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A poem,

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posted on Jan, 28 2015 @ 02:19 PM
Things I love n hate,

Ok, let's shovel the # before we get to the sweet bit

I hate titanic, know what for?? There's room for both them on that door.
She let him drown the wrinkled bitch, then acts a hero, FNUCK that's rich
I hate it when I've just a paper, queuing at the store, n some daft arse in front of me,
Won't let me go before, with a trolley load or more!
I hate adverts in movies, Because I forget the plot line,
I hate people who steal my poems then they'll lie n claim that they're not mine.
I hate summer, I have red hair so it's factor 50 everywhere,
I hate bullies, n people who're insincere
But my number one pet hate, is people who are late,
I just can't stand it when I'm made to wait!! (Really, my last relationship ended over my OCD with times)
Things I love,

I love poetry n writing, thundering n lightning.
Love my dad n his mad outlook n his light..
Love gaming, n reading... Belly laughs , succeeding!
N managing to smile through all the #e!!
I'm a lover not a hater, some would say a mass debater ;-)
I always make sure that my point is made,
I love musicals n drama, the Simpsons not futurama.
Love being blunt n I will call a spade a spade
Family guy, the life of Brian, happy tears, no fear of dying
Guess I'm just the loving kind of guy,
You may think that I've changed too much, but don't think that I'm some soft touch
I'd cut you up n wouldn't bat n eye....

I just wanna be loved, n feel that glow, them first few weeks, a blur....let go.
She's gone, you lost now pay the cost, my heavy heart, covered by frost
I love her, 3 months she's been gone, I felt her , yeah, she was the one.
She's moved on to the other side, no thought for all the tears I've cried,
I miss her smile, her touch her smell, her perfume that I know so well,
Are now just distant unheard pleas, I sit alone........with memories.

I love her.... But shesa proper bitch! But boy she knew how to scratch my itch 😉

posted on Jan, 29 2015 @ 10:07 AM
Hey I'm glad you shared one! Good job

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