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Obama Girls Enjoy 'Best School Lunch in America'...

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posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 01:31 AM
Well that was a just disturbing reading this thread.....'

What i took home from it was America has not only got a substandard education system,but cares not for its future generations unless they go to a private school.....and that is pretty damn sick...i thought America was a first world country...on the surface it is but clearly once you peel a few layers away it is really a 3rd world country disguised as a first world...

Anyone that thinks it is ok to feed children that moldy crap is a disgrace to the human race.....when you drop you child off at school whether it be public or private you are leaving that child in the care of the said institute...the schools have a duty of care to care for those children and that includes feeding them real fresh food anything less is a disgrace....

For those of you advocating parents should pack a lunch to avoid eating unhealthy substandard moldy food clearly do not understand what a "duty of care " means..if i lived in America there is no way i would consider letting my child inside one of those substandard places....

posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 01:31 AM

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posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 03:35 AM
a reply to: Sremmos80

Again, sounds like the parents need to get involved and not rely on the school to get their kids the calorie intake they need.

The topic here is that the Obama girls are eating much different lunches than what MO has decided is right for the rest of society; because of obesity and overweight children,

If some kids need more because they participate in athletics and are active, and some kids (may) need less because they are small, or just have different metabolism, why can't all kids just be allowed to pick and choose what they want from a buffet type lunch-line? Why the strict guidelines.

I doubt very much that lunch is making our kids overweight. More likely it's the fact that they are sitting in classes all day long, without any physical activity at all.

Also, I keep reading that M. Obama had nothing to do with this program, but it was her project (has already been sited in thread-on pg.8), and B. Obama did sign the bill-the law/s were passed weren't they. This is why we have these guidelines in our schools.

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posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 05:52 AM

Who here has advocated for "moldy food"? No one. What an asinine idea!

Anyone who thinks that the new program is somehow calling for garbage food simply hasn't read anything about it.

We had people complaining that the government wasn't doing enough in the new school lunch parameters, that are based non on some personal whim of the Obamas (Random Chance give me strength) but from current dietary recommendations developed by the National Institutes of Health and the USDA.

The program has failed at times, mostly because local school boards can't perform at a reasonable level. Serving moldy food, garbage food and ridiculous combinations of food are not "mandated" by the law, but are the failures of these local systems, and it should be noted, that's after they have been given millions from the Federal government in order to properly implement these plans.

The legislation was in essence, a funding bill for the School Lunch Program that got its start in 1946. Why was there a need for a national implementation of such a thing? Because state and local governments either couldn't or didn't take it upon themselves to make sure that kids got a good meal/meals at school. The new dietary guidelines are just a small part of the legislation. More needy kids across this country are able to get meals at school.

This whole thing is a perfect example of the Republican/right-wing tactic of "accentuating the negatives" for anything that doesn't fit their agenda.

Michelle Obama may have lent her name to the effort to improve the nutritional value of school lunches, and Barack Obama may have signed the bill into law (after all, he is the President), but there's a little intervening step that some of you are ignoring, the US Congress, where the legislation passed the Senate UNANIMOUSLY.

Aside from that, I realize I'm barking down a well, as some of you would blame the Obama's for both the sunshine and the rain.

So, enjoy that.

posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 06:00 AM
a reply to: Gryphon66

It does not really matter who is to blame even if there was a single person to blame it is still a crappy system......i find it disturbing that this is state of American public schools...

posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 08:30 AM

originally posted by: hopenotfeariswhatweneed
a reply to: Gryphon66

It does not really matter who is to blame even if there was a single person to blame it is still a crappy system......i find it disturbing that this is state of American public schools...

Did you realize that the horrible examples are cherry-picked to match up with a particular political agenda?

Now, noted, from the GAO data, it's clear that many kids didn't like the new requirements. Did you notice that report? 2012-13 was off by an estimated 1.something million number of kids from the year before.

There's about 48.9 million kids in the public school system. That means the numbers were off by about 3%.

That makes sense to me. More veggies, more whole wheat products. I can see a lot of kids opting to bring from home.

What it doesn't mean is that there was some large-scale "protest" by kids in school, as it's been portrayed here.

There are problems with the system, and the USDA is working to address those problems. However, I think if you take a wider look at the issues, and notice that the incidences of really bad food or moldy food are like 0.00001% or something, you see that this is really much-ado-about-agenda.


posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 10:20 AM
a reply to: Gryphon66

Shrug all you like.

However, the simple fact is that this IS a real problem...and while you may choose to dismiss, ignore, or relegate it to insignificance, it is symptomatic of a rapidly failing Public School system.

By 'Public', I draw attention the fact that the public school system is government funded, managed and regulated...and, in this case, as in so many other very obvious examples of Government funded, managed and regulated programs, it is currently being atrociously mismanaged, corrupted, and rendered severely dysfunctional under this administration.

