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City of Paris to sue Fox News

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posted on Jan, 23 2015 @ 08:12 AM

originally posted by: TipTac
a reply to: Aliensun

Unfortunately, the problem lies in the political correctness. You are right, here. There are "no go zones" everywhere. For instance, unless you happen to be from the area and are easily recognizable to the locals, you don't walk down the street in Compton, California. Not if you want to come out without black and blue zones all over you. This is well known fact to almost everyone who lives in CA.

An uncomfortable truth, but a truth nonetheless. There are zones like this everywhere. Even in Paris.

So, there are bad nieghborhoods all over, and now we are going to use that to augment a terrorist threat? CA "no-go zones" are dangerous due to gangs created by the war on drugs. What does that have to so with terrorism?

Are we adding the areas that have always been somewhat dangerous to argument that we are under threat from terrorists? Because that would be pathetic to say the least.

posted on Jan, 23 2015 @ 10:53 AM
a reply to: Bluesma

Maybe it's better if a war breaks out now while we can still win than in the future when Muslims are the majority? If they are not going to assimilate it's only a matter of time that they become the majority and rule us all and I don't want a 7th century religious caliphate ruling over me and my family!

posted on Jan, 23 2015 @ 11:06 AM
i posted this in one of the other fox threads i think it should be posted here. below is my post i didn't quote myself.

well i was going to post this on the other fox thread.this along with my first post on page 2 where the last president of france and a former french intelligence officer called them that, (well it doesn't say the excat words no go zones in that article, but it does infer that), should show that they were and are still seen that way by some in france.

here are some article that go back to before this year. some either say no go zone or places where the police are attacked,and or refer to ethnic, or muslims. also you will notice that some are real careful not to mention race, nationally of origin or religion, but it you look them up you find that it is a muslim dominated area, or a high number of muslims.

first ones come from france and are translated. be sure to look at the dates they were published.

The city of Evry face the sad palmares of those areas where police forces can not go for fear of being attacked suddenly pavers. Yet another case of stoning took place October 17, 2014 in the district of Tarterêts where 3 policemen were injured. And this is not the first time.[Tribune] Evry, a zone of lawlessness among others under the influence of the scum

The priority areas are: the Seine-Saint-Denis (Saint-Denis, Saint-Ouen), Paris (Paris XVIII) Yvelines (Mantes-la-Jolie, Mantes-la-Ville), Essonne (Corbeil -Essonne) Somme (Amiens), the North (Lille), Oise (Meru and Chambly), Mosel (Fameck and Uckange), Bas-Rhin (Strasbourg), the Rhone (Lyon ninth) Bouches -of-Rhône (Gardanne and Bouc-Bel-aire), Marseille (Marseille III, XIII, XIV, XV and XVI), Gard (Vauvert and Saint-Gilles), Herault (Lunel and Mauguio) and Guyana ( Cayenne, Matoury Remire-Montjoly). After this first wave, forty to fifty other ZSP should be defined in the future. With these areas, one of Hollande's campaign promises, is "to establish enhanced security action on targeted areas, characterized by entrenched crime and high expectations of the population," stated the Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, in the month of June.
Security: these cities called "priority"

And on the side of law enforcement, this voltage is sustained. "Working in the northern district of Amiens has become very complicated. The police are not welcome in this neighborhood. And for police officers, in addition to being difficult, it has become dangerous," says Michael on Europe 1 Vandevelde, deputy secretary general of SNOP-SCSI police union.Amiens-Nord, a "no-go zone"?

QUESTION OF THE DAY - The Marseille is the theater of cascading settling of accounts. QUESTION OF THE DAY - After yet another settlement accounts in Marseille, on drug trafficking bottom and serious employment problems, the government has decided to react and know. Down in Marseille with no less than five ministers , Jean-Marc Ayrault has reaffirmed the determination of the state. But also promised reinforcements : 24 Police of the investigation and CRS company will soon be deployed in Marseille. Except that this move of the government and this reinforcing announcement is not a first and did not fundamentally curb the spiral of violence.
In your eyes, Marseille has it become a no-go area?
this next link i think they are talking about a neighborhood in Toulouse.

Before becoming famous as the neighborhood grew Mohamed Merah , the Izards, city of Toulouse ranked priority Safety Zone (ZSP), was already a hub of drug trafficking in which several observers the rule of law gives way gradually to grip of thugs. The Izards "area of ??lawlessness" (Cohen)
here is a link to the NY Times concerning mohamed merah, he claimed to have ties to al qaeda and killed seven people in 2012. the page has a bunch of articles. Mohammed Merah and Abdelkader Merah (Shootings in Toulouse, France) below are some U.S./ English articles. remember to look at the dates.

