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We've strayed and not for the better

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posted on Dec, 15 2004 @ 12:58 PM
The word freedom seems to have a different meaning for each person.

Whether your gay or rich or needy independant, freedom means different things for each group.

We've strayed from American's true meaning of liberty, what are we doing?
It appears we're making our OWN set of rules for what the meaning of freedom means...

That is if your a republican or democrat.

These two parties are fighting eachother tooth and nail in the war of ideologies, and the smart ones are sitting on the side lines and also fighting for true liberty FOR all... We are absolutely appaled, discusted, and sad...

Because these two parties take the stage in the political arena, the true freedom fighter's of this time are labelled "anarchists" by media spokes people, and their scorned for trying to get back to the roots of our fore fathers..

The gop members and voters obviously don't have a clue about the intentions of our forefathers yet they go around bragging about how they are for true freedoms, a free market, and independance.. hogwash.

It's a double standard, these three things now come with a price, and it's because gop voters were duped. you bought the fancy shmancy ideas the gop romanced into your heads, you got emotional, you had an orgasm while being talked dirty to. "Oh yes! That's the kind of America I want!"

Riiiiiight... The kind of America you want is all about double standards, all about whatever is best for your "kind", not for all...

You have no fight left in you, you have no moral compass, rather you are a sheep to the gop and you are discrace to the founding fathers...

I cannot bitch enough about how discusted I am with you people.
Democrats piss me off too, but at least they don't hide what they are.

Gop voters unite under the stupid umbrella, carry it high, because it's going to be short lived. And when us true freedom fighters (for all) take the stage, be sure we won't be asking for your help, and be sure that we pot smoking republican's won't be making double standards in what true freedoms are...

Liberty for all, and not for some.

This two party system isn't working, and two party voter's aren't making this country better, your making it ill, your making it double edged, your breeding apathy, and your keeping congress corrupt, and your keeping corrupt people in power, and your keeping us people from having power restored into our hands... DISCUSTING!

But of course be sure that when you wake up from under your stupid tree and realise the gop isn't what it used to be, feel free to join the good fight..

posted on Dec, 15 2004 @ 05:38 PM

Originally posted by TrueLies

These two parties are fighting eachother tooth and nail in the war of ideologies, and the smart ones are sitting on the side lines and also fighting for true liberty FOR all... We are absolutely appaled, discusted, and sad...

For the most part. I do agree that the corrupt party leadership of the GOP lead the mindless down the candy lane trail with promises of undelivered virtue. And I believe hubris is in massive overdrive amongst that mind set. But I also believe, as we move towards inaugeration, that the Democratic leadership has to be complicit....that there was a Guernica like deal struck , with the Democrats being the Franco Regime, Republicans being the Nazi regime, and America being the slaughtered Spanish Village.....all for some perverse quid pro quo of power in the next go around.
I completely believe that , were it the Howard Dean campaign, none of this bulls**T would be stood for.
I won't fall into to "ancestor Worship" and quote "founding Fathers vision" , because the realities of our world has passed their vision and their forseeable constraints. It is what it should be - a stellar foundation, a jumping off point. But as I can not retake my virginity, neither can we get back to "there".
People are not freedom fighters by virtue of a label - but by the ideals they manifest.

Modern Romans, Modern Fascists....America is all that now. Plebeians & Plutocrats, 'Persons of Interest', 'Enemies of the State''s all the perspectives we need be concerned with anymore.

posted on Dec, 15 2004 @ 06:16 PM
yes we can too get back there, I stronly believe that. maybe you don't think so, but I do. It's a hard time to be in, and unfortunately dummies are running the arena,not so much dummies, but sociopaths, megalomanics, and power hungry gold diggers who are just so totally morally bankrupt. The American dream the forefathers had just isn't in the hearts of those now in the gop and democratic party. This doesn't mean we can't get back there. Ideologies come and go, it's just another ideology that we lost along the way, whether it be because of apathy or blind trust in our fellow elected. But we can bring that ideology back.
Everything in politics comes from an idea. Jethro gave a few good examples of "how" in a different thread. For the sake of freedom we have to, for our kids and their kids and so it goes, this is America why people settle for Amerika is beyond me, but it's sick.

[edit on 15-12-2004 by TrueLies]

posted on Dec, 15 2004 @ 06:34 PM
.........we can't get back there. We can, however, grow into something taken from that foundation. " I don't want no peace....give me equal rights....and justice" - Peter Tosh
That lyric is the only salvation for America - equal rights & justice. But, when Martha does a bid, and the CEO's of WorldComm & Enron are getting massages with "release"...there is no justice. When Congress removes your ability to sue Pfizer because your maternity vitamins grew your child fins....we have no justice. When we vote, and it gets destroyed, not tallied....we have no justice.

So the things that are fundamental in our now bizarro world need to be changed at an institutional level.
Where we are in agreement is that we need people of a Jeffersonian quality to inspire the revolution. Where I'm the realist is that I know they have to be Democrats & Republicans in office now who have the forum & the papertrails at arm length, along with the moral fortitude to break away from the teet of power.
There is a country full of "mini me's" who will gladly take their place, however.

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