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In Brazil, a Once-Flooded City Re-emerges After Drought

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posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 07:52 AM
I hadn't heard of this before, but apparently Brazil, and Sao Paulo in particular is suffering from the worst drought in 80 years.
But in an area that had been submerged by the construction of a dam in 1969 near Sao Paulo, has seen parts of the town of Igarata re-emerge.


"It brings me happiness in some ways, but it's also very sad. Happiness because the things that were around when I was a child are re-emerging from the water, but sadness because of the lack of water," former resident Irene De Almeida

I find stories of sunken cities re-emerging from the waters fascinating, but the fact that not that far away from the Amazon River and Rainforest there is a drought of these proportions is kinda worrying.


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