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The Egg...Reincarnation...We're all one...What if?

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posted on Jan, 29 2015 @ 11:55 AM
a reply to: LABTECH767

even if it is not right the moral tale it tell's most certainly is.

It IS right! AND, you know what? It's exactly what your pal Jesus SAID TO DO.

You're just now knowing this? Wow.

@the OP:
Yes, I'm glad you've gotten off the plateau and see what 'new agers' are on about.
Namaste. Happy for you that you've seen the light.

posted on Jan, 29 2015 @ 02:04 PM
a reply to: BuzzyWigs

I have been outside buzzywigs, if we were all one that would not make any sense.
I will clarify, back in 94 I was in the middle of what can only be called a spiritual attack, many here regard these thing's as awakening but this was definitely an attack, I will go into territory far from what you will regard as normal now, I was attacked I assume because an antity'(s) took control over humanity, they found a few like myself they could not totally control and who retained data and awareness outside of there control so they set about identifying us and for lack of a better word, destroying us.

I was in a state of absolute suffering my body ached from head to foot and it was like being burned inside, if I was to try to explain the entirety fo this single situation alone it would fill volume's yet that would only paint a shallow mental image of what even the suffering could barely comprehend.

I have encountered a being calling itself Satan and I refused it's offer when I was a child following me experience on the other mentioned thread in which I recieved memory's of that old guy john but by the 1990's this was almost totally forgotten, you never forget the devil's slimy voice though it is like an asthmating old man whispering in your ear and when a little child playing with his toy matchbox car in the back garden hear's this it is terrifying.

To go back to that event I will repeat it's exact word's, it actually sounded sympathetic when it said these into my right ear.

"Poor, Poor Paul, I feel so very, very sorry for you, you are going to have such a terrible awful sad life, I'll tell you what give me your soul and I will give you a wonderful wonderful life, my name is Satan".

I sceamed "No when it released me", it was not physical but only sound, at that time I also whitness a glowing blue crystal that looked like it was broken embedded in the roof of a house across the street, the lady who lived there died of a very rare cancer a few years later, adult's seemed to be in a trance like state as if they could not be consciously aware of it and my elder sister who was a teenager at the time walking me to the sweet shot not far and right past that house simply said "Oh yes" when I pointed and said "Look Frozen lightning", there was snow on the roof and around the point where it was embedded into the roof apex the snow was melted, over the next week it faded becoming more translucent until it could no longer be seen and the council who owned the houses came out months later to replace the damaged roof tile's.

On another occasion within a two year period at that early age I remember a silver semi circular car sized object on three leg's in the back garden of the house, three small almost child like being's with black visors in one silver space suit's with round helmets' and a feeling of terror, I remember a dark place and a woman's voice, not kind and they did something to me at that very early age, this was after the glowing object and also after I sad "NO", they took something or damaged something, after this I was not able to play normally and lost human interaction skill's as well as communication skill's.

Back to 94, I am not going to get into the whole mess as I sound mad enough already but believe me I have nothing to gain by this and everything to lose by making myself sound like a right and utter twonk.

I was exausted having called an entity, I had under the attack and the ingoring of my plees for help to God had broken my faith in him utterly though I knew he was there, his motivation seemed to be dark at this point so I fell back into a kind of soul emergency and saw a place I once died a very long time ago when I lost my immortality and entered one of the earlier world's, I was lying on a grassy hill, I felt a tree that felt solid but I did not see it behind me, I was lying face down and burning the same way through my whole body, it was this convergance of soul death that joined the two time, in front and to the right was a singly flower, it was utterly beautiful and violet blue like a blue bell but perfect and on it's down turned head was a singly drop of dew that refracted the light if a massive moon overhead far larger than the earths moon today, I was between these two places and time's and saw a star in the sky that I knew should be there was missing as one did not agree with what was being done to me so I reached for her, it was like stretching beyond everything and I felt the anchor to these body's like a weight holding me down but I called out and reached for the envelope that surround's this time space or that time space craining my consciousness to the edge of universe into spiritual superspace, I could stretch my awareness to a little outside and the distance between this and the other universe I was reaching was too far for me.

I had remember lost all faith in God so at this point I was reaching for some one who could deal with him on an equal footing on my behalf, I cried a name in the most ancient pre angelic language before which they are coarse in comparison, an entity answered, it was the most profound and powerful female presence and she said "I am one with all woman and all woman are one with Me, I made God and God made Me", Well this overpowered my senses and bear in mind the ultimate female essence was talking to a damage male entity so something shameful on my end occured, I was driven by some deep primal need so I tried to project a universe from this union beyond the reach of both her, him and myself hoping that at least they would be free of the tyranny and cruelty with a single command to some day do the same themselve's.

