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Strong mind, strong body, and an unshakable faith

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posted on Feb, 18 2015 @ 09:31 PM
I spend most of my nights listening to educational and philosophical podcast, during the day i spend about an hour or 2 in the gym boxing and weight lifting or doing jiu jitsu(rarer these days). I also have an unshakable faith and trust in a universal life force intelligence. I have personally witnessed the hand of god or the work of the life force energy work in my life in many ways. I strive from day to day to become better at all of these things. Stronger body, stronger mind, deeper philosophical understanding of my being. These are the things i value most. My body and my mind have an intrinsic connection with one another and i can feel and see it.

I just wanted to share my personal philosophy and let people get to know more about how i think because the philosophy forum is by far my favorite forum here.

posted on Feb, 18 2015 @ 09:37 PM
a reply to: onequestion

Whatever works for you my friend!

I just wish that those of faith who are not responsible for harming others were shown the same respect I am showing you.

We have disagreed on things a few times, but in my heart I know you are a good person and you want things to be great for everybody.

I am happy that you have found something that makes you feel whole and at peace in this crazy world!

posted on Feb, 18 2015 @ 09:43 PM
a reply to: onequestion


Knowing oneself is the key to understanding the universe. Within reflects the out.

Enjoy yourself, responsibly. We are kids in a wonderland.

posted on Feb, 18 2015 @ 09:43 PM
a reply to: IntastellaBurst

Self actualization is key my friend.

posted on Feb, 18 2015 @ 10:30 PM
Hmmm. I spent most of my time working before I got disabled. I can't really comprehend doing what you do onequestion. I was busy learning new things. I learned many professions. I even took Judo for a while. Now I am studying since I can't work anymore. I always had the belief that when I quit learning I should be dead.

I suppose if you have no need to work to live it is possible to do what you are doing, I was never in that position though. I just have a hard time comprehending not learning new ways of doing things if you are not disabled.

But then again, I understand that I am not normal and am just a tad bit completely OCD

posted on Feb, 18 2015 @ 11:00 PM
a reply to: onequestion
I share your love for martial arts.
It is a very good way to learn and improve the mind/body interface.
I've boxed, trained in Tae Kwon Do, and karate.
Some of the times I've felt most alive was in hand to hand battle, in the spirit of sport.
I can go to the same place with playing a musical instrument or painting.
As I've aged I lean more towards the gentler arts, but I still can't turn down a good physical contest here and there.
It does take a little longer to recover than it used to.

posted on Feb, 18 2015 @ 11:04 PM
a reply to: rickymouse

I still work, right now I'm getting ready to start truck driving so I'll have less time to do this which stinks but for now I'm doing construction installing floors.

posted on Feb, 18 2015 @ 11:42 PM
a reply to: skunkape23

What a coincidence,

I too train in jeet kune do.

I think the ones seeking enlightenment push in every direction, wanting to see what their bodies are capable of.

In the midst of training ... Or working, there is a place where the consious mind is lost, where you become one with all that is, ,.. And ( it just does it by itself )

I found today, that when im doing something specific at work, and I concentrate, Im actualy slower at it. But if I ......just do it. I merely just..... Allow it to happen through me.

posted on Feb, 18 2015 @ 11:53 PM
And THAT is a true religion. The belief in self, potential, development , expansion, and betterment. No doctrine, no book , no hierarchy, no bull#.

Mind, body, spirit... self.

Just a man, the Universe, and the potential of both.

That's my religion :3

Thanks for sharing brother

posted on Feb, 19 2015 @ 05:26 AM

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posted on Feb, 19 2015 @ 10:44 AM
a reply to: onequestion

Sounds like you dont know what to do with your self.

posted on Feb, 19 2015 @ 01:31 PM
I am a bit opposite to some of you when it comes to the body.

I am a bit lazy body wise since I am not comfortable when my body gets too hot. I just feel wrong to me and I cannot say I (both mind and soul) was 100% compatible with the body I was put in. It becomes more compatible from my point of view and feel ok when I play around with energized body states with different tool and the calmness is felt both in my soul,body and mind.

Whatever works for you do it, as long as it does not break the golden rule and harm others.

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posted on Feb, 19 2015 @ 01:45 PM
I was a track and field athlete before I was taken down by chronic migraine. Then I developed nerve problems in my neck that required surgery, and now I've developed a bone spur at the site of that surgery.

I can't say that I have the physically fit body anymore, but I feel that I have learned to develop a lot of inner strength and fortitude where it comes to tolerating and living with pain. Does that count?

And yes, strong mind and strong faith both help greatly. And I have developed a lot of patience for things as a result.

posted on Feb, 19 2015 @ 09:09 PM
You also might like strong tea

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