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Unusual experiences that do not fit the logical world

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posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 09:19 AM
I will like to share some of stories that had happened to a friend or family member that
do not coincide with what we know about the logical world. I will talk about my mother's experiences first.

During my mother's younger days, she was out on the streets with two other friends ,most probably for shopping like all young girls,when a weird man just appeared and came up to them and gave three predictions , one for each of them. For the first girl, he said she will marry someone wealthy, which eventually became true according to her. The second girl was something bad. But my mother could not remember the details of it. For my mother, he said that she will eventually work for her husband. They did not think much of it then and had laughed it off. For a long time, my mother worked in a big corporation with a pretty high pay. She never could imagine leaving it. Thus, rendering this prediction false. But she had health problems and it forced her to eventually quit and to work in a less stressful environment in my dad's business. She then remembered about the past meeting with that strange guy and realized the prediction manifested itself.

My mother also used to live in a a room in an old rented mansion during her younger teen days. She was living with her dad , my grandfather, and he was a compulsive gambler and was always out at night. At about midnight while alone, she heard noises, footsteps and the noise of the swing, there were no one around. Also, she heard calendars flipping and the water tap running. When she eventually went to investigate, there was nothing. Years later when she was older, my grandfather was in the hospital down
with illness probably worsen by old age. She was waiting outside the hospital ward for hours when she accidentally slept and then had a very vivid dream of her dad coming up to tell her that its all over and she could go home now. She said it was not scary, rather it was a calming and overwhelming presence. When she eventually awoke, a nurse came up to tell her that her dad passed away.

Moving on to the topic of ghosts, I have a few friends who claims that they can see ghosts. Could they be beings from another dimension? Or maybe they are energy patterns of the past? One of my friend mentioned that they can look human but they sometimes appear and disappear. He said once he was walking the steps in a building when he bumped into someone, he then turn his head up to apologize, the person just literally disappeared into thin air. My other friend said that he used to work with mediums, and they took part in rituals which allow spirits to possess and take hold of your physical body. The spirits would then converse through your body. You would have no memories during the period when you are possessed and often appear dazed and confused when you eventually return. Once, he was possessed unknowingly while in a club by a malevolent entity,his friends later told him that he was speaking gibberish, appeared aggressive and could not be held down even by a group of people.

Personally, I do not have too much unusual experiences. I remembered vaguely as a child pushing a toy car underneath a chair and trying to find it by looking down, but it vanished. Others were the few psychic moments where I am sure everyone has at some point. Like having the feeling that someone is coming to visit, and they do. One pretty significant psychic incident though, happened to my housekeeper who dreamt our house unit numbers,it came out third price in the lottery the next day.

posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 09:30 AM
All I know for sure is that there's a whole lot of stuff we don't understand about ourselves and our true nature but it's still there just the same and doors can be opened unintentionally sometimes. I'm personally fairly new in my proper awareness of such things and still a long ways from full understanding but I definitely believe there's something to it

posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 09:51 AM
I believe we are on the edge of a paradigm shift away from philosophical naturalism toward a more supernatural worldview.

I just got done reading a book 'The Supernatural Worldview. Was a very interesting read.

posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 09:57 AM
I had a funny coincidence this week.

First the background story.

About ten years ago I heard of someone getting rid of a little sailboat to anyone willing to pay the overdue marina fees.
I contacted a guy I knew who, due to divorce, no longer had a brother in law to sail with. I helped him launch it and sail it back to Toronto where he used it every chance he got for the next few years before buying a bigger boat.

Yesterday a friend was telling me about a guy we work with who gave his little sailboat away to someone willing to pay the marina fees.

Turns out, in both cases, the gentlemen who benefitted from these 'free' sailboats lived on the same little street.

posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 10:01 AM
a reply to: icyboy771z
I've had some interesting things happen to me in my life. Which is why, even though I'm an atheist, I know there is an unseen world all around us. I guess you could say I'm a spiritual atheist. lol.

posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 10:15 AM
Your post about the toy car reminded me of something similar that happened to me when I was a kid. Back in the 80s I was real big into Transformers. My brother and I had almost all of them, in our house we had a big closet with a desk in it that was pushed against the back wall that we kept all of our toys in. One day my mom had just bought me a new Transformer and I was in the closet playing with it and it fell behind the desk but since it was late and hard to get to I decided to leave it there and go to sleep and I would get it the next morning. Well that next day I went to get it and it was gone, nowhere to be found. No one knew it was back there but I asked my family if they had seen it but none had, and to this day I've always wondered where it went, it just vanished into this air.

posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 02:51 PM
I'm not really a traditional believer in ghosts, but I have had one experience that made me think about it. I was about 10 or 11 and visiting my Grandmother in Kent, U.K and we took a trip to the white cliffs of Dover to go on the tour around the old military hospital and offices/bunkers they installed during the second world war. As we were being shown around the hospital level I smelt a strong smell of burnt fuel and metal and looked up to see a figure in an old style great coat, leaning on a crutch with his head and leg in bandages, spooky to say the least! When I looked back only moments later the figure was gone, but the burnt smell lingered. I've never been quite sure of exactly what I saw that day but I've always wondered.

posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 04:41 PM
After years of her bullying, aggression and general nastiness, I, with two colleagues, managed to get our concerns about our boss heArd by a (new) management team.
No other co worker would lodge official grievances; that's how nasty this woman was. She was asked not to come into work until investigations were completed.
We all felt she wouldn't relinquish power so easily, so when my line manager (D) mentioned that he had come into the office one Monday morning to find the urn overflowed, water all over the place, we suspected she had sneaked in to create a little havoc, send a little 'I still control you' message.
Only...we had all left together for the pub on Fri afternoon, and even if we had, for the first time in six years, forgotten to turn the urn off, by the time D came in early on Mon, the urn would have boiled dry, and would have tripped to stop it blowing up., with the wall switch still in the 'on' position. Instead, it was half full with water boiled over the work surfaces, the windows steamed with condensation, but, crucially, the urn switched off at the wall. Which means someone turned it on not long ago. Then switched it off and scarpered.
The staff room was also found with all lights blazing, that Mon morning. But I know that I turned them off myself, because the room is at the end of a long corridor, and, as I was faffing,my colleagues all left to wait by the lift and I had to negotiate down the dim and gloomy hallway. I distinctly recall that, because they heard me trip over something and laughed at me.
There were other small but distinct aspects of that Monday morning... A soft toy a Client had given me moved from wedged behind a shelf to sitting as though looking at the computer etc
So far, so not spooky. But we decided to catch her out, so called the security group that manage the buildings to see when she deactivated the alarm to sneak in to do all this, and when she activated it again. They told us no-one had entered the building since we left on Fri until D turned off the alarm early on Mon.
So all of what happened is physically impossible. There's no way the urn could be switched off at the wall but be boiled over and then switched off recently enough to leave condensation and flooding. No way the lights were on, without someone entering and triggering the alarm. Be too much of a coincidence that that morning a soft toy, which has not moved in four years, moves significantly.....a Tulpa?
Sorry for the length...

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