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TA-THREATS: Former Iranian Shah Official Warns U.S. of Terrorist Attack.

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posted on Dec, 17 2004 @ 01:59 PM
Lets get them, before they get us.

---A psychotic president words of wisdom.

posted on Dec, 17 2004 @ 09:59 PM
Hi, I am totally outraged out about this. For starters I live about 18 miles from the Seabrook plant and about 200 miles + or - from the canadian border and 28 miles from Boston.
I already have a bad taste in my mouth from the 9/11 attacks that could have been figured out by any sharp 9th grader. Also a gentelmen I had a lot of respect for as we coached youth basketball together for years perished on flight 11 on Sep. 11, 2001 .
I personally would like to think that our goverment would investigate completely Any threat to our homeland and then jump through hoops when they hear the pleas of a highly regarded member of congress who is also the Vice Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee . I mean really, if a man with Congressman Weldons standing and connections can't get the ball rolling on something so basic then we are all F^%&&%.
If the Seabrook plant is the target of anything close to a commercial jet I would think it would mean certain death to lots of people including myself and my family. So as I sit here thinking that my goverment will not act at the request of Congressman Weldon, I am completely confused. Why, Someone help me out here I just don't get it. Maybe it's to much to ask our goverment to spend some of the money from the enormous intelligence budget to investigate this. WTF are you kidding me. Someone Help me I just don't get it ! Oh, wait I get it. They must know it's not going to happen Because they didn't plan it. Hmmm. I'm not even going there. Cya


posted on Dec, 17 2004 @ 11:35 PM

Originally posted by Muaddib
Are we being duped into taking action against Iran, or is this truly reliable information that the intelligence community of the U.S. should follow up?

I think we've heard this song and dance before, except that the country was Iraq and the foreign government official was code named "curveball". Now the country is Iran and the code is "ali".

Would the US government lie or mislead the american people again?


posted on Dec, 18 2004 @ 12:18 AM
First of all, I have a thin hunch as to who Ali is. There is a person with ties to the Shah who already has his finger prints on part of the 9/11 conspiracy.
Secondly, I think I can support the idea that this is all designed to justify regime change in Iran

My source for this was I haven't read up on this in a couple of months- I only saw the first two installments on this subject, so there is more than I am covering to be read if this interests you.

I've said this a million times and nobody seems to follow: The Shah's people are a bunch of CIA puppets and their finger prints are all over both Iran Contra and 9/11.

Adnan Khashoggi- Saudi Arms dealer, wealthy businessman, Iran Contra middleman. He dealt directly with Bush 41 during Iran Contra, he pays "protection money" to Bin Laden, and he has plenty of odd business dealings. The ballot counting official in Palm Beach County who was in a position to single-handedly put Bush in office in 2000 used to be a flight attendant on Khashoggi's private jet.

John Gray- When Khashoggi's Genesis Intermedia went bankrupt, John Gray helped him loot the company for several hundred million. John Gray also knew Marshall Applewhite (leader of the Heaven's Gate Cult). Heaven's Gate was a CIA brainwashing experiment. John Gray is CIA- as was his father, who warned about the JFK hit before it happened, and was then found asphixiated in the trunk of his own car- ruled an accident. Last but not least, John Gray is a financial contributor to 9/, which blames 911 on the CIA as an inside job. I will explain this at the end.

Sam Kouchesfahani- He doesn't go by that name anymore. He became famous when Marshall Applewhite and the Heaven's Gate Cult comitted suicide in his mansion, so he changed his name. He had family ties to the Shah and he used bribery to help get Iranian exiles into America as students at that time. I would not be surprised if Sam K was "Ali".

? - Forgive me I've forgotten a name. There was a professor who was subpeoned by the Senate inquiry on 9/11. He was the ONLY ONE subpeoned, and the Justice Department protected him. This man was in the same business as Sam K- bringing fake students into the USA. Among the people he aided were two 9/11 hijackers, Midhar and Hamzi.
So what's the connection?
The fake university he "taught" at was set up by the same people who awarded John Gray his Ph.D.

Byron Belitsos- Author of a book (i believe called one planet) about one world government. He is influential in Urantia I hear, but nobody seems able to tell me exactly what his role is. Back to the 9/ thing: he is on their board- in fact his is the first picture on their staff page.

Michael Ruppert- Former LAPD detective who swears up and down that the CIA has a monopoly on the drug trade in the USA. He also speaks at events. Most ominously, he and John Gray both spoke at an event called "Coup Against the People"- it wasn't clearly specified whether they were for it or against it
. He makes a lot of money from offshore pyramid scheme companies which Adnan Khashoggi operates.

So what have we got?
We've got CIA agents involved in cults and literary careers backing an organization that says the CIA was behind 9/11. These very same people are in league with Saudi and Iranian players from Iran Contra, some of whom have ties to the Shah, and those men helped 9/11 hijackers get into the country.

Why would CIA and Shah supporters use muslim cultists to pull off 9/11? Easy- to justify regime changes in various countries, especially Iran.

Why would they turn around and blame the CIA? To fuel a purge! None of this ever stuck to Bush, low level operatives or outside players. It all fell on a bunch of spook leadership that were standing in Bush's way.

posted on Dec, 18 2004 @ 01:42 AM
The following excerpt is an update on this thread, there is more information that can be read at the link below.

Republican U.S. Rep. Curt Weldon went public with the charge earlier this week. In an interview with the New York Sun, Weldon, the vice chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, said a source with high-level Iranian government contacts had told him of the scheme, in which a Tehran-backed terror cell would hijack Canadian airliners and crash them into Seabrook. Weldon said he went public after the CIA and others ignored him.

A spokesman for U.S. Sen. John E. Sununu, R-N.H., said his office would pass Weldon's information on to the Central Intelligence Agency, but had no further comment. A spokesman for U.S. Rep. Jeb Bradley, R-N.H., said they had made inquiries to the CIA and other agencies, as did the office of U.S. Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H.

"We've made inquiries to the federal agencies that have jurisdiction, including the NRC, and are awaiting responses," said Joel Maiola, Gregg's chief of staff.

"As we have said before — and it continues to be the case — there has been no credible threat against a specific nuclear power plant," NRC spokesman Sue Gagner said. "We are in regular contact with intelligence and other federal officials on such matters."

Excerpted from.
Official: Iran targeted Seabrook for attack

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