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Chelsea fans refuse to let black passenger on Paris Metro train on way to Champions League tie with

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posted on Feb, 18 2015 @ 03:30 PM
Never been a big fan of Chelsea, personally...

posted on Feb, 18 2015 @ 03:36 PM

originally posted by: CharlieSpeirs
a reply to: abe froman

Personally I think these peoples loyalty is to the goal/try/touch down/slam dunk rather than the individual who converts the chance.

Same with music I'd guess, admiration for the message, disdain for the messenger.

A lot of people love Michael Jacksons music...
They wouldn't think twice about accusing him of being *insert label*...

Must be a Brain Wiring deficiency!

Yes, but we must seperate the man from the artist, or at least, seperate the man from the art he creates... There are plenty of cases where I don't much like the way a person lives their life, but can enjoy some of what they have created. Have you seen some of Charles Manson's artwork? I'm not saying its "the greatest", but it is worthy of existence at the very least. Worthy of compliments, even.
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posted on Feb, 18 2015 @ 04:35 PM
a reply to: 3n19m470

Yeah that makes sense in a way...

But naturally Manson isn't disliked for the colour of his skin...

Rather the crimes he's been accused of.

posted on Feb, 18 2015 @ 05:01 PM
No disrespect to Charlie but never been impressed with Chelsea - never had much class back in the day and thought they were something they weren't.

But I guess that's not really the topic under discussion......

This sort of behaviour belongs in the dark ages and can't believe anyone would attempt to justify or excuse it.

posted on Feb, 18 2015 @ 05:47 PM
Unfortuantely, for genuine Chelsea supporters, the club does have a large minority of very racist supporters.

Amongst them are /were prominent BNP/EDL supporters.

They have very strong and close links to another certain football team which resides in the Ibrox area of Glasgow.

Both sets of "fans" proclaim to be very loyal to club and country, although with the Glaswegian contingency, which country that maybe is a question I doubt they even know.

Having experienced Chelsea diehards at first hand, I would hazzard a guess that this "racist" incident, to the chelsea fans involved, was probably no more than a bit of banter or a bit of a laugh while drunk/high.

To the man trying to get on the train, it was probably quite humiliating and intimidating, but fair play, he didn`t look very intimidated.

They could have acted in a much more volatile manner and used a lot more abusive phrases if they were seriously out to cause racial violence that night.

Ironic really that their chant of "were racist were racist were racist and thats the way we like it" really does show what a bunch of racist morons they really are.

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