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Anti-Syriza Propaganda Begins: Greece Framed as ‘Emerging Hub for Terrorists

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posted on Jan, 30 2015 @ 12:36 PM
The propaganda machine starts its spin up.

Much of international finance/sovereign debt looks like a Chinese handcuffs trap. International Banksters support domestic banksters, central banksters and corrupt politicians to put the country in debt and act like money launderers who pass money on to other banksters. Banksters are pulling at both ends and the taxpayers are caught in
the middle. The banksters are simply locusts who are middle men. They produce nothing, are completely parasitic on society and are simply beneficiaries of crony capitalism who make their money gaming the system.

Now wouldn't it be something if this Greek government did not just repudiate the debt, but instead held the banksters receiving the money on the other end personally liable for the debt. From what I could see, something similar happened in the Ukraine with Tymoshenko. the Ukrainian government changed, found Tymoshenko committed fraud with international banksters, repudiated the contracts and threw her in jail. After all, if you find a tick or blood sucker on your body, don't you pop it after to remove it, because you want to make sure that it didn't to keep any of your blood. Of course this put the Ukraine in the cross hairs of the banksters and the banksters have since then used their puppets to perpetrate a coup in the Ukraine and loot the Ukraine of its gold.

I think we'll see something similar in Greece very soon. I think the warning from this Ukrainian politician who warned of the US backed Ukrainian coup is now appropriate for Greece,

Although I wonder if the dark horse in the room is Germany, where a repudiation of the Greek debt would give Germany the opportunity to collapse the EU and Euro as unworkable. And an covert act by the US in toppling the Greek government, if exposed, could give Germany the political capital and moral high ground to realign with the BRICS. In either regards the US is being set up as patsy for a big fall.

posted on Jan, 30 2015 @ 06:43 PM

Up to now Troika was used to face submissive politicians ready to bring misery to their countries to serve the bankers...

Things have now changed for Greece, Troika was shocked. they couldn't believe their ears...

On the troika, Mr Varoufakis said "we have no intention of co-operating with a three-member committee whose goal is to implement a programme whose logic we consider anti-European".

He said he would seek "maximum co-operation" with Greece's international creditors, but that he would not work through the troika, which he called "a committee built on rotten foundations".

The Golden Down (far right) political party stated they will support the (left) Government in various subjects that benefit the country like the anti-troika, anti - banksters fight.
Don forget that now the Minister of national defense is also coming from a (far - right) party that cooperated with syriza to liberate their country from the previous collaborationist politicians as they stated.

Interesting moments ahead, the great battle;
people forced into poverty vs IMF's economic hitmen

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