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Another mass execution of Egyptian Christians feared to be imminent by ISIS

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posted on Feb, 18 2015 @ 06:33 AM
a reply to: St Udio

thanks for that, im going to go and read up on those.

posted on Feb, 18 2015 @ 03:05 PM
a reply to: Agit8dChop

hey... that's only my viewpoint...many will rightfully claim I am taking too many liberties with prophetic interpretation

my desire is not to change minds but to open eyes to other possibilities...
but- yeah... I really think/believe/'see' that human agencies are in a frame-of-mind to cause prophecies to be made realized and the radical Islam Jihad is pulling-out all stops to accomplish -their- chosen mission

their videos of ritual beheadings always project a far bigger, taller Executioner (bedecked & masked in Black) while the victims are always cast as diminutive/submissive/shriveled persons in convict-orange coveralls

compare the ritualistic beheadings atmosphere with the immediate executions by the foot-soldiers of the enemies-of-ISIS...
look carefully(at the videos)~~~ and tell me that many of the rifle toting/masked soldiers in the immediate vicinity of the victim are not short women, instead of obviously bearded & stocky men... the idea being to 'disrespect' the victim who will be executed by a male with a handgun but guarded & compelled to submit by the 'women' of ISIS....
there is a whole lot of coded messages & sublime nuances being played out by these 'metaphorical/spiritual/esoteric' focused Jihadists...I don't want the western minds to overlook the coded messages that the radical Jihadists & leadership is laying out before us (the infidels)

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only now... months too late are 'reliable''credible' sources starting to come aboard with my analysis... the Jihadists are creepy weird in their contorted minds...twisted to fit their ideology/world-view (I will not say religion)

when the Bush-Cheney propaganda started...and demonized Islam as a Clash-of-Cultures phenomena... I thought to myself that the lame leadership of USA has fired off all their Ammo in a futile/ hasty cause... they should have saved the rhetoric until 2014 and the rise of IS-Caliphate....
now there is a credibility gap !

as to who is getting on my bandwagon... see this:

I see this article as a real/true/ in-depth exploration of the present enemy which is Islam...they are a self defined enemy because western or modern morals and laws are in opposition to 7th century Islam
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