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I'm From South Africa And We Are Facing An Imminent National Power Grid Full Shutdown...

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posted on Feb, 10 2015 @ 08:16 PM
All the more reason to get out of there, if you have any "European Heritage".
I had recently seen that movie with John Malkovich as a lead......."Disgrace".
Is that really the way things are over there?

posted on Feb, 10 2015 @ 08:36 PM
a reply to: gort51
Well the farm attacks are certainly a reality.
So are attacks by criminals in people's homes.
The fear of crime is quite pervasive, and I live in the least affected province not run by the ANC.
On Sunday, for example, robbers came into a shopping center I frequent and robbed a family restaurant.
Nowhere is safe really.
I know poor black people in townships have it even worse, and fear every morning they take public transport.

Often I watch US horror movies where the zombies or psychos enter a property or house, and I think to myself that such a plot-line would never work here, because our houses and neighborhoods are already like fortresses.

Then we have mob-justice in the townships.
One can Google it all.
Anarchy really.

posted on Feb, 10 2015 @ 09:09 PM
Although I've decided to distance myself from ATS,I still read the site at least once a day to keep up with world affairs-however the magnitude of the idiotic stupidity your post displays could not be ignored by me,lest I pop a vein in my head.

In the First place-if you are American-the Last thing you should be opening your retarded trap about,is the subject of "indigenous people" If I were You,I would be too ashamed to touch That subject with a barge pole-in fact,I'd go out of my way to avoid it.How about the Native Americans rise up and slaughter You and your family for the wrongdoings of your forefathers? Why not? Smells like poetic justice to me..

So we move on to the "indigenous people" whom I assume,you mean,are South Africa's black population.The ruling ANC party is at the helm of the goverrnment,it IS the government.So you see,the indigenous people Are the ones in power,and has been for 20 years.

Their policy of unbridled affirmative action,and the expulsion of qualified and experienced white people,to make way for untrained and usually inexperienced,Far less qualified non-whites+ corruption on a level the Apartheid government could not even have begun to imagine-has brought SA to where it is today,with everything falling apart at the seams.

Oh and I Know!! I am an evil racist for saying this! Please,no need to remind if I could give 2 tosses-the truth is the truth and always shall be so.

And another thing-lay off the doomporn for heaven's sake-why would any blacks with the desire to murder whites wait for the electrical grid to go down? As Ketsuko pointed out in her link-the murderous hateful ones among the black population has been chipping away merrilly at the white population-in broad daylight,at least half of the time,if not more.

And again,accuse me falsely of beimg a racist for telling the truth-ANY black person who after 2 decades Still will fall for Zuma(or anyone else's ) joke that the current problems are the white man's fault,really and truly is Wilfully being a baboon!! I mean,Really? ORLY???

Here's a truth very few people on this site,South African or otherwise,will have the guts to tell you,and I say it because I really don't give a # if I get banned or not,I honestly don't-IF ESCOM and the ANC WERE NOT IN SUCH A FEVERISH RUSH TO GET RID OF HIGHLY EXPERIENCED WHITE WORKERS-we in SA,of all races,would NOT be stuck with a problem of this catastrophic magnitude right now..the evil white man built this country's infrastructure so well it took the ANC 20 YEARS to FUBAR it.

Btw,the fact that you got stars at all,totally beggars belief.a reply to: NthOther

posted on Feb, 10 2015 @ 09:26 PM

We could be without power for up to four weeks in a nation where the majority of our indigenous population still live in townships which are basically glorified squatter camps and they are waiting for a chance (I think) to do to us what happened in Zimbabwe.

What gives rise to this bigoted thought?

I like what another member stated:

I thought the indigenous people had control of the government now or is that incorrect? When Apartheid ended people who had long held government positions were put out in the streets and replaced. Many whites now live in squatter camps too so I don't think the situation is quite what everyone is painting it here.

posted on Feb, 10 2015 @ 09:31 PM
Its just the power station shutting down for awhile. What can go wrong? Geeze. Everyone freaking out without power now a days. I suggest stock up on survival lighting kits like flashlights.

