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Tri-Field Air Ion Meter

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posted on Feb, 4 2015 @ 12:37 PM
In an older topic I asked the ATS community for advice on adding a static air ion counter to my ghost hunting tools.

I have since done this, deciding on the Tri-Field Air Ion Meter.

Basically, this tool measures positive/negative electrical charges in the air.

Ghost theory holds that entities may draw energy from the air (and things like batteries) in an attempt to manifest.

While far from proven science, I believe this device adds an extra dimension of evidence. Especially when anomalies on the Tri-Field correlate with other readings, it provides more peices of the puzzle.

Overall, great tool and developing field of research.


posted on Feb, 4 2015 @ 01:44 PM
a reply to: JBurns

Why "Tri-Field", surely you would only be measuring one potential difference?

posted on Feb, 4 2015 @ 01:49 PM
a reply to: chr0naut

Tri-Field is just the brand of it. Same people who make the TF EMF meter.

edit on 2/4/2015 by JBurns because: TO

posted on Feb, 4 2015 @ 03:11 PM
a reply to: JBurns

I await any results that you may experience in using this meter.
However, I suppose that some will say that "You don't stand a ghost of a chance."

posted on Feb, 4 2015 @ 04:06 PM
a reply to: Aliensun

I'll have a chance to try it out over the weekend! Was invited back for an investigation.

Thanks buddy!

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