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Unidentifed flying object recorded in Lima

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posted on Feb, 26 2015 @ 04:34 PM
It's unfortunately common on this site for people to be stubborn and refuse to give up their beliefs even in the face of compelling evidence to the contrary. Because it's a little bit thrilling to think that there could be something weird and unexplainable out there. And finding out that the weird/unexplainable thing is something fairly mundane is certainly a major buzzkill.

But you got to suck it up. If you really care, and aren't just trolling, you have to admit to getting carried away with the initial evidence and being wrong. Nobody here is going to judge you. We're all trying to figure things out.

posted on Feb, 26 2015 @ 04:59 PM
a reply to: Blue Shift

We're all trying to figure things out.

Ain't that the truth. My thing lately has been trying to undestand how rare weather occurences might be responsible for these sorts of sightings. Heck, I'm not even sure if they are "rare" (anomalous propogations), I just repeat it because evryone else calls them rare.

The kite 'evidence" is strong, especially with the corroboration found in the video from the Netherlands, but my personal bias has been mightily influenced by my focus on the weather/anomprop stuff.

I keep seeing a patch of ionised air, and after reading this from member roarrachel...

It was unbelievably WINDY that day, extremely so by Lima standards.

My brother commented that his windows were rattling like he's never seen them do before.

...I'm really seeing a patch of ionised air. Here's why:

The troposphere is the seat of powerful processes which originate separation of electric charges. Thunder clouds give rise to a huge vertical separation of charges. But also known is a different electrification mechanism activated by wind, which allows for horizontal separation of charges.

In favourable conditions, when charges are displaced at long distances, image charges appear in the ionspheric plasma and an upward electric field is originated which makes the ionosphere boundary unstable. If this occurs, recombination of displaced charges involves ionosphere conductivity and gives rise to a downward electron stream ejected from the bottom of the ionosphere.

It may produce a peculiar airglow phenomenon, which consists of the emission of light in a narrow region lying at stratospheric or mesospheric altitudes. This outcome of the electrification process just mentioned shows a close connection with a special class of «UFO» sightings, that is, those referred to by J. Hynek as «nocturnal light» and which consist of bright specks of light moving in the night sky.

On the instability of ionospheric plasma originated by charge separations in the troposphere. The «UFO» phenomenon mechanism

The "ionospheric image charges" can theoretically reach down in to the troposphere and create lights that can be seen by people.

The most modern government-funded study on UFOs, Project Condign, cites that paper (The Brovetto/Maxia Paper) as revealing one of amongst several natural phenomenon that science is just beginning to understand over the last 20 years that have contributed to what people currently experience as the "UFO Phenomenon", now usually called UAPs.

I realize this is a stretch, especially considering the fact that it was seen during the day, but hey: if you Google "Miraflores UFO" there's hardly a break in the entries involving an extraterrestrial explanation for the lights, so I don't feel all that bad about my very terrestrial weather-oriented entry here on ATS.

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