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wondering why the MSM all carry the same nonsense? Take a look.

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posted on Feb, 25 2015 @ 07:53 AM
ivy league elite, media and politics.

bunch of idiots.

W went to Yale, but at least he went out to Texas and did some oil work. most of these people have never been outside the New York/DC/California bubble.

coming conflict in the country; the bubbles vs the Bubbas (the ones that actually work and do things).

posted on Feb, 25 2015 @ 08:45 AM

originally posted by: Sublimecraft
I feel like a broken record player but I'm gonna say it again, just to drive it home........


Despite what is taught in school, let me be perfectly clear - Nazi Germany did NOT lose WWII, they simply cloaked themselves with Old Glory and made their way to America.

Your OP is testament to this.

So the mountains of rubble that were once cities in Gross Duetchland are a figment of peoples imagination? All those nazi's hanged and given prison sentancies were innocent? Can I go and live on your planet please?

posted on Feb, 25 2015 @ 11:50 AM
a reply to: Dimithae

And even funnier is the fact that many people won't believe anything UNLESS it comes from one of these "reliable sources". MSM has for decades been the de facto propaganda department of our government and THE most effective tool of manipulation at their service.

posted on Feb, 25 2015 @ 01:07 PM
a reply to: pikestaff
All those nazis WERENT hanged though! Very few were. The vast majority got off free.

The worst inhuman being in the entire war (who wasnt european or soviet or allied) got off scott free, and in fact got on the cushy payroll of the US afterwards. He caused worse suffering than Mengele could have dreamed.

posted on Feb, 25 2015 @ 04:22 PM
I have read a few threads here on ATS over the years that were eye poppers, this thread that was so kindly posted on ATS should and will be an eye popper, and will pop a lot of eye balls and hopefully some cranial matter too.

All those connections that were posted above about media and power people were absolutely awesome in my opinion. I hope people keep digging for more and posting them! I thank the OP very much for posting this thread and I will most definitely be staying tuned to ATS for any new posts in this thread. Our tv is growing moss as I type this:-)

Regards, Iwinder
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posted on Feb, 25 2015 @ 05:32 PM
a reply to: works4dhs

I am always in awe of folks who feel that the Ivy League is a band of intellectual twits who never accomplish anything.

They own you, bubba.

As to the god of twits, GW Bush, he was manipulated by his organ grinder Cheney.

I understand the disappointments of the anti-intellectuals. Being marginalized, mocked and emasculated does not contribute to a healthy ego or outlook. Thinking that the world will return to a world of rugged individualism to rescue notions of their competence is fantasy.

The rest of the world will continue on it's possibly crazed course while the Luddites twitch menacingly from the sidelines. It would be in the interest of folks such as yourself to understand the mechanisms of control, that are in constant deployment, to cause you to think that your stance will have ANY effect upon the course of your lives. If yo truly want to be in charge, learn the systems. Use the systems. Benefit from the systems.

Petulance will only gain you replies like this. You know, adult stuff.

posted on Feb, 25 2015 @ 05:32 PM

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posted on Feb, 25 2015 @ 05:45 PM
a reply to: Dimithae

There's actually another reason for it. Most stories come from a wire service like the AP. They get the story, change a couple words, and publish it. There's no conspiracy to it, everyone literally reads from the same script. For control you just need to have some influence with the base story that's put out for everyone to parrot.

posted on Feb, 25 2015 @ 06:25 PM
Will McAvoy strikes again!

To bad we don't have any real news anchors like him.

posted on Feb, 25 2015 @ 08:22 PM
a reply to: Aazadan

And what? They are too cheap to send their own reporters? What one may miss another may catch.

posted on Feb, 25 2015 @ 08:27 PM

originally posted by: FalcoFan
a reply to: Sublimecraft

Perhaps this is tied in to obama legalizing propaganda.

What does that mean? There wasn't propaganda in the MSM before Obama? Weren't you around and paying attention in 2003 for example?

posted on Feb, 25 2015 @ 08:31 PM
Come on, they even need more money to try and propagandise about start telling the truth ?

State Dept asks for budget to counter RT

Citing RT’s influence, Secretary of State John Kerry asked US lawmakers for more money for propaganda and “democracy promotion” programs around the world.

“Russia Today can be heard in English, do we have an equivalent that can be heard in Russian? It’s a pretty expensive proposition. They are spending huge amounts of money,” Kerry told the House Appropriations Subcommittee, apparently forgetting that Voice of America has been broadcasting in Russian since 1947.


Yes, when it`s not working throw some more money at it, that will work...

Poll: 82% of Lithuanian TV viewers: Russia is telling the truth!

