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Gamergate and Cyber Bullying

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posted on Feb, 14 2015 @ 10:54 PM
Bloody hell, is this REALLY the state of ATS these days?

5 pages of utter bollocks..

The majority of participants in this thread are horribly misinformed about this topic, including the OP. Though this isn't entirely surprising, given the relatively insignificant nature of this scandal, when compared to the machinations of the "real world" around us..

But, for god's sake, if you are to discuss a subject, it would be lovely if you could at least know a thing or two about it. Our mission is to Deny Ignorance...not wallow in it..

I'll be addressing posts, correcting errors, and setting the record straight.

This will take a considerable amount of time..

posted on Feb, 14 2015 @ 11:13 PM
a reply to: Daedalus

Biased "research" will always produce incorrect results.
Thus this thread and the wanton misrepresentation contained here in.

posted on Feb, 14 2015 @ 11:34 PM

originally posted by: darkbake
Gamergate is a group of people who think that feminists go too far in trying to shut down free speech in gaming. The feminists usually are pushing for anti-sexism in gaming, more woman lead roles, and things of that nature - they have a lot of complaints, to be sure., it's not that at all.

GamerGate is a "hashtag".....the underlying "movement" is rather amorphous. There is no central leadership, no official membership list, but it's goals are VERY specific, and clear; root out corruption in the video games journalism industry, and expose it to the light of day.. They aim to force these outlets and publications to adopt some kind of ethics, and integrity. They aim to force these outlets and publications to be accountable for their actions.

This has been a long time coming. For YEARS, there have been things happening around the industry, that have given gamers cause for concern...but nothing could really be proven. And then there was "The Zoe Post". With that, there was clear proof of cronyism....after the initial, and completely predictable internet drama, the adults got a look at it, and saw the real problem. The initial drama was dubbed the "quinnspiracy"...this didn't last long. After solid proof of an ethics issue was discovered, "GamerGate" was born. It has always been about the journalism....anyone who tells you any different, is lying to you.

Feminists Zoe Quinn, Brianna Wu and feminist culture critic Anita Sarkeesian were targeted by a series of mysoginistic online attacks under the hashtag #gamergate. These included Doxing, which means revealing personal information (including home addresses) of someone to the online community, death threats, mass shooting threats and the like.

Oh, i could go on for DAYS about why everything about this statement is wrong...but since neither of us have that kind of time, i'll give you the reader's digest version..

To my knowledge(it should be noted that i have done A LOT of research on this subject), NONE of the alleged threats have been dispatched under the GG banner.

Zoe Quinn is an indie game developer...if you can call the dreck she makes, actual games.. She claimed to be Doxxed, once, before GG started. The information that comprised this "dox", turned out to be utter trash. None of it was authentic information. i'm not going to get into details, because i plan to do that in response to another poster, and i do hate repeating myself.

Brianna Wu wasn't even on anyone's radar until she forced herself into this thing by deliberately antagonizing the or woman, that's never a smart thing to do. She alleges that she received death threats from GG, despite the GG tag having not been used, in connection to the comments. The response from the internet was entirely predictable...but then that was probably the desired result. She's making quite a lot of money from being a victim.. Again, more details know why..

Anita Sarkeezian has been catching s**t, for her idiotic assertions, and wrong-minded bulls**t, for YEARS.....this is nothing new for her. You're really only hearing about it now because she's latched onto the "GamerGate did it" narrative that's been spun. The most notable bit with her, recently, was her canceled USU appearance, due to the threat of a school shooting. Nowhere in the threat, did it mention GG, plus, the police determined the threat was not credible. She still cancelled, AND made 400 thousand dollars at the same time..not to mention the constant stream of sympathy money. It would appear that being a victim is quite a lucrative thing, indeed.....were i less scrupulous, i might try my hand at it...

Recently, Brianna Wu was targeted by someone named ParkourDude91 posting a video message of himself on YouTube wearing a skull mask and threatening to come to her house and kill her. He claims that he was a past victim of schizophrenia, but is now on medication. You can see this new video he posted online that is of him after he wrecked his car "street racing" on the "highway" on his way to murder Briana Wu in a drive-by shooting. If you watch the video, you can see the man is obviously a bit out of it.

yes, this moron is quite obviously either mentally unstable, or is trolling, for the "lulz"

anyone who takes this seriously, is a moron.

