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Conservatives lament decline of Sarah Palin following ‘rambling, painful’ weekend speech

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posted on Jan, 29 2015 @ 02:03 AM

originally posted by: beezzer

originally posted by: Spiramirabilis

Real question - you want her for president?

If it is a choice between Palin and Hillary/Warren etal, then yes. I would prefer her for president over them.

Some wisdom for you: There is always a third choice in life, whether that's politics, employment options, or anything else. Thus your premise is flawed, your choice for president isn't Palin or Hillary. You can vote third party, if you say they'll never get elected well, that's only true if everyone believes that. You're part of everyone so you can cast your vote and be part of the change in that attitude.

posted on Jan, 29 2015 @ 02:06 AM

originally posted by: sweets777
a reply to: olaru12

what the hell it should be a rule if you ever had a reality tv show you cant run for any office and then keep your mouth shut
and im more of a republican conservative than i am a democrat liberal but i dont think im either
so im not against her but like i said tv reality shows and politics dont mix
there too close to the same thing

Im not a fan of Palin but what's wrong with having earned a living off of TV? Reagan and Arnold were actors.

posted on Jan, 29 2015 @ 02:42 AM
a reply to: Aazadan

yeah but they were actors then they went to government not the other way
around and they did not do reality tv palin and trump did mabey its just a ploy to make the republicans less of a presidentail canidate
becuase these 2 reality show stars keep chiming in but i think the past 2 elections were rigged they never stood a chance mcain and romney both
i guess if you need some one to keep lying and blowing smoke up peoples butt who better than actors

posted on Jan, 29 2015 @ 02:48 PM
Yeah, she looked bad. A little strung out man. Now I don’t want to go starting rumors, but think about it she looked like she has a hillbilly drug problem. You know just like Karl Rove was talking about Hillary Clinton having brain damage from her fall, just maybe Sarah has a meth habit. Think about it go back and watch that tape. And I think Rove might be right about that brain damage thing for Clinton. Food for thought, because there was certainly no food in that dumb ass speech.

posted on Jan, 29 2015 @ 03:12 PM
Palin for president ! ! ! ! ! !

If for no other reason to watch her critics squirm!.

PALIN/ CRUZ 2016 !


posted on Jan, 29 2015 @ 03:37 PM
a reply to: neo96

Why would you do that to yourself?

She couldn't run bath, let alone a country. It has nothing to do with party politics and everything to do with the fact that she is dumb as a stump.

Her critics may squirm, but every citizen would suffer.

posted on Jan, 30 2015 @ 04:43 PM
a reply to: beezzer

While you may think that you are being sarcastic, your reply is an illustration as to why we who are of differing political persuasions truly hate dealing with your ilk.
If you honestly think that this broad has anything to put on the table, other than her homespun fabrications and blowzy ill-formed rhetoric, tell us where it is. Where's the beef in this tomato?
Vacuous, ignorant, ill-educated, egotistical (Many Repulsicans qualify for these distinctions but rarely so well.), power-mad and self-promoting are her BEST features. Oh, other than her breasts as noted by many conservative commentators and her general effability.
Actually her breasts may contain more neurons than the flabby content on that brain.

posted on Jan, 30 2015 @ 07:46 PM
WHy do you people fall for the media bias agaisnt each other.Obama done just as stupid things his entire career as a politician.Media does not tell about it because they are bias badly.

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