Sarkozy, a blunt speaking, energetic man, has drawn fire even from cabinet colleagues for his threats to "Karcher-ize" the "scum" in the suburbs, referring to a well known brand of industrial high-pressure cleaner. But he has not backed down, promising in an opinion piece published in the daily "Le Monde" this weekend that "we will no longer tolerate 'no-go' zones where organized crime and mafia dealing reign."Chirac vows crackdown as unrest, discontent spreads

In 1994, in one of France's first encounters with radical Islamic terrorism, two unemployed French-born men from La Courneuve hid their faces behind masks and shot up a hotel in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh. Two Spanish tourists were killed.
During their trial in 1995, they testified that during several months of indoctrination, they watched videos of the massacre of Bosnian Muslims and of Palestinian suffering in Israeli-occupied territory, then were sent to a military training camp in Pakistan. They were condemned to death. President Jacques Chirac interceded with the Moroccan government to have their sentence commuted to life imprisonment.

In 2002, in what is still a continuing investigation, the police arrested three men from La Courneuve along with others from a nearby suburb on suspicion of plotting to attack the Russian Embassy and other targets in Paris with cyanide gas. Among the items discovered by the police were radical Islamic literature, more than $25,000 in cash, counterfeit passports and a protective suit used in handling toxic chemicals. One of those arrested had trained in Afghanistan and Chechnya.
both of the above quotes come from here.Immigrants' Dreams Mix With Fury Near Paris

continued next post.
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posted on Jan, 23 2015 @ 11:06 AM
this is one below by a frenchman in english, google his name, and look at his wiki for credentials. seems to be pretty respected.

The public-housing projects that gradually burgeoned around most French cities in the second half of the 20th century now serve as strongholds and training grounds for these violent gangs. After the incident on National Road 455, the stone-throwers were rolled back into the neighboring projects, but there was no further pursuit. One police source confided to Le Monde that security forces were actually "discouraged" from making incursions into those neighborhoods, except on rare occasions. The source went on: "It is a terrible mistake. Since we avoid going inside, where they are, they attack us outside, where we are."
Most French suburban public housing was originally designed by talented architects, and could have developed into pleasant neighborhoods. Mass immigration had an adverse effect on them, however, and turned them into either North African or black African ghettoes (an estimated 15 percent of the overall French population--one quarter of the population under 20--is now non-European and non-Judeo-Christian). Ethnic criminal gangs took over, as often happens under such circumstances: They forced the last native French or European inhabitants out, and made it increasingly difficult for the police to enter and monitor the projects. Later, fundamentalist Islamic brotherhoods asserted themselves in the projects, or cités, as they are called.
France/ The green flag of revolt Another French Revolution? The suburban rioters and their admirers--on the right and the left

The atmosphere was strangely festive. Behind the reinforced steel and glass of the Eurostar terminal, new arrivals from London were ushered into Paris by soldiers with machine guns – the glittering capital of Europe now apparently a war zone. They looked on the scene with horror. But it was exhilarating to watch kids hopping over metro barriers, smoking weed and shouting, walking wherever they wanted, disobeying every single one of the tight rules that normally control access to the station. It was also frightening, because these kids could now hurt you whenever they wanted. They had abolished all the rules, including the rule of law.

The rioters at the Gare du Nord or in the banlieues also often describe themselves as soldiers in a "long war' against France and Europe. The so-called "French intifada", the guerrilla war with police at the edges and in the heart of French cities, is only the latest and most dramatic form of engagement with the enemy. In November 2005, 18 months before the riot in the Gare du Nord, the tensions in the banlieues had already spilled over into violence and, for one spectacular moment, threatened to bring down the French government. The catalyst was a series of confrontations between immigrant youth and the police in the Parisian banlieue of Clichy-sous-Bois. As the fighting between police and the banlieusards intensified, riots broke out in major cities across France. This was when the term "French intifada" was first widely used by the media and by the rioters themselves.
the above quote come from here, The Observer The French Intifada: how the Arab banlieues are fighting the French state warning it use some language.

these are but a few of the articles about no go zones called the ZUS and ZSP, if you search you can find more from the past, you just have to muddle through all of the recent reports about fox first. also if you do a video search, you can find many non U.S. news reports, that actually show you these places.

now before anyone starts calling me a islamophobe, or racist or any crap such as that. the purpose of this post, is to show that indeed in france by french people, and reporters from other countries, did call these places No Go Zones before the fox report. just look at the dates.

posted on Jan, 23 2015 @ 05:06 PM
Good info..

Like I stated - Its Politics on the part of the Mayor.

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