But one has to wonder, is everyone involved in the #Gamergate movement as crazy as this guy, or is he just making a bad name for the movement? Obviously he is crazy, and are feminists jumping on the opportunity to say "See? I told you men are out to get us" from this outlier?

you're getting warmer....yes, this fellow is either a lunatic, or a straight-up troll..

but it's much more than them simply using it to "prove" that men are out to get them....much more, indeed...

Here is an example of a feminist video that would likely invoke the attention of the Gamergate group. In fact, I think it already did, as I'm pretty sure I read about this lady getting death threats, too. I would watch it in order to get a sense of what Gamergate is fighting against - when you watch the video, do you think the lady is crazy or has some good points about gaming? She is talking about how women are treated as a damsel in distress in video games and criticizes such games as Mario.

As i said, Sarkeesian has been catching s**t for that video series for a long time....way before GG started. I'm sure there are some idiots who are just talking s**t, because she's a woman, and there are just some who are saying stupid things, for the sake of saying stupid things.....but i think the majority of people who disagree with her, do so, not because she is a woman, but because her ideas and assertions are insanely idiotic, and dishonest.

posted on Feb, 14 2015 @ 11:47 PM

originally posted by: darkbake

So after watching that video, what do you think? Is Gamergate a legitimate group of people with a legitimate viewpoint that video games should be left alone? Are a few crazy people making a bad name for the movement? Or is the movement a bunch of backwards thugs?

This isn't even their god man, did you do ANY research, before making this thread?

Are the feminists off their rocker by pointing out what they consider to be offensive video games like Mario Bros.? Or do they have legitimate points?

Feminists are not "off their rocker"....actual feminists are just after equality, which is a concept i agree with, and though, i think they actually already have equality, i'm sure there is still some room for debate...but this is neither here, nor there. it is not germane to the discussion....feminists are fine, it's radical third-wave extremists, that are the problem....them, and the "social justice warriors", who want to reshape the world to fit THEIR particular brand of crazy...who want to inject, among other things, gender politics, into video games....THOSE people are certifiable....but they're not even what GG is about. They're just using it as an excuse to push their agendas, and their propaganda....they're twisting things, to make it about them, because it's to the advantage of certain others, to have this happen. I'll go into more detail about that later..

What is the verdict on cyber bullying and death threats made online? Do people take them too seriously? Or are they something that should be regulated? Should there be punishments for someone who makes online threats or does cyber bullying? What about with kids? In the U.K. there has been a recent movement to censor the internet in this regard

Bullying of any kind isn't really acceptable. However, "Cyber-bullying" is bulls**t. If people are saying mean things to you, on the internet, you can always hit "ignore". People saying mean things to you on the internet, and sending you scary tweets isn't bullying...getting your ass kicked on a daily basis, because you prefer video games over sport, is bullying....getting your ass kicked every day, because you don't dress like everyone else, is bullying....being publicly ridiculed, harassed, intimidated, and humiliated, daily, because you're weaker than the person doing it...that's bullying. i think all the people making a big deal over people saying mean things to them over the internet, and sending them scary tweets, are drama queens, and attention whores.....people should stop giving them attention...this goes double for the s**thead trolls doing the "cyber bullying".

posted on Feb, 14 2015 @ 11:54 PM

originally posted by: HomerinNC
To me, gamergate is a bunch of pathetic virgins living in mommy's basement that are pissed that they cant find a girl, and theonly girl they will EVER get is their right hand, or have to PAY for one

I'm incredibly disappointed in you. I've been here a long time...i've seen quite a lot of your writings, and I honestly can't remember you saying anything THIS ignorant before.. for shame...

GamerGate is made up of regular gamers, like me, who want to see games journalists held to account, when they do things that are, with respect to their profession, unethical, or inappropriate.

I am honestly at a loss for words right now...i cannot find the words to describe not only how, but why, what you have said here is so infuriatingly stupid.

i only hope that you will engage me, so that i might show you the error of yours ways.

posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 12:03 AM
you're mostly on the money...however you made a few small mistakes..

originally posted by: Awolscout
What about Bayonetta? One of the biggest topics for people to look at and say oh yeah clearly sexist and designed by a man except it wasn't. Made for women by women. But what is sex positive feminism? A joke to Sarkeesian, Wu, Quinn, etc.