As my consciousness returned to this reality I she said "On Judgement day tell the Angel's (Her name) is alive", she sounded not surprisingly a little angry with me but even more with them and I do believe they are in very deep trouble for what they have done here as the judge has a judge and she is more than powerful enough to deal with them all", now remember that devil, he spoke and I now know the old B had been around me for a long time making certain my life fell apart but this was something he had never expected, "What was that you said" he hissed in panick and desperation, all my defences were down so I repeated her name which he immediately wiped form my mind or blocked somehow but I tried to remember it and can not nevertheless it sounded a little like Ail-Aeuthera.

About a little after this I had another clair audient experience, I heard that other place and there were a number of male voices, laughing and cruel they sounded exactly like a bunch of eton yob's, one said "Let's Turn Him OFF", Suddenly I was in utter blackness, but I was forming?, this brought me to the attention of something, someone and I was suddenly in front of them and given sense's again, these sense's were sight, I was in a depthless, dimensionless grey void, I felt my attention directed toward a Charcoal Black Sphereoid floating in dimensionless the void with suddenly took on a three dimensional form for me, then four triangular object's each as large as the sphere and of a prime bright colour that does not exist in the universe or at least in this reality appeared surrounding the sphere exactly as a male voice behind and above me spoke, It was a perfect flawless voice of a young man and he simply said two word's I felt were directed-

posted on Jan, 29 2015 @ 02:14 PM
a reply to: LABTECH767

-at this spheroid, size was impossible to estimate as it was a formless grey void but the spheroid was almost black and that is not good in spiritual term's as you know.
I snapped back and heard the Eton gang running away laughing but it was the laughter of utter terror and fright not humor that rang from them in that other place I could hear, it sounded like an underground tunnel.

SO I have been outside, time was impossible to estimate as it felt like all of eternity and just a few moment's, I saw the sphere you call the universe or at least the earth from some other realm outside formed creation and it is BAD not good.

You know I could tell you even more unbelievable thing's but you would not believe me so what would be the point.

I am not against God but something tortured me beyond breaking point back then attacking my mind and soul to a degree I escaped to that other body that had been killed somewhere else long ago, a body that was not mortal and I know I am across time and space, this is just a bit of me.

Later I asked my little friend, a female entity that had awakened or been drawn to my suffering, she was about the size of a human baby with with large rounded almond eye's similar but much gentler and kinder than image's of the grey's, she communicated through image's and raw emotion, well I won't get too far into that but her race were murdered totally a very long time ago when they were adapting a young planet to there specifications, a planet that orbited a young yellow dwarf star.
I asked her to let me out, I had the intention so distress was I of actually attacking the devil and dragging it somewhere it could do no more harm even if that meant I had to go in too, I rose about four inches out of my body and the energy from me lit the room physically to about the same as a bolt of lightning then something slammed me forcefully back into my body and my little friend was attacked, she turned from a peach warm glow to a dead ashen grey and never contacted me again.
I did love her that is all I can say to now I am wroth with whatever did that to her too.

posted on Jan, 29 2015 @ 04:45 PM

originally posted by: LesMisanthrope
a reply to: amazing

And maybe you are inventing conclusions without nothing to support it. Is this true?

No, it's a theory. That's all any of us have of the afterlife. But this concept keeps popping up throughout history in many religions in many areas of the globe, and we know that we're all just energy...everything is energy...we could all be is a valid theory. Many anecdotal accounts of past lifes and people knowing things they shouldn't etc. So...It's all possible.

posted on Jan, 29 2015 @ 06:11 PM
a reply to: LABTECH767

I just want to add this, I do believe in god and know he is right but I was going through absolute hell, now I pesonally would call a person crazy who had related what I have here, I have had strange occurances as well in my life that fit perfectly into the reincarnation ethos but that is only if I fit them to that theory and there are of course alternative explanation's.

What I said is the Egg is a wonderful story and I believe in the moral tale behind it, Harming other's is harming yourself and not helping them is refusing to help yourself.
Jesus said this, when I was thirsty did you give me to drink, when I was hungry did you feed me, when I was cold did you shelter me.
Whatever you do to the least of these you do also unto me.
If you have two coat's and your brother has non give unto him the one you are not using (Jesus H Christ was and is a socialist - the first not marx but Christ).

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