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Nazi Zombies

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posted on Dec, 17 2004 @ 04:03 PM
Heres are some rules of thumb:

1. If you can think of it, it probably exists, and can exist.
2. Nobody knows what absolute reality is
3. Nobody knows what advanced science is capable of
4. Everything is just a vibration in space-time
5. Science fiction often becomes science fact

Who would have have known that a uranium isotope could produce enough energy to destroy a city?

Who would have known, and some still don't know, that light rays would become weapons.

Who have known that we could be optically invisible. Some still don't know.

There is a lot of science fiction that becomes fact, in fact fiction is what inspires scientists. If you had an idea about on the cutting edge of science from wormholes, dimension shifting, quantum teleportation, brainwave controlling, antigravity propulsion, force field shielding, designer humans. You would not dismiss other concepts.

As for zombies, in fact it is very scientifically feasible:

1. A human brain is an information processing machine, like any other. It can be programmed like any other information processing machine. If the program was "kill" then it would kill. That can be done through implanted chips or other sort of mind control technology that the government is known to have.

2. DNA reprogramming is no longer in the domain of science fiction. It would be possible to reprogram the DNA by infecting a victim with an intelligent virus, so that it becomes a mindless zombie and can infect others by contact(or a bite

3. Creating cloned armes, which is possible given the state of cloning technology, designed to kill is also feasible.

4. Reviving the dead, by reverseing the process of biological death, or adapting it, is also feasible.

Overall, zombines sounds like good science.

I am trying to think of something impossible. How about enlarging something with a special beam? Ah, wait, it sounds possible. It's all molecules after all, all that would be needed is to enlarge everything in propotion. I got it, what about transmuting paper into gold? Ah darn, it seems they will be able to do that with nanoengineering. Is there anything that is impossible? Do you get the point.

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posted on Dec, 17 2004 @ 06:24 PM
Nice post Indigo Child (Sorry if name is wrong) It was a good read and helped me think about other things aswell as this 'zombie' post, Thank you

posted on Dec, 17 2004 @ 06:29 PM

Originally posted by Indigo_Child
4. Reviving the dead, by reverseing the process of biological death, or adapting it, is also feasible.

So where is this fountain of youth you're speaking of? Any information from a *scientific* website to back yourself up?

posted on Dec, 19 2004 @ 10:30 AM
I can't believe it! I only found this site because I was searching for information on this very subject. The original movie, as I recall, was called Night of the Zombies (aka Gamma 693 and Night of the Wehrmacht Zombies, among others) & it starred Jamie Gillis, an ex-porn star. Gillis plays a CIA operative or some damned thing who is sent to Germany ostensibly to recover the bodies of some MIA WWII US Army soldiers. He slowly begins to uncover an insidious plot of world domination, however, as he investigates villagers' accounts of Nazi zombie attacks. It's really bad and I LOVED it! I was thinking how cool this could be if it were updated and peppered heavily with New World Order conspiracy theory. Thanks for the info!

posted on Dec, 27 2004 @ 07:47 AM
umm,intresting if not rather far fetched topic but theres a great book by peter benchley (jaws) called "great white"...i wont spoil it for anyone but that has a great story involving a genetically created NAZI killing warrior hidden in a sunken u boat thats discovered and reaks havoc...god only knows what evil the nazis were up to,anything could have been created in those dark days!

posted on Dec, 27 2004 @ 08:20 AM
The move was called "Zombie Lake" here is a link...god help ya...

Zombie Lake

posted on Dec, 27 2004 @ 08:27 AM
More than one movie....there is an entire GENRE of Nazi Zombie movies, with dozens of titles, hehe....

posted on Jan, 4 2005 @ 07:44 PM
Get off the drugs mate

posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 07:06 AM
I would say, that Nazi's did make odd experiments, but they didn't make any frigging zombies. Yes, they searched for tresures and historical myths, but they didn't a large laboratory that had non-living zombies on the desk!

Goddamn boy stop playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein and come back to the real world! The Nazis made more like crop experiments. They examined human body and human tolerance. They tried to ennoble a "super human". That is the closest thing to your "Nazi War Zombie" thing.

They tried to ennoble / generate a perfect human by making love with two people who have a perfect dna etc.

Got it? Nazis are not a blood thristing war loving anti-human society!

posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 07:41 AM
When it was mentioned earlier about humans in a trance like state, there are several accounts. Two main ones come to mind.

