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Not from chance

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posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 07:26 AM
Ummm...hello again fellow conspirator's a little something for you to ponder...

Not from chance

Intrinsic and constituent, we stand
Within our shoes as though we had been planned
Such cadence, never spoken, never heard
In lockstep, march the blind, march the absurd

Placeness, never mentioned nor foreseen
For granted, ever taking what has been
That and this, bisect, divide the all
Compartments, fetal born are only wall

Not in truth, nor knowing can it be
That rooms that have no door require key
Such trappings only hold illogic's voice
That wails alone forgetting there is choice

Choose to know, that from perspective see
We are not herd, that individual be
Exist in truth, that logic light your stance
That moments flow from foresight, not from chance

Disclaimer: As you can see I took some liberties with a few words...however...this being a poem and I a poet...I have a certain license to drive my thoughts home...


posted on Feb, 20 2015 @ 01:12 PM
a reply to: YouSir

Ummm...I see that nobody liked you...poem...

I wonder why that was...?

You have a good rhyme scheme...your not lacking in the meter department...your stanza's are equal and consistent...Hmmm...

Could it be the topic matter...? I bet they...(the readers) lost in your depth's and feared they might drown on your overt thought provocation...I wonder...

I wonder if the readers prefer a more simplistic structure...wherein they can tranquilly float along...succumbing to a more pastel representation...

I suppose I could have commented on the hue of petal and stamen...compared their variety...or questioned the heights to which ungulate herbivores might fly...alas...that seemed overly redundant to speak on love as if I had any real inkling of what that might comprise...

Ah well poem...I like cause me to elicit a furl of brow and play quite hard to...get...Yet...with some little consideration...your hidden nuance's reveal that you were really not so shy of meaning or intent after all...but were merely a puzzle box that holds it's own key...within...


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