The Veteran's Administration is another glaring case in point. One might think that it would be simple logic to assume that our Veteran's medical needs, as well as our children's educational needs would be managed by the Government in a manner which would provide optimum results. Recent evidence and controversy, however, point to the contrary; with the responsibility being laid squarely at the feet of this failed administration.

After allowing greater government oversight and regulation, all the while allocating greater and greater amounts of Federal tax revenues, this administration has exponentially increased the velocity and declination of these programs' downward spiral into incompetency and dysfunction; the current and end result being the systematic and systemic abuse and neglect of our most precious and valued citizenry...our children and our veterans.

Lousy lunches and ghastly medical appointment wait times (resulting in veteran deaths)...are some of the more obvious and tangible symptoms of this administration's gross incompetence and failure.

So, again, shrug all you wish...but many of us here cannot be so cavalier in shrugging off the damage that is being done to those we so value and hold most an incompetent, self-serving, and hypocrisy-laden administration which has become such an abject failure to it's citizenry.

'The proof is in the pudding'...and the pudding in public school lunchrooms across America is spoiling as we speak (or shrug).

posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 11:07 AM
a reply to: IAMTAT

I want to make sure I've understood your point, directly.

Bad lunchroom food and longer waits in the doctor's office for veterans are Obama's fault, directly.

Do I have your point ...clear?

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posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 11:27 AM

originally posted by: LeatherNLace
With the price of private school, you can bet your bottom dollar that they are paying for every penny of that lunch. I must ask though, why the fascination? Who really cares what the Obama daughters eat? It seems a bit creepy that anyone would even be so interested that they would research it. Fanatical wingnuts.

You are absolutely right when you say that the cost of these foods is coming directly from the pocket of the parent who is paying top dollar for it. That makes a lot of sense, this isn't a government funded program that they are trying to control funding by cutting foods as in public schools. It might not be FAIR, but nothing in life usually is.

To answer the second part of your post, people care because Michelle Obama is forcing their children, who cannot afford a private school, to eat sub-par downright disgusting foods. They also didn't research their kids individually, they researched the menu of the school they go to. I know, semantics, but it makes a difference.

The outrage in this is that while her children are literally being fed by the silver spoon (regardless of who is paying for it), she is actively working to have sub-par crap food provided to the "rest" of us, aka the non-rich.

It's hypocrisy, and that will always cause an outrage when it's so obviously being done by those that are "above" us plebs.

posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 11:32 AM
Buckeye Union Hills School District Lunch Menu
^^^Here's a link to the lunch menu at the public high school my son graduated from. I see nothing to complain about.

And here is the breakfast menu.
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posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 11:50 AM
I'm pretty sure I've got you .

It's Obama's fault.

Everything is Obama's fault ... you know, even for die-hard Republicans, that's usually a joke.

Not for you.

You seem to have forgotten that there are levels of government. Most schools are governed at the local level: City or country.

The next level of control is the State (like, Texas, Georgia, etc.)

Finally, there are Federal guidelines for receiving Federal monies which most of these States, cities and counties are hungry for. The School Lunch Program falls into the latter.

As far as your ... position ... on the VA, while off-topic ... I actually AGREE with you that what this country does to it's Vets is appalling.

To imply that is Obama's fault though, is simply GROSS MISREPRESENTATION:

2001 -- Despite a 1995 goal to reduce waiting times for primary care and specialty appointments to less than 30 days, the GAO finds that veterans still often wait more than two months for appointments.

2003 -- A commission appointed by President George W. Bush reports that as of January 2003, some 236,000 veterans had been waiting six months or more for initial or follow-up visits, "a clear indication," the commission said, "of lack of sufficient capacity or, at a minimum, a lack of adequate resources to provide the required care."

2005 -- An anonymous tip leads to revelations of "significant problems with the quality of care" for surgical patients at the VA's Salisbury, North Carolina, hospital, according to congressional testimony. One veteran who sought treatment for a toenail injury died of heart failure after doctors failed to take account of his enlarged heart, according to testimony.

2006 -- Sensitive records containing the names, Social Security numbers and birth dates of 26.5 million veterans are stolen from the home of a VA employee who did not have authority to take the materials. VA officials think the incident was a random burglary and not a targeted theft.

2007 -- Outrage erupts after documents released to CNN show some senior VA officials received bonuses of up to $33,000 despite a backlog of hundreds of thousands of benefits cases and an internal review that found numerous problems, some of them critical, at VA facilities across the nation.

The VA's Troubled History - CNN

Those are the Bush II years. But of course, the problems didn't start there, the timeline goes back to the beginning of the VA.

But, Obama has been President for 6 years. Why hasn't he done something about it? Right?


