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Future Technology May Have Been Found!

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posted on Dec, 16 2004 @ 02:10 PM
I know I wrote this once before, but I'm back after Months of not being

on to tell you that a reporter named Jim Marrs, who is an inside reporter

working for himself to uncover many mysteries, has found something. A

few months ago he posted and article about an ancient technology that

we could use that the ancients could have used to move the pyramid

stones and use it for many other amazing things. HAVE A LOOK!

posted on Dec, 17 2004 @ 02:25 PM
very interesting! i would like to look more into it, but none the less, interesting! I dont know why people havn't replied yet? I've seen this post for a couple days, and NOTHING!!! You dont have to belive in it, just read it and tell what you think!!

posted on Dec, 18 2004 @ 01:50 AM
I agree with Travis T great story!

Iv'e read about this elixer of life or Manna.,And the alchemists who have been chasing this for hundreds of years. It is interesting to hear of the different applications this new element might have on interdimensional travel, and antigravity. I wonder if this is the ellusive element that was used by the Egyptions to build the pyramids?.

Jim marrs has written some great books over the years, everything from aliens to remote viewing, to secret societys.

posted on Dec, 18 2004 @ 02:08 AM
The first problem that I see, is that if this is a new element it would have to have a HEAVY atomic level. Considering this it would not rise as is claimed but would actuallly sink.

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