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Musical Dream

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posted on Dec, 16 2004 @ 05:42 PM
I just had the awesomest dream within a dream, wherein I was improving the most compsed melodic sweetest piece of piano music ive ever composed... I don't play piano (not seriously anyways) and I don't compose music. I do play guitar, and have messed around on the piano, to where I can find the notes on it. But anyways, I wasn't playing the piano in the dream, I was just hearing the notes and chords, like streaming, fast, but I had time to think exactly what to do next right before I did it. Also, I must stress this was beautiful music by any standards. And even though it was all in my head in the dream, I knew which hand would be doing what. It was so incredible.
If only the brain had a file>save as button
I know that this was a song, melodic and composed sounding(because it was actually improvised in my head?), but I can only small chunk of it.
Anyways what is really wierd, is that first I don't really play piano, and second, I could never 'compose' music like this in waking life. I mean not even close. I was thinking about the harmonization and the melody simoultaneously, which is something i've struggled to do for quite some time now without much success in real life. I will try to elaborate more later, because I do want to actually have a discussion on this, but I just woke up and had to get this written down somewhere before I forget. One last thing
I do not think this was just my brain telling me what I wanted to hear, i.e. making me believe I was hearing and composing, without actually doing it. I strongly believe I actually was coming up with it in the dream, because for a few seconds after I woke up, I could vividly remember pieces of it. Ok, there's a lot more I need to say about the details of the whole thing, there was a lot more going on than just that, but I must go for now, and will wait to see your guys' initial comments.


posted on Dec, 16 2004 @ 05:46 PM
Maybe you might become a musician in the future and you had a De-Ja Vu, Or maybe you had heard some music that day (Not knowing you heard it) And it stayed in your sub concious mind and you just had a dream about it, Well just my opinion

posted on Dec, 16 2004 @ 05:58 PM

Originally posted by Marky
Maybe you might become a musician in the future and you had a De-Ja Vu,

I am attempting to be a musician right now, I've been playing guitar for over 3 years, but i've never been able to do anything like what happened in waking life.
I've never even written a full song, just a lick here or a chord progression there.

Originally posted by Marky
Or maybe you had heard some music that day (Not knowing you heard it) And it stayed in your sub concious mind and you just had a dream about it, Well just my opinion

This is definatly not the case, here's the run down of my day...I woke up at 9:30am took my Music Theory and Fundamentals Final Exam at 10:05, finished around 12:00. Right after that I had an 'epiphany' and figured out how to play the melody line for 'twinkle twinkle little star' on guitar
( ok, thats pretty funny, but I did do it, maybe some day I can jam it out
). Then I played black & white for a while, during which time I was listening to my WinAmp playlist that I always listen to, i.e. I know every song in it and none of them sond like what I heard. Then I played out of tune guitar for a while cause I didn't feel like tuning it, and I felt a nap coming on. Then around 4:00 pm I took the nap wherein this dream occured.
One more sidenote...I am a regular cannabis consumer, which means that almost 99% of my life since I started smoking, I don't remember dreams(pot just seems to have that effect, if I take a month off, I start remembering dreams again). But this dream was almost lucid, I couldn't control the overall plot and direction of the dream, but I could and did control the creation of the music and was in that wierd half-awake state. Also I kept waking up and letting my self fall back asleep to try to get back to the composing, but to no avail, although the dreams I did have were still unusually wierd, clear, and lucidish.

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posted on Dec, 22 2004 @ 04:27 PM

this experiance you had
is a real phenomena.

Ive had it,
and countless other people Ive spoke to have had it
including people on this board.

I dont know why or what causes it.

but I can tell you it happens mostly
at the "hypnagogic-state"(do a search)
(a state that is half asleep half awake) some times at this point you are more AWAKE than normal and experiance HYPNAGOGIC- Imagery
loaud pops an clicks acompned by visual vivid ness sometimes like white noise.
beautyfull colours /sounds like youve never heard before.

I get this alot as im falling asleep
sometimes It scares me and I panic when Im falling asleep.

the time when It was musical
was when I was on my dads motor boat,
comming back after a long days sea fishing.
I was so tired I went in the couddy, and sat.
Listening to the rythmic sound of the engine and the
bobbing up n down , I started to fall asleep, but the roughness of the sea kept me alert,so I was at this in between state where hypnagogic-imergry mostly occurs.

I went into a "DREAMLET" (do a search)

and I was In a black void and I felt the whole universe as one whole object
and could kinda see it from a distance

And I heard the most beautyfull peice of musical sound Ive ever heard
Its like clasical. Its so good I cant re-create it in my head.

Like I said I dont know what its all about but I do know
lots /or a few people get the exact same kinda sound

was It like single notes played in an overlapping form

like a fluty kinda sound? violin/piano like? but to good to write in musical form?

I know

so what you had was a DREAMLET.
Its rare but not so in some people happens mostly when not going to bed
like taking a nap when ur not tired

u get super relaxed and enter this state its like a trance and lots of weird things happen
imergry/sound e.c.t.

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