When the U.S. or another country was in the Phillipines fighting some of the natives, a pretty good sized group was going into battle. They had gotten really really hopped up on drugs. The result? Even if they were shot, even by a larger gun, they would keep on going. They had to be shot multiple times for them to stay down.

Another one is somewhat questionable. A voodoo priest down in South America, I think, would drug a person. To everyone, they would appear dead. They would bury the body, and the next night, the priest would go to the graveyard and dig up the body. The human would magically "return to life". He would then sell them as slaves or keep them for his own to work on plantations. They were always in a trance like state, either from lack of food and care, or from drugs.

Not much I could find on either topic on the web, but I have a few books somewhere around the house I live in that talk of the subject. So, as you can see from the above stories, it is possible to get in a trance like state, with the help of drugs and a voodoo priest. Other than that, I don't think reanimation exists. Wouldn't really work all too well the way they do it in the movies.

posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 07:55 AM
Yea, but then theyre only like tranced-humans, "zombies" = mindless people who don't care about a wound or a missing limb.

Thats 100% possible, but theyre still not the "zombies" Marky wanted.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I would like to know more about that "drug/trance-group".

[edit on 6-1-2005 by xapanthe]

posted on Jun, 3 2006 @ 04:24 PM
Yeah by saying zombies it instanly makes it more unbelieveable. They were like the guy above said Humans, living just enraged with chemicals created from hormones taken from live subjects. And although the story of Gunter Nussbaum is slightly farfetched in its own rights its far from impossible. We know that our goverments have done some crazy # int he past and every day topsecret stuff comes to the surface mean its were conspiracies come from. And lets face it the main reason people give for it being impossible is that they see it in movies and video games.

Just because ppl see things in films doesnt mean it doesnt happen. In fact the government for all we know had some part to playt in the films such as 28 days later which has particular reference t this situation. But they know that people wont belive things if they make it seem so obscure. Its been done before with media and social experiments If you make something seem unbelieveable people wont give it a chance they will instantly pass it off as unture.

Im not sure if i believ the Confession of Gunter Nussbaum but i have to look at it as something which is very possible and due to the history of the governments and human nature is just as probably as not.

posted on Jun, 4 2006 @ 03:57 PM
I've heard of stories before, where the Nazi's supposedly pumped a bunch of soldiers full of all sorts of different types of drugs etc to see how they'd react in battle, and most of these soldiers completely lost it and i don't know if this is what you mean by 'Zombies'

posted on Jun, 8 2006 @ 08:44 PM

Originally posted by TKainZero
nazis in one of the world wars, thats right there were in ones WWII, even our W Bush should know that one.

Don't be so sure. I don't think he knows anything.

posted on Jun, 9 2006 @ 12:10 AM

Originally posted by Liamoville
I've heard of stories before, where the Nazi's supposedly pumped a bunch of soldiers full of all sorts of different types of drugs etc to see how they'd react in battle, and most of these soldiers completely lost it and i don't know if this is what you mean by 'Zombies'

I think you may be thinking of the British testing of '___' on some troops. Video.

posted on Jun, 9 2006 @ 03:21 AM
There was a thread similar, about the Russian's, stalin trying to create a hybrid part monkey part human.
To create a stronger soldier.
Your gonna ask me now to dig up the thread.

posted on Jun, 9 2006 @ 03:32 AM

There's enough nazi zombies out there...

posted on Dec, 13 2007 @ 08:47 PM
The litchfield Experiemnt's probably what you're thinking of. A group of soldiers out of their minds on something were seen by a number of people in an eastern european village...

Although interestingly, one of the requirements for the Ubermensch, the perfect nazi soldier was being 'kadavergehorsam'. It translates into english roughly as 'blind/unswerving obedience', but literally it means "corpse obediently". Obviously the third reich wanted a soldier that was as obedient as a zombie.

posted on Dec, 14 2007 @ 10:36 PM
nazi's and zombies

i didnt know nazi's were real

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 09:38 PM
reply to post by Kompaktor

The bit about the voodoo priest burying the man and taking him out as a zombie, the poison that was used was apparently a mixture of Fugu Poison and something else to make a human in a trance. The human appeared dead to the few doctors nearby, who obviously were not very good, and the human was buried. I believe someone wrote a book about it, but I wouldnt put much stock in that. The trance poison is possible, but the zombie nature is not really in the person, he/she just wakes up like a human.

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