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Russia Warns of Fallen Angels Returning

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posted on Apr, 4 2015 @ 03:24 AM
Today they reposted this thing in my country and it looks like propaganda.

Our post is a bit tweaked, created in our terms of history, instead of saying 6000years it says 10000years durring atlantis destruction. That means someone is forging it and posting it, in several countries.

They refer to Swastika that germans used.

Germans stole/used a symbol of ours (Hellenic), there is 2 swastikas, reversed from each other. The first swastika represents the negatives in the universe and other swastika represents the positives in the universe. So this forged propaganda tells you, that aliens who use swastikas are evil.

The swastika Nazis used, represents the negatives. But if a human sees both swastikas, must have good eyesight to understand that these are reversed each other, not the same.

We use it too!!
and its not NAZI, mongoloids used it during 40s, they did the same with the CROSS symbol in the 40s and 2000 y ago. Cross symbol is again ours. So this is for your reference.

Aliens out there, probably use it also, who knows, it has a logic, its archaic symbols! But you must look in what kind of swastika is that! The aliens who are about to invade earth, are not coming from other solar systems, they are actually trapped by us, long long ago, the fall of medusa and trapped in Hades that is actually HELL, other dimension, is the same thing as today religions, with the trapped abominations and these mongoloids work hard to set them free. But that doesn't mean anything to us, they will be ultimately punished when the appropriate time comes. Never forget that medusa had 2 sisters and those are actually lose in the internal space of our solar system, those which the governments are sold to. When we speak about Medusa, sthenos or Ebriali (3 sisters) are actually code names of minions... abominations, others trapped underneath, others locked in "hell" others patrolling around. All in all the solar system is overall locked.
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posted on Apr, 7 2015 @ 05:36 PM
a reply to: FamCore

These “fallen angels/demons”, this report explain, were once vanquished from our Earth about 5-6,000 years ago in what was then referred to by the ancients as “the great overturning” that nearly instantly froze millions of wooly mammoths of Siberia, destroyed the vast city-state known as Atlantis, and is recorded in the stories, religions and legends of all of our planets peoples as “the great flood”.

The Great Overturning? How could that occur? Just mythology? Right, right?

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