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R.I.P. Jerry "Tark The Shark" Tarkanian

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posted on Feb, 12 2015 @ 04:32 AM
Last years Little League Series was, IMO, only the second time Las Vegas was ever taken seriously. I was born here quite a few moons ago, grew up here, so when I tell you that that day in 1990 when the Runnin' Rebels won the championship and this town went into a frenzy unlike any I've ever seen before or since while living here, I do mean that. And it was all because of Tark The Shark.

It was said earlier on ESPN that he built the program from the dirt. It's true. The only sense of identity I've ever had with my hometown was that run to win the championship that year and the next years failed run at it. I very much dislike Las Vegas, for not having a identity, any sense of community, but Tark brought us all together one night.

I experienced that love, of town, of the people here, I felt a part of something. I was 23 when that happened. It took that long, and something that stupendous to happen. I didn't get married that night, I didn't have a child, but it was still one of the most important events in my lousy life. I thank you for that, Tark.

For all his faults, and he was by no means perfect, he gave me a night I will never forget. I got pulled onto the dance floor with a cheerleader from high school that night(like that would ever happen in high school), I saw this town erupt in a celebration unlike any this town will ever see again, and that's a memory that can never be taken from me. Thank you, Tark, it was a hell of a ride.
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