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I need help for a friend.

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posted on Feb, 6 2015 @ 04:41 AM
Ladies and Gentlemen of ATS,

I don't often stick my hand out for help, but now I am.

A dear friend of mine was diagnosed some time ago with Peritoneal Carcinoma. She has recently gone under the knife and has been advised that not all of the mass was able to be removed.

Chemo has been advised as not being an option, so she has no other choice but alternative medication.

Members & Guests of ATS please, if you have any information about any possible alternative treatment, please respond to this thread.

It's getting late on a Friday here, but I'll be monitoring this thread and researching heavily myself over the weekend, so apologies in advance for any late responses.

Kind Regards

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posted on Feb, 6 2015 @ 05:02 AM
a reply to: myselfaswell

Coming give me a min

Here we go
Guy who was told to do chemo, he had radiation from Fukushima and should have died but didn't

Here is what he did and what I am going to do one day when my time comes

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posted on Feb, 6 2015 @ 05:14 AM
a reply to: PizzaAnyday505

Thanks for the reply 505.

ETA, misread the quoted thread. Will get back to that, thanks mate.

Kind Regards
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posted on Feb, 6 2015 @ 06:11 AM
Watch this, and please ignore those who try to disuade you!

posted on Feb, 6 2015 @ 07:14 AM
a reply to: VoidHawk

Thanks mate. I'm going to choof off to bed. I will watch it tomorrow.

Fairly shagged at the moment but thanks for your input.

Kind Regards

posted on Feb, 6 2015 @ 09:39 AM
If I ever get cancer, my plan is to do the Gerson therapy. It's basically juicing with organic produce, enemas and strong

posted on Feb, 7 2015 @ 03:51 AM
a reply to: VoidHawk

That is nothing short of an eye opener. I'm only half way through at this stage but I have done some other intergoogling on the subject and I now clearly understand your advice "and please ignore those who try to disuade you".

Wow, there are a few out there who have a serious problem with this treatment. From what I've read so far a significant portion of objections relate to procedure rather than effectiveness, WTF is that all about.

Anyway, during the course of the day it seems clear, given the nature of this cancer and it's capacity to spread rapidly, that Intravenous Vitamin C is going to have to be the first line of attack. There are a couple of extraordinarily useful threads here on ATS, and I thank the authors for their input. Beyond that I still have a significant amount of information to digest in planning a way forward.

Once again I would like to reiterate, if you have a solid understanding of alternative medication with respect to cancer infections please respond to this thread.

Thank you PizzaAnyday505 and VoidHawk for your input.

Kind Regards

posted on Feb, 17 2015 @ 02:31 AM
a reply to: myselfaswell

what specific cell line is it?

here are some starting places for you to research

posted on Feb, 17 2015 @ 03:57 AM
a reply to: jinni73

Wow, thanks for the response.

I have to say I'm in the middle of cooking dinner so I'll be brief. Haven't read what you've linked but I'll get there tomorrow morning.

As I'm sure you are aware my friend has opted for alternative treatments so I recommended LIPOSOMAL ENCAPSULATED VITAMIN C as a first initial response, to be honest after that IDK.

What do you mean "what specific cell line is it?". Is there a question I can ask to determine that, other than "what specific cell line is it?".

If you're a medico of any sort, I have to advise you're dealing with someone who knows nothing about this and is on a really bizarre trail of falsehoods and some promise.

Kind Regards

posted on Feb, 17 2015 @ 12:21 PM
I know you have asked for replies from people who have 'a solid understanding of alternative medication' and I'm afraid I don't fall into that category, but I wonder if information on a Rife Machine would be any good to you?

There was a member on here who used to swear by this, but I cannot remember his name.

Here is the information - I hope it will be helpful:

and my sincerest best wishes to your friend.

posted on Feb, 17 2015 @ 05:51 PM
a reply to: berenike

Thanks for the info.

I now realise that writing "a solid understanding of alternative medication" may well be a significant mistake on my part, I'll contact someone to see if I can get it changed.

Anyway, having looked at some of the info on rife machines there is no doubt there is some promise there, I think. As usual the detractors seem more worried about scientific protocol that actually helping people.

Thanks again & Kind Regards

posted on Feb, 17 2015 @ 11:12 PM
a reply to: myselfaswell
The doctor will be able to tell you what it is. basically once we know what specific cancer it is we back engineer what the hospitals give you to cure it and that makes it easier to cure.

A problem with the drugs is that when they test them in the lab they don't take into consideration the heavy metals in the body metal and minerals don't mix.

You have to cut out the poisons that are going into the body so pure water not bottled or spring, Distilled water is best add a bit of organic sea salt not himalayan,
to remove the heavy metals you need organic sulphur and Boron ask the doctor for these as it makes life easier as you know you are getting the pure stuff and Iodine 7% from Boron binds to the fluoride which is responsible for 20 cancers although I think its 20 places in the body and 1 cancer I have not seen the reports that are in the library of congress which your government don't tell you about

if you can get hold of a pre 1935 Rife machine then that had a 100% cure rate for cancer off of 2 frequencies but the problem with this nowadays is that their are so many more chemicals being used it doesn't work also the partner of rife booted him out of the company and changed the frequencies making it not work anywhere near as effective than before
Lahkovsky machine had a 70% cure rate these were official figures from hospital conducted tests.

cell salts had a 90% cure rate pre 1948 you can get these from seaweed always eat brown rice with the seaweed or go into a decent health shop you need someone to do a methylation test to determine the deficiencies
turpentine/kerosene from trees had an amazing cure rate for cancer as well
sodium bicarbonate the medical grade one is excellent to fight cancer as well taken in conjunction with Iodine
cut out dairy products completely even yoghurt is no good ultimately unless you are getting it raw from a dairy but then it has to be grass fed with no hormones in it its just easier to cut it out also meat has growth hormones in them and they speed up the growth of cancer.
no sugar if you can, as it ferments inside the body and feeds the cancer same as dairy although the dairy has the growth hormones in as well
And a hyperbaric oxygen chamber has been proven to cure some cancers

meditation is an aid, positive thoughts can cure illness 30-40 minutes a day is optimal

posted on Feb, 18 2015 @ 10:44 PM
And one other thing does the person have any root canals if so get it removed as soon as possible root canals have been
linked to cancer although what hasn't. there are around 75 separate canals attached to each tooth, when they put a root canal in this shuts off the air and nutrient supply and go bad. once your immune system is down you are vulnerable

We can tell that there is some truth in this as we see all the attacks on holistic dentists which remove the mercury and root canals. we know mercury even in the minutest of doses is highly toxic and the 430mcg a day that they release is not what you want in your body.
the Australian Dentist Association are refusing to stop putting mercury into the mouths of aussies even though the government have asked them not to, Some government hey!

You do not need to be trained by this education system to be able to understand the body and what has worked for countless other people, you research everything you are told then you will understand.
if you choose something and want to be pointed in the right direction or you don't get something then let me know but do not be scared to approach this with confidence. taking the natural route you have at least a 90% chance of curing it.
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