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Why do people have MOODS ?? (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Dec, 15 2004 @ 05:21 PM
Are we really entitled to have mood swings or is it something that we have learned ?

We learn to talk, fight, hate, love,be annoying, and more than anything be manipulative. Whether you know it or not subconciously you have been manipulative many times, whether is was just suprising someone for thier b-day or lying to someone telling them that they look good in something that looks torrificaly HORRID on them. If we can teach our mouths to lie things that the main frame of us know is not true. Then what else are we probable of ??? Even tricking our ownselves into being in a bad mood just by thinking about it? Or actually making our stomachs hurt just by saying my stomach is about to start hurting. My best friend does it all the time. I was just wondering does anyone else knwo anyone that changes their mood for no apparent reason ALL the time. I really hope that someone knows someone that is sane and not really lost and in need of help from Pills. BTW ... She has taken Topamax, Xanax, and Zoloft. There were a couple more but I am not familiar with them.

I actually tried to take a Xanax of hers and I passed out ... the next time I tried taking 1/4 of one ... I still passed out. BUT when she takes them ... Which is not on a regular basis ... Just whenever we can get a hold of a couple form a friend or her aunt. But when she does take them she starts cleaning or being just active not nessesarily Nicer that she normally is because she is not at all actually she is actually more pushy and do it my way or no way when she is on Xanax.

Could someone give me some insight as to why I pass the heck out when I take a Xanax and she gets active ???



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