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Strange and/or Interesting Photos

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posted on Mar, 19 2015 @ 06:00 PM

originally posted by: Ashirah
a reply to: Anyafaj

Hah! Gotta love dolphins.

And as far as the puppies, I believe all but one survived. So although that's unfortunate, its still pretty great that most lived.

Long time ago, about 25 yrs ago or so, our dog gave birth to 9 puppies, 8 survived. Well, we had a friend that her dog had puppies too and for some reason, she rejected one of the puppies. A chocolate lab. Our dog was a black lab/sheltie/spaniel mix. Our friend asked if we would take in the puppy and we did. Our dog took the pup under her wing and adopted her as if she birthed her. I wish I had pictures of them. I have to get a scanner to put the pictures of mom on my computer. We named the chocolate lab Brownie. Mom had mated with a black lab, and ended up having a puppy that looked exactly like her, and we named him Tiny Bit, because he looked a "tiny bit" like mom. LOL But he was a terror! He chewed everything in sight like pups do, but when he destroyed a chair and table set that my grandmother left to my dad after she passed away, my dad had enough. We gave him to a farm that was a shelter/farm for pets. It was a no-kill place and he could run and keep the animals in line there all he wanted. The farm would give us updates now and then, he was happy as could be there at the farm. He grew a bit bigger than mom, because Mom was medium sized since she had sheltie and spaniel size, but he had both pure lab, so he was taller than Mom. She had black and white coloring, lab coat, sheltie coat at the bottom, and spaniel ears. (Loved those dang ears!) He was more lab than she was, but he still had those spaniel ears! LOL Too cute to ignore. LOL

posted on Mar, 19 2015 @ 06:04 PM

posted on Mar, 19 2015 @ 06:15 PM
A post for my cat who's been missing since January. She is a dog in a cat's body. She was actually caught digging holes by my sister, who for the whole time my sister was watching my cat, she thought it was her dog who was digging the holes! LOL My cat loved playing fetch, chasing cars, and trilled like a Tribble on Star Trek instead of meowing. Since I'm missing her, I'm going to share happy pics of her and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. She brought me lots of laughs because of how silly she was. I have a dog who thinks she's a cat, and a cat who thinks she's a dog.

She loved watching for cars by hanging from the window by her claws

She would only take treats or eat her food by hand feeding while she stood up

Trying to show the dog just HOW a hole is supposed to be dug

My sister finally caught her red handed. LOL

I miss my Trouble.
Wherever she is, I hope she is safe and comes home soon.

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