41 Republican Senators Vote Against Landmark VA Bill (2014)

COP Voted Against 7 Bills to Help Veterans (2012)

Republicans Block Senate Bill to Boost Veterans Benefits

Yep, clearly, these problems begin and end with Obama.

Your posts are PURELY partisan and are not telling anything approximating the truth, frankly
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posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 12:06 PM
a reply to: Ensinger23

SO Michelle Obama has come to each school, individually, and directed what food would be served?

Give us a break.

The law passed Congress. Voted for by Democrats and Republicans.

The regulations are implemented at the local level ... principals, lunchroom coordinators, etc.

The right's OBSESSION with the Obamas has gone far, far, far past the point of ludicrosity.
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posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 12:31 PM
a reply to: Gryphon66

Is Obama and his administration to blame for the current state of affairs in this country? Well, he's been in charge of the government for six years, with complete control of the House, Senate and Executive branch for two, the Executive and Senate for the past six. I say that gives him a great deal of culpability in critical matters currently being discussed here.

Perhaps you feel the President is simply a symbolic figurehead, like the Queen of England; I see him as being responsible for setting policy and directing it through his congress toward approval by his hand and implementation at his direction.

Call it partisan (on my part) for holding Obama and his administration responsible for the truly abysmal failures in leadership and implementation during the past six years with one hand, while going on to blame Bush and republicans for the VA scandal with the other...I believe you're intelligent enough to recognize your own hypocrisy in doing so. However, YES; I hold the current President and his current administration responsible for the current sad state of policy and leadership failure.

As President Obama has stated on many occasions "I have my Phone. I have my Pen..." I doubt he has been using them just to order pizza and sign autographs.

You, no doubt, held Bush responsible for what transpired on his watch (which is fair).

But please see reason, Obama has had six years of almost completely unhindered and unimpeded control of this county's direction...he has managed existing programs in addition to initiating and directing new policies, taxes, rules and regulations...and the state of this country has never been worse.

His leadership (or lack thereof) is largely responsible, as he is responsible for the genesis and implementation of his policy ...and I stand by that assertion.

To deny this is to deny the obvious.

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posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 12:55 PM

originally posted by: kaylaluv
ALL rich kids who go to private schools get better lunches than the public school kids. Those rich kids also have better clothes, better cars, better everything. What's your point? You want better lunches? Get rich and send your kids to private school. This is America, where everyone has a chance to make it big!

What a ridiculously ignorant way to look at things.

posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 01:00 PM
a reply to: dr1234

It's not ignorant if it is the truth.

The statement isn't that you have to go there to make it big, but it sure as hell helps

posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 01:11 PM
a reply to: IAMTAT
If you thik "this administation" would make a damn bit of difference from any other possible administration your kidding yourself..get over this polarizing crap and understand neither works for you..really.
Pack a lunch and sign a note from your "doctor" if you don't care for whats provided.(What I would do)

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posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 02:10 PM
a reply to: IAMTAT

Your initial complaint about the VA was that Obama has created the ridiculous wait-times some Vets experience.

That is untrue, as shown.

No, I don't think Obama is a figurehead. I think Republicans in Congress have consistently blocked legislation that would have helped Vets. Remember that appropriations start in Congress? Remember that Separation of Powers thing? Yeah.

I wouldn't call you partisan for holding any Administration responsible for what it has done; I call you partisan because what you're saying about the Obama Administration is patently untrue.

Please quote where I blamed Bush. In fact, the article I linked shows clearly that there have been issues with the VA for DECADES. Another untruth on your part.

EDIT: What I actually said about Mr. Bush:

originally posted by: Gryphon66
Those are the Bush II years. But of course, the problems didn't start there, the timeline goes back to the beginning of the VA.

See reason? Right back at cha. Look beyond your hatred for the man Obama (and apparently, his wife) and look at the real political dynamics. The President CAN'T make laws or appropriations on his own. That is up to Congress.

You speak of responsibility; that goes for Congress too.

The Democrats had nominal control for two years. Who are you, given your views on responsibility, going to blame for the last 5 4?

Indeed, let's not deny the obvious. Credit (and blame) where it is due.

But let's get back on (your) topic. We've seen that the real issues with the School Lunch Program changes are erupting at the LOCAL (and STATE) levels. Yet, you're still trying to blame the Feds (which could make some sense) and M. Obama personally (which makes none.)

Are you willing to admit, given your stated belief that blame should be placed at the point of responsibility, that the biggest problems with the Lunch Program are with the individual Schools and School Boards?

Or, are you stuck on Obama?

It's go time; will you practice what you preach, or not?

