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Armed man in Dutch TV news studio - Claims high explosives with radioactive material in Netherlands

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posted on Feb, 2 2015 @ 03:43 PM
a reply to: JUhrman

You're very good at achieving the stated aim of the US Cyber Command (not saying you work there, but dang they must like you), and of course similar services in other Western nations - namely that you participate in online discussions within alternative/conspiracy forums, in order to shape & mould opinion, suggestive of the following 'truths'...

a) Conspiracy theory is always untrue,
b) That it is immoral to talk about potential conspiracy,
c) That to do so is damaging to the fabric of society,
d) That anyone who does so should bear the blame for any bad stuff that happens in the aftermath of an apparent 'false flag'*

*False flags, which according to your apparent, small spectrum** worldview, don't exist.

**You don't actually talk about much else - you thus seem to have a limited spectrum of interests, despite the vast wonders of the www which are clearly at your disposal.

Can you actually persist in posting the exact same comments, phrased slightly differently according to the context, in a multitude of threads covering a multitude of topics over a long period of time, without any concern for the fact that you may be providing a 'get out of jail free' card for people who actually do perpetrate real & (later) proven false flag attacks of all stripes, in the interests of various closely linked factions within governments, corporations & NGOs?

All of this under the banner of an avatar that is (on close inspection, having a little knowledge of the groundwork of such things) designed very carefully to create a mild, subconscious apprehension (or even 'fear') in the mind of any person who simply notices it next to what you write, who knows nothing about mind programming, flash hypnosis & the use of subliminals...

Every single time you post, it follows the same pattern. Do you not get bored? Is there a hot secretary at your place of work who makes it easier to get through the day, every time she walks past?

posted on Feb, 4 2015 @ 11:19 AM

originally posted by: Elisa24
It seems very intersting case. The boy clearly didn't want to harm anyone, but it seems he was convinced he was doing the wright thing. Although he seemed a bit confused at the same time, like he didn't fully understoon what he was doing. Well even though is plan has failed (as far as we know) to do the broadcast, it was a brave effort which should inspire all of us to action!

Anyone bite yet?

posted on Dec, 17 2015 @ 04:02 AM
In case someone was still wondering,


"Tarik Z. was sentenced to 2.5 years

The court convicted hijacker Journalist Tarik Z. to 30 months in prison with 15 suspended. The time he has already spent in custody, is deducted. Nor should he hesitated to come in a radius of five kilometers from the Media Park in Hilversum.

The court in Lelystad eight Z. guilty of kidnapping, threats and illegal weapon possession. The penalty is lower than demanded. The prosecution had deployed four years in jail, with one year probation. Z. has already spent five months in jail. That means he will remain fixed for 10 months. The conditional part of the punishment is high because Z has said that he still wants to preach his message.

The judge found inter alia that - although Z. itself a media platform had sought - he had not earned the images of him were broadcast in the studio without journal that he was unrecognizable. Z. has no other criminal record.
Speak Chair

Tarik Z. insisted on January 29 neatly dressed and armed studio NOS news and demanded airtime. The evening news therefore did not go through. Z. demanded airtime because he felt that the NIS manipulated the news, and with public opinion. During the hearing two weeks ago, he called the broadcaster "soapbox where many lies are preached." So he went with a alarm pistol to Hilversum.

At NIS reception he gave a note to the porters. He also showed his weapon. A security guard took him to an empty studio, his colleagues struck silent alarm. Police arrested Z in the studio. Those images went around the world. Z. needs of the court a fee of total pay thousands of euros to the guards and the NIS.

Z. himself thought otherwise there was not a hostage situation, because no one was tied. The judge did not agree with that, because the victims under threat of fake firearm had no choice but to obey. Z does have apologized.

Z. and his lawyer discuss still appeal. His lawyer Ton Visser says that Z again soon will start a study. Fisherman finds it positive that the court has ruled that Z. need to pay a fraction of the claimed damages of more than 20,000 euros to the NIS.

The convict was however shocked by the sentence: "quite a lot", he whispered to his lawyer.

Following court reporter Saskia crier for full details of the ruling."
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