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Rapid test for Ebola now available

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posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 03:00 PM

The World Health Organization (WHO) has approved the first rapid diagnostic test for Ebola. The test needs no electricity, requires just a few drops of blood from a finger prick, and can return results in 15 minutes. That will be a huge help to health workers in remote areas.

Rapid Ebola screening test, nice!

The new test, produced by Corgenix, a company in Broomfield, Colorado, uses antibodies to identify a specific Ebola virus protein. The list price will be about $15 per test, says Robert Garry, a hemorrhagic disease expert at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, who helped develop the test. But discounts will be available, he says, for bulk purchases and suppliers for use in Africa.

I don't have a ton of commentary to add, just thought I'd share the good news with everyone here.

posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 03:25 PM
a reply to: Elton

This just goes to show that "They" do have the capability to easily diagnose Ebola. And with early detection, means higher chances to survive. More or less, a "Cure" .

And Also, I'm sure TPTB wouldn't want to get this Ebola and be bed-ridden for a few rich gold silk sheet days. My point in case, cancer isn't transferable between people like Ebola..So no need to have a cure for it. (If you find a way to make it spread like Ebola, I'll bet my two hands that a Cure will created outta thin air & relativity least after its purged a lot of people deemed not worthy)pretty much everyone here.

Great Find!
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posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 04:06 PM
There is a downside. It has proven to be only 92% accurate, it gives a false reading in 2 out of every 25 readings.

But it is quick and it is relatively cheap, and only 8% unreliable so.....

posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 06:01 PM
a reply to: Cobaltic1978

Yeah, screening tests always need a confirmatory, but I think it will certainly be helpful!

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