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Atomic scientists set to make 'major announcement' about Doomsday Clock.

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posted on Jan, 22 2015 @ 03:20 PM
a reply to: HeyAHuman

Possibly they do not factor in things like the sun because we could do nothing to stop it at our current technological level.

posted on Jan, 23 2015 @ 08:28 AM

originally posted by: Psynic
The clock struck 12 on 3/11/11 when an earthquake and tsunami caused 3 nuclear reactors to go into meltdown.

It's been 4 years and the slow motion fusion reactions continue to contaminate the oceans and atmosphere.

This continued release of radioactive nuclides far surpasses that of Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.

The victim rate was estimated to be 50%, which was how many of us would develop cancer over the course of a lifetime, pre-Fukushima. This percentage will increase exponentially unless something is done to neutralize the corium.

A-bomb-acare is going to have a tough time preventing hundreds of millions of Americans from becoming casualties of this situation.

This isn't a "Nuclear Threat"; This is a nuclear reality.

if youll excuse me, im going to go play fallout 3 for preparation now.....

posted on Jan, 24 2015 @ 05:42 AM
What's with all the kerfuffle? it's not like this hasn't happened before, in fact the last time it was 3 till midnight was when...I was born...Oh dear, that explains why everybody keeps telling I'll be the death of them

posted on Jan, 24 2015 @ 10:24 AM

originally posted by: MALBOSIA
So this is like the fear clock? For nukes !?

That clock is going to fit right in.

Welcome to the party dooms day clock!

The doomsday clock IS the party.

Its been rockin before most of the current doom pron enthusiasts were in diapers.

posted on Jan, 24 2015 @ 12:36 PM
a reply to: Darkblade71

I remember your page, Wow have not thought of geocities for a LONG time. I use to run part of it.
was a whole lot of work for free and in spare time. I had been asked by higher up's to moderate the
broadway section. I was not really a fit for that section, but did not turn down the offer to help.
Wow, that was a few years ago, i was still in my 20's when that was going on.
Here i am looking at 50 in a few years.
I do often wonder where the people went that i use to chat with in there. Was some great people for
the most part. had a few trouble makers, but not many.

posted on Jan, 25 2015 @ 11:49 AM
MI, postulates. What if all nuclear explosive ordinance that have been created on this planet and are still in storage were all deactivated by multidimensional intelligences who have the job of protecting all habitable worlds created by the originators/progenitors? What if no nuclear weapons armed nation on the planet would admit this as it would reduce their political power? Reference: Missile Base Incidents

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