posted on Feb, 10 2015 @ 11:20 PM
a reply to: makemap

Our electricity supplier who art in eskom, powerless be thy name. Thy kingdom badly run, thy power undone, in joburg as it is in KZN. Give us this day, our half baked bread, and forgive our trespassers who shoot us dead. Lead us not into a dark nation but deliver us from load shedding. For thine have no kingdom, no power and no electricity, amen

posted on Feb, 10 2015 @ 11:41 PM
a reply to: Involutionist

You don't understand that our crime rate, especially violent hate related crimes are among the highest in the world right now with the lights on! What do you think will happen when the lights go off - even after one week? The black people in my country are still very oppressed because there are too many of them. Hundreds of thousands of them are unemployed or earning under min wage or sporadic incomes. They are basicly good hearted people, look at Mandela but some of them with starving families may become desperate, remember no running water or sanitation, no light, no food, people become desperate. Gas for generators eventually run out too as gas pumps don't work without electricity. Itt just takes a few criminals to go back to the squatter camp\township\locations and to tell his friends how easy it was to break into a hous with no alarm or lights then they will all be trying to do it.

Or has human nature changed? Remamber Nelson Mandela is dead and he is the only reason the peach has lasted so long in respect of his memory. I wonder if that respect of his memory will be enough to save South Africa from a Zimbabwe style take over if the lights go out for a few weeks?

They won't kill me because I'm white, they will kill me because I'm in their way of robbing me blind. Do you think they won't steel my TV just cause the lights are off?

The hate comes when some of them kill me and enjoy it, some people just like to kill. We have thousands of these Zulu warriors on our stoep. They get trained from birth (even today in South Africa) in their traditions which includes spear, shield and knobkerrie use.

I'm not a biggot but I do live in SA.

posted on Feb, 10 2015 @ 11:57 PM

i ran across a video on this subject a couple years ago and noted that it seemed like genocide, sanctioned by the state, like a killing machine - starve the people, blame it on white farmers, the farmers are killed, the land goes fallow or is sold to a corporation that doesn't use it to grow food, so now there's even less food, blame it on the white people, rinse wash repeat. you folks need to get out of there.

posted on Feb, 11 2015 @ 12:07 AM
sounds like tire necklaces might be making come back.

posted on Feb, 11 2015 @ 12:07 AM
a reply to: xuenchen

President Jacob Juma will deliver South Africas state of the nation address tomorro 12Feb hopeing to hear an outline on the whole Eskom power crisis thing. Stay tuned.

posted on Feb, 11 2015 @ 12:20 AM

originally posted by: HD3DSURROUNDSOUND
a reply to: xuenchen

President Jacob Juma will deliver South Africas state of the nation address tomorro 12Feb hopeing to hear an outline on the whole Eskom power crisis thing. Stay tuned.


Hope you are able to post at that time, barring any mass power failures during the speech.

posted on Feb, 11 2015 @ 12:22 AM
I am praying for you, keep faith!
God bless you!!

posted on Feb, 11 2015 @ 12:57 AM
I had to step in and give my 2 cents. In my large town we have not had a single instance of load shedding. It seems that municipalities who pay their debt are spared.

However, I work in the information and communication industry and we have com towers all over South Africa. The irony is that the towers that are off the grid are the ones staying up, but the ones that are on the the grid are going down. Backup batteries systems are installed, but they have limits. We have to increase spending to get these site stable all the while we are losing business.

On the issue of politics in South Africa, yes, there are loads of issues and I am sorry to say, whites do think they are targeted. However, it is everybody that is affected by crime. The UK has a higher violent crime rate than us. And no, I would not go to the US or any Western country to escape South Africa. This is my home. And anyways, the West is not going to be that better off than us for long. Just look at the US's debt, what is it now? $18 trillion? I have freedom here, much more than I will have any place else.

This is my view of it all, no doom porn, no uhuru,no civil war. This is South Africa, a place where only the strong will make it. The rest will keep on blaming others.

posted on Feb, 11 2015 @ 01:00 AM
Here is a fun look at life in 2016 in South Africa without power.

posted on Feb, 11 2015 @ 01:15 AM

The black people in my country are still very oppressed because there are too many of them. Hundreds of thousands of them are unemployed or earning under min wage or sporadic incomes. They are basicly good hearted people look at Mandela but some of them with starving families may become desperate, remember no running water or sanitation, no light, no food, people become desperate

That is the problem right there. Instead seeing S.A as one nation/ one people - there is exist division in your mind centred around race. Your words above clearly emphasize this abstract thinking. Also, you acknowledged: some of them with starving families may become desperate - no running water or sanitation, no light, no food, people become desperate

If they are starving; they are already desperate. Yes, perhaps, the lights being off might stifle some inhibitions and cause those who are suffering to embrace their inherent will to survive on a greater scale. But, maybe this potential would not arise if all were seen as one and not oppressed as you stated. I do understand you are not a policy maker, nor are you responsible for the plight of others and as a family person want to protect yourself and your loved ones regardless. After all, why should you and your loved ones pay the price for the social disparities the government has created?

