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Obama's "Partners" In Yemen Overthrown As Presidential Palace Falls To Local Militiamen

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posted on Jan, 22 2015 @ 12:15 PM
Well Zoyd23, It's now Thursday and this is the latest news from Yemen, Thank You for your reply and An S For You
Arjunanda" target="_blank" class="postlink"> backed-government-president-resigns
Yemen's US-Backed Government & President Resign

In the short space of an hour - following weeks of battles and a recent standoff in Sana'a with Houthi rebels - all the well-laid plans of the US manipulators has gone astray:

This comes after signing a short-term peace deal following an admission that they had lost control. And with oil-prices plunging once again, which means social instability
in the middle east is about to explode making the Arab spring of 2011
seem like child's play by comparison, things around the globe are about
to take a dramatic turn for the worse.

As Xinhua reports,

Yemeni Prime Minister Khaled Bahah presented resignation to President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi on Thursday night, government spokesman Rajeh Badi told Xinhua, one day after the government and Shiite Houthi group signed a peace deal to end a three-day political crisis.

"The prime minister and his government will not withdraw their decision under any circumstance," Badi said, expressing the apology on behalf of Bahah to the Yemeni people.

Bahah, born in 1965 in Yemen's southeastern province of Hadramout, was named as the premier on Oct. 13, 2014. He served as oil minister from March to June in 2014. He was replaced due to protests triggered by shortage of fuel and electricity, and was later named as envoy to the UN.

The government signed on Wednesday a peace deal with the Houthi group which seized the presidential palace during clashes with presidential guards since Monday.
* * *

As Bloomberg adds - shortly after...

President Abdurabuh Mansur Hadi resigned after seizure of his palace by Shiite Houthi rebels this week, aide Sultan al-Attwani says by phone
* * *

And with oil-prices plunging once again, which means social instability
in the middle east is about to explode making the Arab spring of 2011
seem like child's play by comparison, things around the globe are about
to take a dramatic turn for the worse

:a reply to: Zoyd23

posted on Jan, 22 2015 @ 01:43 PM

All part of the plan to start another big oil war.

posted on Jan, 22 2015 @ 02:07 PM
If only our schools existed to educate rather than indoctrinate. We've been in the Middle East for a long time and it doesn't look like we're getting out anytime soon.
There should be a required class just for learning about conflicts, culture, and government in the Middle East. It should have been implemented long ago so that the average American would know enough to make their own judgement of what's really going on over there.
But I know, it won't happen. The only thing they'll ever teach our kids about the brown people is 9/11.
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posted on Jan, 22 2015 @ 02:13 PM
a reply to: LightAssassin

Iranian backed rebels, I highly doubt they are the good guys, hell maybe there aren't any good guy anymore.

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posted on Jan, 22 2015 @ 02:17 PM

originally posted by: Granite
a reply to: Zoyd23

Obama is aligned 99% with Sunni Muslims and these Houthis are Shiites...but I doubt Americans have to fear in this case other than CIA personnel might be the first to be rescued.

I see the media has been very successful in convincing 99% of the West that this statement is true. Instead of looking at what is said in the media lets look at what was done by Obama.

Egypt- originally under Muslim Brotherhood control (Shiite) when Obama took office. Had a revolt and overthrew the MB from power, US (Obama) cuts aid to Egypt says he will do so until they re-instate the MB government.

Libya- originally Qaddafi controlled (independent Muslim), then liberated (to protect the petro-dollar). Benghazi occurs under the Obama regime and the government is overthrown again and replaced by the MB (Shiite).

ISIS (The black army of Khorasan)- Is SHIITE not Sunni, this is where the western media has purposely lied to citizens, there are images months before anyone knew the word ISIS of the black army parading down the streets in downtown Tehran. They serve the Ayatollah of Iran, they are attempting to fulfill Islamic prophecy by reviving the old Persian Empire (Iran). Obama drops countless amounts of weapons and supplies to "rebels" that are coincidentally intercepted by ISIS. Obama is actually arming ISIS with US weaponry under the guise of providing weapons to the opposition.

Jordan- Remains Sunni and Obama has isolated them as an ally.

Iraq- Originally Sunni (after Hussein was assassinated), now; because of ISIS, they are leaning closer and closer to Iran for protection. Iran is pretending to combat ISIS in Iraq, but it is all a rouse to gain control over Iraq, which is a lot easier now that Obama has pulled US military personnel out of Iraq (forcing them to rely on Iran).

Yemen- Originally Sunni, now under the control of Shiite; because Obama did nothing to stop the overthrow of another Sunni government against the advise of his military generals. Obama placed on ME drone fleet in Yemen as well as US missile bases; all of which are now under Shiite control (arming the Shiites with US weaponry).

Before Obama the US closest allies in the region were Israel (Jewish), Jordan (Sunni), Saudi Arabia (Sunni), Yemen (Sunni) and Egypt (Sunni).

Now the US closest ally in the region is...,..., one. Every one of our allies have been betrayed by the current regime; Obama, by his actions has shown to be pro-Shiite and anti-Sunni; regardless of what the media Obama placed an executive order against unfiltered reports (must be approved by the White House) runs in their outlets. He has armed ISIS and helped to insert MB Shiite government in several nations; each one that falls brings Iran closer and closer to their prophetic revival of Persia and their Caliph from Libya to Iran under Shiite rule.

Words lie, actions do not.

God Bless,
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