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Grade the Pollsters

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posted on Dec, 16 2004 @ 10:13 PM
During the last two months of the 2004 election, I was going, more often than not, to a polling site called "Rasmussen Reports" for my polling data.

This week, Slate Magazine ( ) published a report on how well the different polling organizations did, and Rasumssen was tops, with 24 states polled and predicted during the last week of the election -- and every one was called correctly.

What was interesting was that Rasmussen (and I didn't know this) used an automated polling approach instead of a live human; and it scored higher (i.e., more accurate) than any other live pollster, including Zogby, Gallup, and Mason-Dixon.

An interesting article by Slate; and I recommend both it and the Rasmussen Reports site ( ).

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