Quinn is just riding the victim gravy train....and so is Wu. Sarkeesian is the only one going on about women's representation in games...and she's been doing that for a while now...but now she's using GG to push it extra hard, because "never let a good crisis go to waste".

Actually instead of Sarkeesian I should've said McIntosh since she's just a mouthpiece for his words. Because he has an agenda to push.

The jury's still out on that one. I know the popular theory is that she's nothing but a puppet, reading FullMcIntosh's script, but if you pay closer attention, you'll see that they co-write the "tropes vs women in video games" series.

posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 12:09 AM
As a female gamer, give us more eye candy. We get totally cheated. Guys get all the eye candy and we get scraps at best. LOL at the guy in the video. Trust me, if this was for real, he wouldn't be walking the streets.

posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 12:16 AM

originally posted by: Shamrock6
To deny that gamergate contains elements of gender ignores what has happened in gamergate. Part of (most of) the reason Quinn got involved is because it was alleged that she was sleeping with the guy reviewing her game.

Incorrect. Quinn had nothing to do with "GamerGate", outside of her relationship with Nathan Grayson. Quinn, and her indiscretions were the focus of the "quinnspiracy"..but as i said earlier; once the adults got a look at the information, made the connection between Nathan Grayson, Gawker Media, and RPS, "GamerGate" was born....this continuing scandal is, and always has been, about ethics in games journalism. I have a theory with regards to the harassment, but i'll go into that later. Spoiler: nothing is as it seems..

And that article is written by a gent who goes into a "gamergate for dummies" explanation, and focuses on journalistic integrity rather than how it's solely about Quinn sleeping around, pixelated boobs, etc.

There is language in that article, by the by.

ETA - Much like threads on ATS can start out as one thing and end up talking about something only somewhat related, it happens in real life too. I can't remember the last time I saw a thread on ATS that was about one topic and one topic only, the entire way through. #GG isn't any different.

Again, completely wrong.

And it really pisses me off that you link to an article on Gawker...they're one of the outfits at the center of this thing. It's a bit like asking a drug addict if he thinks he has a problem with drugs....Gawker, and others, are doing their best to divert attention away from themselves, and spin this bulls**t narrative, that GG is evil....
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posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 12:38 AM

originally posted by: thekaboose
ALSO the whole game dev's jumping into to bed with critics, so what? Im sorry but if you have to base your judgement on buying a game purely on what someone else suggests then you need a slap (Please note this view comes from someone who would buy mag's to get floppy disk demo's of a game to try it out before buying so... 1/3 of the game played before wanting to play the rest or going - nope dont like it).


so what? are you mental?

So you see no issue with games journalists using their status as a trusted advisor to gamers, to promote the products of their friends and people they're banging? This is what's known as a conflict of interest. This is a lack of journalistic integrity, and ethics. These people are advising gamers on how best to spend their money...Jesus Christ, man, get a grip on it..

Only one thing worse then GG... thats the gaming community over all.... 90% of them foul mouthed, small minded "humans" spouting "I hope you get" the big C at people, shouting racist gibberish down microphones (I hear its worse on the xbox and ps networks)... I remember playing the original CS in beta... at most you would be called a d*ck followed by a bit of swearing then you carried on...

Now these little trolls...

Worse than gamergate....right, because CLEARLY, you've got a handle on what THAT'S all about -rolls eyes-
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posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 12:41 AM
a reply to: Krazysh0t

No, because it's still ongoing.

As long as an entire cultural demographic is being defamed, so that the games journalism industry can try to hide from their sins, while still committing them, this will continue.

It will continue until they get their houses in order, and prove they can be trusted again.

posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 12:47 AM
a reply to: stosh64

I'd go off on you for this...but you've since corrected yourself.

That said, i'm sure you have hobbies, yes?

Gamers are people who's primary hobby is playing video games. I fit squarely into this category, as do MILLION of people, all over the world. I'm sure if someone insulted you, your hobby, and tried to make you out to be part of some hate group, just because you enjoy reading books, or whatever....I'm pretty sure you'd be insulted, and be willing to push back against that..

