Jesus yet do not “know” what that name Yahoshua means because it has been changed to a religious dogma.

Most people I say this to (very few any more) say…yeh yeh I know that because Jesus is my savior and it doesn’t matter what I call him because he knows what I mean.That is partially correct and absolutely wrong at the same time.Incorrect name calling doesn’t matter one bit to what the creator God is doing however it greatly effects the name callers perception of reality.To believe by saying the name “Jesus” it enacts some mystic power is completely out of touch with any reality yet billions do it everyday completely convinced “in the name Jesus” is the name of Jesus!…..

Unfortunately religious dogma has clouded their mind.A false mysticism is hanging over there head like a raincloud blinding them to a basic reality because what they believe is meaningless.That is the biggest blue pill of all that none will willingly swallow.None will admit their immense ignorance to themselves (or anyone else).Few will counter with a credible argument because there isn’t any reasonable and credible rebuttal for ignorance.

Would the world be a better place if the religious knew what the true implication of the name meant. Personally I think it would(at least for me).To those who are intellectually honest the religious dogma would start to fall like rain.If someone can be so wrong about a foundational truth they should examine all the things they believe to be true about their God and I am positive if they truly did that they would find out it is everything they fundamentally believe is incorrect.

As the Bard wrote through Juliet…”that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”…and that is true….for the rose.However for those who “call” the rose by another name it is a different story.

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 06:31 PM
a reply to: Rex282

that is incorrect...

it is "he who has no name"

posted on Mar, 6 2015 @ 01:18 AM
"Unlearned tripe"? That what you would call Gospel if ever it were told?

The fact that we seek a name for our most revered is a matter of philosophy to me, I don't care to concern myself with this from a religious angle. What interests me is the history of our religions and etymology is very useful in this respect. Dogma is also not important to this because doctrine has and will change over time. The meanings of today's words give us clues and Is-Ra-El is a very good example. Did it ever occur to anybody that this might actually represent an ancient concept of what we now call the "Holy Trinity"?

More vague translations...

ישו - Correct usage for Jesus
עשו -Alternative, meaning Esau
אליש - Translates to Alice (El+Is?)
איש - This looks like Son of God
שא - Translates to convey (gospel?)
שיא - Translates to apex (heaven?)
ישוא - Translates to salvation
שאל - Translates to ask (pray?)

את - I am the Alpha and Omega
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