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posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 03:35 PM
a reply to: LeatherNLace
why do we care because michelle's kids are eating high off the hog and that we pay for and she expects are kids to eat crap that she suggests she is married to pres she is not a dietitian. when schools are forced to follow her guide libes children suffer. she says school lunches are full of to many calories . that might be true but why is that because most schools know that alot of the kids getting free lunches that might be their only meal all day. people in america go hungry every day but she just like anther first lady except she isn't saying let them eat cake.

posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 04:11 PM

"No, I don't think Obama is a figurehead. I think Republicans in Congress have consistently blocked legislation that would have helped Vets. Remember that appropriations start in Congress? Remember that Separation of Powers thing? Yeah."

I'm glad you agree that Obama is not a figurehead...and, as such, should be directly responsible for his choices and policies...their successes, as well as their failures. By extension, the President must take blame, as well as credit.

You seem to hold a very one-sided opinion on that matter, as it seems you feel Obama can be completely free of any blame or responsibility for the current state of affairs in this country...(which you have yet to argue are not absolutely pathetic). You tout his innocence, yet you appear to deny him any blame or responsibility.

I would call that partisan; some might even call it myopic.

I wouldn't call you partisan for holding any Administration responsible for what it has done; I call you partisan because what you're saying about the Obama Administration is patently untrue.

Right back at cha.

See reason? Right back at cha. Look beyond your hatred for the man Obama (and apparently, his wife) and look at the real political dynamics. The President CAN'T make laws or appropriations on his own. That is up to Congress.

You infer hatred on my part towards the President AND the First Lady. I didn't vote for him (or his wife) and I disapprove of his behavior and policies...but I don't hate him...or her!

In your world, does disagreeing with someone equate to hatred? Do you hate me, or anyone else in this forum for disagreeing with you?
You do yourself and your argument a great disservice, sir (or madam).

Thank you, at least, for not resorting to the all-to-popular 'go to' of claiming 'Racism' as being responsible for my disagreement of this particular President...and thank you for your timely responses, as well as your passionate debate...up until your last post.

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posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 07:21 PM
a reply to: IAMTAT

Why in the world is everything in bold font ... are you supposedly yelling? LOL.

Have I said that Mr. Obama is not responsible for the actions of his Administration? Even once, anywhere?

No. He is responsible for what he has done, and even what he hasn't. He should have taken, from the first term of his Presidency a much stronger line for his own agenda. He should have never tried to "work with" the Republicans, because it was their stated goal, at the beginning of his Presidency, not to do their part in governing (that is, recommending and passing legislation), but rather, to fight against the man based on nothing more than politics.

An American President, by design, has very little power directly. That anything at all has been accomplished since 2010 is amazing. The Republicans have been known for creating the Do Nothing Congress for a reason.

And I know you'll chime in "But but but Harry Reid wouldn't let anything through!" Well, your buddy Mitch has been in control for the last 6 weeks or so ... where's the flood of inspired and wonderful legislation that that was just waiting for a change in the wind? What have Republicans done with complete control?

Presented one law. One out of nearly 1700 introduced.

Well, wait, Obama's just using his "pen" right, vetoing everything?

How many approved Bills has the Congress sent to the President's desk?

One. That's all. Source -

I have never claimed NOT to be partisan. The difference between you and me is that I argue with facts; you argue with innuendo, generalization and PURE misrepresentation.

The rest of your post is just personal commentary about me. Let me remind you that your opinions about me (or mine about you) are irrelevant here.

Let's get back to the topic of your post and stop with the "but you're this and you're that" kind of thing, shall we?

Let's look at one of the more recent expressions of discontent in the last year, shall we? I mean, the new laws went into effect in 2012. How are we doing in 2014-2015, eh?

Well, you'll find a series of articles and repeats inspired by an item from the London Mirror. You know the Mirror? Equivalent publication to the US's National Enquirer. In short, a tabloid.

Here's the link: Disgruntled American Teens Thank Michelle.

But look at the date on that article ... November 25th 2014 ... the Mirror basically stole an article published in the Washington Post, the previous day (11/24/2014) but of course, left out anything but the most extreme photos and presented none of the successes.

Hey, it's a tabloid!

Washington Post - Kids Blame Michelle Obama for Gross Lunches

But let's be real, some of these pictures of food are disgusting. And they ARE awful. Utterly. The idea that local school systems would serve garbage like this when they are being compensated at RIDICULOUS levels by the Federal government to provide quality meals ... is ridiculous.

Like many Federal programs, the guidelines were set up, the money was given ... and the locals screwed the pooch. Why?

Because there's been little Federal oversight. See the GAO report linked above.

Also, from the article:

"We've seen the photos being tweeted," said Sam Kass, executive director of Let's Move! and senior policy adviser for Nutrition. "But we don't dictate the food that schools serve — school districts do."

How can you assert that the problem lies with Mrs. Obama (who in this case, has actually functioned in the role of your "figurehead" which is about all a First Lady can do) when it is obvious that the failures at are the local level.

Why not place responsibility where it belongs?
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