One of the three main channels of Lithuania – TV3 – held on Sunday poll in Lithuanian theme “Have you ever noticed in Lithuania increased Russian propaganda?” 82% percent of respondents said that “it is not propaganda, Russia was telling the truth,” 12% percent – “yes, it is becoming more in the press and on the Internet”, 6% percent – “No, no growth did not notice.” Lithuania: It’s not propaganda, Russia was telling the truth 82%.

Interestingly, the survey results are silenced. It is understandable why: if Russia is telling the truth, it means that Lithuanian government was lying. The same situation was in the last year in Germany. When the survey of business news channel N-TV showed 89% Germans support the Putin’s course. The results were then removed from site because this obviously did not fit into a pro-American policies of Angela Merkel.


And the explanation now is that it got hacked...

Lithuanian TV says site hacked to distort poll on Russian propaganda

Sure !

posted on Feb, 25 2015 @ 09:54 PM
a reply to: Sublimecraft

to This;


Despite what is taught in school, let me be perfectly clear - Nazi Germany did NOT lose WWII, they simply cloaked themselves with Old Glory and made their way to America." !!!!!!

posted on Feb, 25 2015 @ 10:15 PM
How to silence a Russian journalist (video)...

A Russian journalist wanted to ask something important to the Ukrainian President Poroshenko. Before she had spoken her first word, a bodyguard pressed her face on his shoulders. The bodyguard then casually walked away.


posted on Feb, 25 2015 @ 11:36 PM
a reply to: Ridhya

The Nazis were supported by the Central Banks. The Central Banks are the funding behind Communism. Joseph Goebels, minister of propaganda for Nazi Germany, wrote in his diary that he learned propaganda from early 20th century progressives. Progressives are communists called by a different name only.

It's the Communists, not the Nazis that are behind the network propaganda machine. The Communists created the Nazis. Read "Behind Communism" and "Pawns in the Game" and it will all make sense.

Or maybe you already know this!
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posted on Feb, 25 2015 @ 11:55 PM
a reply to: Ridhya

Ask yourself this,

If the Nazis are behind our media propaganda then why are there so many shows on the Military channel and History channel about the Nazi Monsters but never anything about the Communist Monster? Wouldn't the Nazis want to point that finger at someone else?

Communism is responsible for almost as many deaths as Small Pox but I don't see those documentaries on every hour of the day. I bet you can find a documentary right now on television about how horrific the Nazis were. And they were bad but not as bad as the Communists.

Have you seen the glorified reporting of how great Communist Cuba is lately? And how we should all go there and check it out? How about the reports back in the 80s about how "I've seen the future and it works," reporting on Communist North Korea.

Bad Nazis, Good Communists is the template. Not the other way around. Just Sayin

posted on Feb, 26 2015 @ 01:40 AM
a reply to: sasquatch5100
Well I dont disagree that Stalin was worse than Hitler, and Mao even more so, and im also of the unpopular opinion that Hitler is always in the spotlight because of who his victims were. No one cares if the victims are Russian or Chinese...

But you're completely wrong about Communism being behind the curtains in the west. They are vilified among intelligence and military and political circles. Or did you miss the memo where the US was supporting violent right-wing regimes across south america and the middle east? Anything to stop communism.

Not to mention their overt support of Nazis in Ukraine.

posted on Feb, 26 2015 @ 03:46 AM
They get their script all from the same sources, Reuters and AP. Of course the larger outlets have their own reporters on site.

posted on Feb, 26 2015 @ 08:21 AM
John Swinton on the independence of the press

Variations on the quote below have been misattributed as a response to a toast, by John Swinton, as "the former Chief of Staff at the New York Times", before the New York Press Club in 1953. However, research reveals that Swinton (1829-1901), after moving to New York, wrote an occasional article for the New York Times and was hired on a regular basis in 1860 as head of the editorial staff. Afterward holding this position throughout the Civil War, he left the paper in 1870 and became active in the labor struggles of the day. He later served eight years in the same position on the New York Sun and later published a weekly labor sheet, John Swinton's Paper.

The remarks were apparently made by Swinton, then the preeminent New York journalist, probably one night in 1880. Swinton was the guest of honour at a banquet given him by the leaders of his craft. Someone who knew neither the press nor Swinton offered a toast to the independent press. Swinton outraged his colleagues by replying:

There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it.

There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone.

The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press?

We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.

(Source: Labor's Untold Story, by Richard O. Boyer and Herbert M. Morais, published by United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America, NY, 1955/1979.)

posted on Feb, 26 2015 @ 09:06 AM
The following video is one of the most shocking things I've ever seen.

What it exposes to me is that the American media are often literal robots but some are more beautiful/handsome sometimes with nicer voices than others.

I would like to know exactly how the video below relates to the video above.

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