I wish you, your loved ones, and all people of S.A much peace and safety.

Btw, I have been to S.A many times. Beautiful land filled with beautiful people of all race, creed, and religion everywhere.

posted on Feb, 11 2015 @ 01:29 AM
a reply to: Raxoxane

So basically what you are saying is you want to move to another country?

Jamaica is beautiful! I highly recommend it for you.

posted on Feb, 11 2015 @ 05:02 AM

That totally sucks! I have property my property in (Zimbali), Ballito, Kwa-Zulu....although, I'm in the states currently, I've heard of the outages. I think by now it has been corrected, no?

Really, there's no reason to slander an up and coming's not going to get your situation fixed any sooner and by the way, how are you accessing ATS right now anyway if you have no electric (or did I misunderstand your complaint)????? They're doing the best they can. They were left with crap and so crap is what you're getting. It's extremely unfortunate but it is what it is. Give them time to fix it if it's still out (which I'm sure it wasn't when you posted this.)

Maybe get there and see what the issue is and offer some support, that may help. Maybe not, I don't know as I'm not there...I'm just a landlord...but we haven't had any problems and if we did, we'll just deal with the ever changing South African government. I'm looking forward to the changes. Because what existed before was DAM NEAR slavery. The new is much better, I guess it depends on which side of the tracks you hail from. Obviously, I'm from the west with half my roots in S.A., I want to see them succeed. Maybe if you're from somewhere else, it all just exacerbates the worst. I don't know and I don't care. Let them fix the system. If you don't like the system either help them improve it, be patient or just leave. Either way, the rest of us will be happy.

Let them work and do what they have to do...give them a chance or get out and move for your personal comforts.

I'm not flagging or giving you a star! How long have you lived in South Africa? Your whole life I hope not, with all your complaints!!!!! The problem with you posting this thread in the Western World is the lack of info that most should have. Those people (South Africans) were left with crap. Sure...they ran the trash out and rightfully so. Now they have to figure out their crap! Had the rightful people built the system in the first place, it probably never would have failed. Now they're playing catch up behind a crappy @$$ system!

Stop complaining and either help or one cares for your whining my friend. You know what it is! That's AFRICA...not europe. Don't any of you ever forget that! The europeans took control of a land they were temporarily welcomed too. Once the rightful people realized that the "visitors" didn't have their best interests in, they decided it was time for them to go. FAREWELL! ADIOS! BYE! GOODBYE! GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY! SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, either give them a chance to catch up or get the F out! It's that simple! You have another continent to go to....stop complaining and get to stepping!!!!!!

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posted on Feb, 11 2015 @ 06:23 AM
You replied to another poster claiming "THE BLACK PEOPLE IN YOUR COUNTRY"...whooooooaaaaaaaa!!!!!
Let me stop you right there, if you're a white South African, Africa is not your country unless you're referring to the beginnings of mankind which you share much DNA with!!!!!!! You need to get off your ridiculous high horse my friend. Are you serious? Your country? When did a land your ancestors don't originate from become your country? I believe in history and how things came to be the way they are, but you're taking it to a whole new level by saying..."The Blacks in My Country can't do this, can't do that". I hope you're a "Black African" speaking about what you perceive to be your idiotic countrymen when speaking in reference to YOUR COUNTRY, because AFRICA IS NOT YOUR COUNTRY. europe is your homeland homeboy, so make your ridiculous petty references to your people....not AFRICA. In case you forgot, AFRICA is a continent that BLACK PEOPLE hail from. Always has and always will be for hundreds of thousands of years. Get it right!

Anyway, I'm obviously speaking to an incredibly ignorant person or someone so incredibly stupid that they think that Africa belongs to them (Being non BLACK...that's you...cause it ain't me). You're so out of line it's not even funny.