Yes, there are other things happening in the world, and I completely agree, that, relatively speaking, they are FAR more pressing than this...but this is all related to the much larger issues we face. If the people can successfully combat THIS journalistic corruption, then maybe the people have a chance of combating MSM corruption. It's a pie in the sky idea, i know, but maybe it's possible...

posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 12:54 AM

originally posted by: boohoo
I think Quinn and Sarkeesian have managed to carve out a nice niche for themselves, getting paid for their opinion, without having to published peer reviewed work, nor conduct any real research. Its astounds me that they have found a way to make themselves relevant in an industry that they never worked in.

I believe you are a bit confused....

Quinn is an indie dev. However she makes, really, she's barely a dev..

However, Gamergate is equally as useless. If they REALLY wanted to push back at people like Quinn and Sarkeesian all they really need to do is start a PAC (Political action committee) like all the big corps do. With the right amount of money and political support they could makes all these women's influence vanish overnight, by nitpicking their power through incremental legislation. BUT that requires real leadership and an actual long term strategy. Without that these women's influence will grow unchecked, due to not having a legitimate organization opposing their feminist position. Gamergate has to do EXACTLY what the NRA did when they formed the "Political Victory Fund" PAC. Not doing so means the Gamergate movement and opinion is meaningless. However, I think this is to complex and strategic for these people to implement.

Except it's nothing to do with "these women's influence"'s to do with ethics and integrity in games journalism.

I suspect that these videogame feminists are being financially supports by a group with deep pockets because as we all know, a big company can put anyone "out of business" these days by issuing endless IP takedown claims, cease and desist orders and frivolous court actions used to drain the recipient of money needed to pay for legal representation. In fact, I'm actually surprised that Video Publishers and designer haven't formed a PAC already to protect their political interests and counter dissent. Are videogame company executives short sighted buffoons too?

Why would they need some shadowy group funding their idiocy, when they can just cry "i'm under attack", and it starts raining sympathy dollars? Additionally, why would they need protection? they've managed to con the MSM into doing that for them.....nobody dares question them, because then they get branded "gamergaters", and misogynists.....political correctness will be the death of this mark my words...

posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 12:55 AM
a reply to: Aldakoopa

actually, the Anti-GG people already tried that crap....which is where #NotYourShield came from...

posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 01:43 AM
a reply to: amazing

After reading your posts in this thread, I can only conclude that you are either WOEFULLY misinformed, stupid, or a dangerous combination of the two.. Of course the possibility also exists, that you are some kind of shill for the "Social Justice" movement...if that's the case, then I'll say this: "It's not social justice, if you become the new bully"

Given how utterly wrong your contributions to this thread have been thus far, i have decided i should like to devote as few posts as possible to assressing them. To that end, i shall be condensing them into as few posts as space allows for.

originally posted by: amazing
I would say this: Gamergate started off as some whiny little guy who was upset that he lost his girlfriend. Instead of being a mature adult about it he spewed it all over the internet for everyone to see. Private business should be private business.

-sigh- I'm probably going to regret this...

Wrong, right out of the gate....

By his own admission, Gjoni was the one who ended the relationship...not the other way around. While i will agree that his tell-all blog post was in poor taste, it provided people with a starting point....actual proof of journalistic impropriety.

Also, no, this isn't how GamerGate started....this is how the "quinnspiracy" started....which was mostly about "lol zoe's a slut". once the adults entered the room and took a look..well, that was the game changer..

Nobody cares about Zoe Quinn. Nobody cares that she banged five guys. She can do as she likes, she can bang as many dudes as she wants, it's nobody's business...that's boring tabloid crap....plebeian dreck.. it's who those 5 guys THAT'S opens up all kinds of cans..

Then Gamergate formed. Forget that fact that putting the world "Gate" after everything makes you look like a retard...because then it became an attack on Feminists in Gaming or really any woman that had an opinion that these little gamergate morons didn't agree with.

I'll agree, putting the suffix -gate on the end of every goddamn thing under the sun is SO annoying...

