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posted on Jun, 3 2003 @ 01:25 PM
I got this one a while back from an Everton fan

Sign that you are a scouse git!
1 you have the urge to steal.
2 you think Brookside is a 'glamorous' soap.
3 you think Hollyoaks is' posh'.
4 you keep going on how great Liverpool is and scousers are.
5 to you organised crime is putting petrol in the getaway car.
6 you start to cry when you hear 'ferry across the mersey.'
7 you think everyone from Liverpool has a great sense of humour.
8 you often wonder why you don't hear of many scouse comedians anymore.
9 you start thinking Plymouth sound nice.
10 you think everyone has picked up your handbag by mistake!!

He He He!!

posted on Jun, 3 2003 @ 02:10 PM
Sorry Daystar!

One: what the hell is a Scouser?
Two: Brookside is #e!
Three: Hollyoaks...oh tidums..CRAP!!!!!
Four: Never been to liverpool!
Five: Petrol is too expensive...we use alcohol!

Six: 'Ferry across the Mersy'....never heard it?
Seven: I know one liverpool guy...he is funny!
Eight: Stumper???
Nine: must be joking!
Ten: The smallest bag I have is a Bergen..can see the whole city dancing around it!!!

By the offence guys...but i'm a Fifer!

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