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1st annual open source space-drive development confrence

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posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 12:21 AM
From the start Gene Fuller was full of that confidence gained from wealth, experience, connections, and a brilliant intellect. He considered himself to be the person who was best suited to getting this conference off the ground so to speak. He had several well funded technology development projects going and active, he talked quite often at public technology forums and was well received. His online video channel had hits in the millions for his talk show. Gene saw the global desire for open source space-drive technology as an inevitable influence that would drive the technology development.

Gene was entering an area very new to his experience. Innocence and Naivety are not sufficient cover when you literately want to drive human activity on a collision course with universal commerce, and recognition as a galactic space power. Stumbling into the greater universe activity scene can expand your horizons faster than a warp drive engine.

Gene had long experimented with reactionless drive technologies as early as 9th grade. He was listening to a radio talk show about human designed space drive propulsion when he was just getting into scify. The 2 areas of interest remained close in his mind.

more later tired.

posted on Mar, 3 2015 @ 10:49 PM
Gene has a close friend Dr. Joseph Talbet, Ph.D. a man who helped to transform Gene's ideas into patentable intellectual property. Joseph had a lot of years writing up patent art and was lead writer on IP for dozens of small cap technology start ups.

Joseph was also a bit of a closet occultist, and metaphysics buff. In private and on his own time of course he was trying to prove his wild theory about ancient occult talismans. His theory would contend that these were in fact copies of real items of power. He postulated that in fact they were very advanced out of their time devices that could communicate not with angels and demons, but in fact were used during an ancient Earth period to communicate with advanced beings that for a time occupied the Earth.

The priest class were chosen by these beings and trained to use their technology for the purpose of doing the will of these beings. If the population under occupation tried to attack a priest they quickly found themselves in real trouble. On activation of what appeared as a talisman to the uninitiated, was in fact a device to communicate with these beings. A priest could command an air attack by unseen near by drones. He or she could ask for transport and spirit away from an attacking enemy. A priest class operator could also obtain information to resolve a problem. Much as we today speak into a device that provides answers to our questions.

Joseph and his friend Gene would soon discover the reality behind this theory in their effort to race into the heavens.

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