However, it is strangely appropriate this time. We have a scandal regarding corruption in journalism, coverups, dirty tricks, manufactured narratives, wholesale defamation, and politics.....for once, it wasn't a completely incorrect comparison...

So where exactly did it become an attack on women? I'm still not seeing that, and you've failed to provide anything other than your opinion, yet you assert it as if it's fact. would you care to provide some citations, and sources?

Many will argue that it's about ethics, but that's like saying you wanted to Join the KKK for the cool hats and robes and you aren't a racist. LOL

This is the most idiotic thing i've seen said in this whole thread.....this comparison is completely wrong, and is just libelous and mind-numbingly ignorant..

Form another hashtag and movement if you feel like you really need to address ethics in gaming....and let's all not forget that the word hashtag is also retarded. It's a pound sign for gods sake! ...and we used to just call those things tags until some retard decided it would be better to add another syllable?? What?

Yeah, "hashtag" is kinda dumb...

#GamerGate was started to address the whole ethics in journalism thing...that's what it's about, it's what it's ALWAYS been about....i'd love to know where you get your information from..

I stand in solidarity with anyone that is getting bullied anywhere no matter what. The three ladies mentioned in the OP have a right to express any opinion they want. free speech...they do not take their opinions to a hate/threat level and should expect the same in return.

Oh really?

We've got Anita Sarkeesian, who's been saying for a very long time now, that video games impact how women are perceived and treated, in the real world, she's blaming ALL of the flak she's been catching for the last 6 months, on GG, instead of the people who have always been heckling her, and she likes to blame school shootings on f**king patriarchy...

We've got Brianna Wu, who DELIBERATELY made herself a target by ridiculing people....can't imagine why people are shouting her down...before GG, she was just being ridiculed for making a game people didn't like. Now she makes media appearances, and tweets her head off about how she's under attack, and how GG is a hate group...even though there's no proof that anyone actually affiliated with GG has engaged in the sort of conduct that she's describing.

And then there's poor Zoe Quinn...someone who made a rubbish game, submitted it to steam greenlight, got made fun of, didn't get greenlit, then made up a story about how she was harassed, doxxed, and received lewd phone calls....she re-submits her game, after spinning this tale, and BAM, greenlit in no time....then there was "The Zoe Post", and the "quinnspiracy", and then GamerGate, after people with brains spotted the journalism problem. Nobody cares about Zoe anymore...GG isn't about her, and it never was...the only reason anyone even talks about Zoe anymore, is because of people like you, who keep asserting that it's all about her.

So much wrong with this. like why aren't the police taking these threats seriously? Why do people still support gamergate when it's morphed into a terrorist/violent/anti female rights group.

Because it hasn't morphed into a "terrorist/violent/anti female rights group"...again, i'd love to know where you get your information from...

And last i checked, the police were taking all the credible threats seriously. Hell, the goddamn FBI is much more serious would you like it to be taken?

Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, or Brianna Wu are welcome in my Dojo anytime. I got your back.

i appreciate the sentiment, but clearly, you've drank the kool-aid..

Can't stand cave man, terrorists who post online death threats to people they don't agree with. Let's put a stop to online domestic terrorists, shall we?

let's put a stop to rampant idiotic hyperbole, shall we?

morons who say stupid things on the internet are not terrorists....i'm so sick of that word being overused, as it's almost as irritating as people pasting the suffix -gate to everything....

And I'll say it again...saying that all gamergaters aren't terrorist hate mongering anti woman cavemen is like saying that you wanted to join the KKK because you like the cool hats and robes. That doesn't cut it.

That analogy wasn't any LESS idiotic the second time around....get informed, yes?

originally posted by: amazing
It's the death threats, the Doxxing, the rape threats, the horribly hateful comments. That's what's wrong with the gamergaters...that and they put Gate at the end of their word. That and the incessant whining. "poor us" ...that and they seem to want women to keep quiet, stay barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. "silly women, you can't have an're women for gods sake!"

Do you read this crap, before hitting "reply"? I mean, seriously....

cont. next post

posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 02:13 AM
cont. from last

originally posted by: amazing
True, but let's break it down and focus on one issue at a time. Is Gamergate an obnoxious group that threatens rape and death? Yes. So.

