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Hitler Was A 'Tax Dodger'.

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posted on Dec, 17 2004 @ 10:49 AM

ADOLF HITLER spent years evading taxes and owed German authorities 405,000 Reichsmarks equivalent to $10.58 million today by the time his tax debts were forgiven soon after he took power, a researcher said.

Klaus-Dieter Dubon, a retired Bavarian notary and tax expert, said today he found Hitler's tax records in a Munich archive.

They show the Nazi dictator battled tax collectors for eight years before becoming chancellor in 1933.

"Hitler owed tax but didn't pay it, full stop," Dubon told Reuters. "He was constantly challenging tax office rulings on his income tax between 1925 and 1932, just like a common citizen. After taking power he didn't pay tax anymore."


Well obviously Prescott Bush wasn't quite the financier/accountant he thought he was. Or maybe he just bailed out when the going got tough.


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