If you're so freaking unhappy with the black people in "your country", why don't you travel a bit north...way north and find your "True Roots" and travel back to europe (Yeah, that sounds ridiculous does it not?) I can think of millions of blacks that would fight you for a seat getting back to Africa. You have a serious superiority complex, insensitive and you're ignorant on top of that.

Your country? What have you ever done to improve the living conditions outside of YOUR house? You're a joke at best and if this comment of yours made notice to the rest of your community in the BLACK SOUTH AFRICA that you're a guest in, I guarantee, your cowardly @$$ would be out of South Africa in a millisecond...running!

Don't forget where you're living in the land of the African...not europe! If you don't like it, you can get to!!!!!!! Oh, that's right, the South Africans would probably catch your sorry @$$ before you leave the comfort of your gates! They can run faster than you I bet. Coward! Do you step outside the comfort of your home and convey these emotional issues you have with those that maintain your power lines? I didn't think so. Oh yeah, that's right, they're probably BLACK! You wouldn't dare speak this way in such a disrespectful manner. You would never get service if you did...lmfao!

you ignorant imbecile! You equating Africa to belonging to you is like an African that claims europe belongs to them. Doesn't seem right does it? Nope!

Huh!!!! I wonder why?

No disrespect whatsoever to Europeans, Anglo Saxons or the rest of the Caucasion race but this poster is so far out of line it's beyond ridiculous and I will not spend another minute disseminating his assertions of the "IGNORANT BLACK PEOPLE IN HIS COUNTRY (South Africa) WHO CAN'T FIX THINGS, which happens to be on the continent of Africa".

Not that it matters much after this post but, I'm half white and a quarter Native American...the other half of me is from what is now known as Abu Simbel, which used to be NUBIA, which is in Egypt...North Egypt if you follow the river Nile which was also once called Kingdom of Kush. However upon reading this posters assertion of Ignorant Black People in "HIS COUNTRY", just totally flipped my wigged. How would you feel if Obama showed up in the UK or any other european country claiming these white people just can't get it right in his land? That's such a ridiculous assertion of the facts, it's incredibly ridiculous.

I will say however beforehand, I didn't mean to offend anyone and I apologize if anyone has taken my words offensively. That's not my intent. But, I must speak up against ignorance and we obviously have an incredibly ignorant member writing this rubbish. It would be one thing had he/she been describing a fact or an indiscriminate observation of said facts not based on race. Describing the issue is one thing...labeling Africans as ignorant or stupid or inept is another thing. A thing I won't stand for. For that, if I offended you I apologize for in advance. I however, will not apologize for anything else I have stated in this post...ever. I might not have all of his/her comments wrapped up into this particular response/post, but if you read them all, you'll certainly see where my anger stems.
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posted on Feb, 11 2015 @ 06:38 AM
a reply to: ThePublicEnemyNo1

I don't care for your tough love Mr.

I can't leave ok and what I'm doing informing the world of a very real crisis in South Africa and saying adious!

You can come here and help instead of barking orders from behind your computer screen. I am doing all I can by only running neccesary apliences. Why don't you come and live here for a week after the lights go out and come help me aned my family stay alive since that's what you tell me to do.

I pray the lights stay on but if thgey don't say goodbye to any property you have in South Africa.

I'm not going to give you a star or a flag iether!

posted on Feb, 11 2015 @ 06:53 AM

You can't give me a flag because I didn't author this thread. However, Your insensitivity to anyone that would be willing to help just totally went out the window. I will send you money right this second to help out your situation if it would help and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

However, I do own property in SA and I do know what's going on and I have lived there and I do pay freaking taxes to keep your lights running. If things aren't going so well, I get that and you should be pissed as tax payer just as I and you should demand better. But stating that a race of people are beneath you is ridiculous and insane and I mean that. That's ridiculous. I read your posts I saw what you said. Who do you think you are?

If you need gas for a generator I'll send you money for it right now and right this hour, but where do you get off speaking down to another race on a land that does not belong to you? That's the remains of racism and it's incredibly ignorant. You're so far out of line it's insane. I know exactly what's going on there. I know right this minute what's going on there. I know how bad it is. But why are you bucking the system and condemning those that can help you? Your sensitivity level is Zilch!

It's @#$$backwards!

By the way, I'm not a MR I'm a Miss

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