Actually, it's not. You're very clearly misinformed.

originally posted by: amazing
Yeah but as a well adjusted male, I don't have any of those problems. I can still play dead or alive and Halo...I got no problems. If women want to state their opinions, then they should be able to do so without threat of death and rape and doxxing and all the hateful online comments.

Why the fear of empowered women? Why the fear of women expressing their opinions?

And nobody's saying they can't state their's when they assert them as fact, and then LIE, in order to defame an entire cultural demographic....well, that's a problem...

Expressing an opinion is fine. Lying isn't.

And again, where is your proof that GG is responsible for this vile conduct?

While i'm sure there are still people with outdated notions of what a woman's role in the world is, they're not even close to being representative of GG...there are fringe loonies in any large group of people. Hell, look at ATS..

originally posted by: amazing
It can happen to anyone, I agree, but this thread was about gamergate and the rape threats they make against women. Let's tackle one backwards hate group at a time. There's a whole list, but one thing at a time, my friend, one thing at a time. On this thread, the hate group, gamergate is first on the list.

lol, you really like your baseless assertions, and hyperbole, don't you?

funny thing is, reading your come off as so much more hateful than any GamerGater i've ever talked to...

originally posted by: amazing
Most of the fire is being fueled by the gamergaters...Show me where Quinn or anyone else has threated to rape or kill anyone.

Show me where GG has...

Again. Women are allowed to speak out on any topic they want...if they want more games geared towards their ideal, they should push for it. Games are all about money. There will always be games for the male dominated market with male main characters, machismo, killing, death and women with big boobs...Because those games will always make money. gamergaters need not worry, if a few women want to speak out against them, etc.

Funny thing is that you're mistaking the silly words of a VERY small minority, for the will of an entire gender.....which is the desired result.

the Outrage from gamergaters is out of context, out of control, sexist, hateful and bullying. No need for it.

Examples, please.

Stay far away from's become toxic.

"toxic"...classic "go-to" SJW buzzword. I'd rather people actually did the research, and learned all on their own that you're completely wrong.

By defending gamergaters you are showing that you don't like women that speak out or have their own opinions. The question becomes...what are you afraid of? Would you be one of the ones that voted against the right for women to vote all those decades ago?

This is pure crap. It's like you read from the SJW book of talking points, and you're just wholesale nicking them..

originally posted by: amazing
I agree with you. Whatever the original issue was...the pretext of collusion and ethics in reviews more games for women's all kind of smashed together depending on who you talk's now become a hate filled cesspool.

In your opinion....if you're going to state it as a fact, you need to provide backing.

What needs to happen? If you really want to talk about ethics and all of that other crap, do in under a different flag or pretext and stay away from gamergate.

Why, because YOU think GG is "toxic"?

GG was created because of the ethics scandal.

eitherway...they online bullying needs to stop...It doesn't matter if anyone fuels the fire from any side...there is still no excuse for sexist, hate-fueled, threats and posturing.

There's a real easy way to stop that...ignore them.

Once people stop feeding the trolls, they'll get bored, and move on.

originally posted by: amazing
No totally not the same. Not at all.

It's like joining the Klan because you like the hood and robes, you'd still be a racist. Joining Gamergate because you like the stance on ethics is the same. Gamergate is nothing but online bullies and rapists that hate women. That's pretty simple.

That's the third time you've used that idiotic comparison. It's not getting any less idiotic. If you put as much effort into actual research, as you do trying to paint GG as a hate group, maybe you'd have something intelligent to contribute to the conversation....

I've also noticed a you progress through this thread, your posts become more hyperbolic, and downright libelous... calling people rapists, with no proof.... what the hell is wrong with you?

Nothing Ironic. Gamers jumped on gamergate because they want their women to keep their mouths shut, and remain barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

lol. Now you're just making me laugh. Are you maybe projecting? Thou doth protest too much, i think...

Or do you really believe this crap? If so, i feel bad for you..

Mark Twain said "It's easier to fool people, than to convince them they've been fooled". Boy, he wasn't kidding.

Let's not forget how it started, with one guy whining about his girlfriend breaking up with him, cheating on him and he spewed it all over the internet publicly. Then it became a hate filled rage against women game developers and reviewers.

Again, if you would actually research this stuff....

By his own admission, Gjoni is the one who ended the relationship, not the other way around. You keep repeating the same lies, and really need to stop.

originally posted by: amazing
The bigger point is still missed. We know that Feminists are about equal rights and treatment of women. It started that way.

Gamergate has always been about whiny men that feel threatened by women, because they dared to have an opinion.

Yes, actual feminists are about gender equality. These radical nutjob extremists from the third-wave are about female supremacy, and misandry. Again, it's not social justice, if you become the new bully..

And again, you completely mischaracterize either don't know anything about it, only know what the media tells you, or you're some kind of shill for the "social justice" movement, here to propagandize're doing an awful job, by the way..

originally posted by: amazing
Yes so private relationship issues going public. One woman and that's just his side. Again, that's how this started. A guy who couldn't move on after his GF left him. That's pretty much it. And you want to be a part of that. Forget how retarded it is to have the world Gate inthe movements name. You do realize that watergate was an actual name of a place.'re like a broken record of talking points....

cont. next post

posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 02:24 AM
cont. from last

originally posted by: amazing
No matter how much you defend it, gamergate has become a haven for men who hate women and are violently opposed to any woman that has a feminist opinion.

And your proof is....where, exactly?

It's become a haven for bullies.


I'll make the analogy again.

Oh god, please don't....three times was enough, don't you think?

If you want to join the KKK for the cool robes and hoods, that's fine, but you're still a racist. That's what the KKK is.


If you want to join gamergate because you want better ethics in gaming, that's fine, but you're still a misogynist.
Start another group or movement. Stop threatening to rape Zoe Quinn. It's like joining ISIS because your a muslim. No...that doesn't cut it.

And now it's ISIS..holy s**t.....seriously, you're regurgitating EVERY talking point from EVERY bulls**t anti-GG article out there....

I'm having a hard time telling if you actually WROTE the bulk of the rationalwiki GG entry, or if you've just memorized it...

originally posted by: amazing
Sort of, but you're missing the point. The Nazi's made some amazing scientific breakthroughs and research. Would you declare yourself a NAZI because you like the science? I would hope not.

It's funny that you mention nazis...because you're actually employing one of their propaganda techniques...

It's called the big lie Goebbels accused the English of using it, during WWII, and Hitler makes mention of it in his book; "Mein Kampf". Boiled down to it's most basic form, the technique goes something like this: "Make the lie big, make it simple, repeat it often, and eventually people will believe it"

It's a very effective technique, and has even been used by the Federal Government, and the MSM, to propagandize the American's why, to this day, there are still people who believe that Iraq had something to do with 9/11, despite the claim having been proven absolutely false.

Gamergate has brought to light some seriously important issues regarding ethics in gaming journalism, but when it's the same problem with becoming a NAZI, it's all the other stuff that it stands for that is wrong. The rape threats, the death threats, the misogyny, the fierce push back against women that have the nerve to write about sexism in games. I like violent games, but I have a problem with beating up female prostitutes in GTA, and even though I love to play it, I can't argue that dead and alive is sexist. Women should be allowed to voice their opinion.

this is another talking point....conflating the actions of internet trolls, with those of GG, with no really need to think for yourself, mate..

Start a new hashtag..preferably one without the retarded "gate" at the end and stop harrassing women for voicing opinions.

GG isn't harassing women for voicing opinions.

No one deserves rape, and death threats.

Finally, something we agree on....maybe there's hope for you after all...
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posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 02:25 AM
a reply to: ketsuko

oh, c'mon man....that game was a complete piece of crap, lol

posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 02:28 AM
a reply to: Eunuchorn


Rule number one of the internet: Don't feed the trolls.

They've been around since the beginning....they're nothing new.

posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 02:31 AM
a reply to: jheated5

I don't think it's too much to ask.....I play games to have fun. I play them, to be entertained, and to escape from the insanity around me for a few hours...this push to inject gender politics into my hobby, is not something I appreciate.

I also don't appreciate the corruption in the games journalism industry...

posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 02:33 AM
a reply to: boohoo

I read your post. It was bollocks.

You misunderstand the situation, the players, the agenda, and pretty much everything else about this...

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