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All female reproduction - The anti Goddess conspiracy

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posted on Jan, 22 2015 @ 11:45 PM

"I'm sick of men acting like they're superior! All I want is equality! Women are superior!"

I get it're trolling...nice

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posted on Jan, 23 2015 @ 12:22 AM
Read on the internet somewhere that if giving birth is so painful to women, that it's really not. That is why most will have more than one child.

posted on Jan, 23 2015 @ 06:23 AM
a reply to: johndeere2020

Your referring to monotheistic religion and the root of the subjugation of females as second class citizens
it was monotheism that created this inequality

before monotheism , polytheistic cultures venerated females , some were even leaders , rulers , chieftans, empresses , queens
the gods themselves were female and very powerful , we as a species worshipped the female form and the feminine aspect of our species.

Who is to say that He is the true god, when there were so many gods before him who were both male and female

posted on Jan, 23 2015 @ 08:38 AM
Original Poster attempts to make a conversation, a debate, on a gender topic, and THIS is how ATS responds: (also known as the Misogynist Manuscripts):

"I mean its well known science that ignorant females eventually grow penises because they are in league with the devil I mean why not."

**Why not? Because this statement is pure troll drivel and contributes nothing to the topic. Instead of debating the topic, in an educated manner, this poster goes straight for the laughs of his fellow woman hating comrades.

"It worked, you know, quite a while actually, back then when behind every succesfull male stood a heartfull woman."

**And what time period would this have been, how far back were these days, because up until 1971, women could be barred legally from practicing law, so they might not have had much choice as to standing behind their man because the law said they had no where else to legally stand.

"Also I am a female and who would want to live in a world without sex? Just two wet wholes rubbing against each other? Where's the fun in that?"

**Do you even understand the fact that there are lesbians on our planet, or is this exactly what it aqppears to be, gay bashing? Enlighten us.

"Just don't call us when you need the garbage disposal fixed - again. "

**Classic misogyny. The topic is not small home repairs an untrained monkey could perform, it is the concept or future idea that males could become extraneous.

"Do men really make you so uncomfortable that you'd want to live in a world without them?"

**Do women really make you so uncomfortable that you must trot out this tired misogynist's cry instead of trotting out a counter fact for the Original Poster?

"(by someone calling themselves enlightenedone, such delicious irony in that one folks!) You really have a crusade against men don't you? Your dad is Satan!"

**This is pure troll, you must have a crusade against enlightened debate.

"Why not hate him for being male instead of appreciating what he did for you by raising you? Do you have a vendetta against all male members of your family? If you were somehow abused as a kid by a male or something, I apologize, but your experience does not constitute what men are in general."

**Here we get a telling glimpse into the mind of this nonresponsive troll poster, such focus on the purported and imagined sexual life of the Original Poster gives most normal humans the creeps.

"Or just feel like hating on men for whatever reason. Maybe you have daddy issues like alot of women do."

**Here we have another poster trotting out the misogynists mantra of DADDY ISSUES. I pored over the Original Post and must have missed these DADDYS ISSUES.

" I remember when I was a boy my mum told me a story about some sick woman who thought it was a good idea to insert a hosepipe into her daughters vagina then proceed to pour scalding hot water into the hosepipe."

**I remember when I was a little girl they locked people up for thinking such perverted thoughts, what in the world would this have to do with our Original Topic? Not a thing, but this poster feels the present time is as good as any to recount his mother's loving bedtime stories from his not so distant youth. Thanks for sharing.

"All those facts aside, who is going to build the houses, and program the computers and robots(cause you will sure as hell need plenty of those), fight the fires, build the ships and the planes and the cars, who is going to mine for coal or go out on fishing trawlers?"

**Indeed, this poster tossed aside pretty much all the facts, because he or she has to fall back onto the tired treatise of who will build the houses? Give me a break already we know how the houses would get built, classic woman hating here.

"(this old tired lacks education joke) My dad once said never trust anything that bleeds for 7 days and lives. I do hope you have a sense of humor you know, because if you can't even laugh then you are sincerely cruel to not only yourself but everyone around you. How do you not see what you are saying is not crazy?"

**so here we have a poster who contributes nothing to the topic, but relishes the moment to toss his tired misogyby into the ring for the commrades to chuckle over. She also brings into the conversation something all women haters like to use, the CRAZY card. If they cannot refute the topic they will just holler CRAZY.

"The reason we have such large brains is because it takes two parents to raise a child. Sad days when we live in a world where such delusions can be even pondered."

**Sad indeed. Also going to need a link to the where you got this fact of the bigger brain theory.

"Consider their probably are a bunch of ladies that like thier men and not only want tons of practice making... but are super proud of making these natural beautiful children on their own."

**just another sex fantasy

"(and this old tired drivel) Feminazis like to run away from facts,"

**What is a feminazi, and list examples of how they like to run away from facts. Because qall we see is another tired woman hater spouting off about his hitler fantasies.

"You know what this sounds like??? I hate men and don't want to rely on any part of them for anything I want in life... Well, if you want kids, good luck with that... If you somehow have a child and God save him, he's a boy.. I pray that you give him up for adoption... Jaden"

**No contribution here folks, but I will take this chance to get my own inadequacies out by verbally abusing a poster with drivel that contributes nothing to the topic but everything to my ego.

"Ungrateful women............. what a shocker. "

**Noncontributory post by misogynist, what a shocker.

"Read on the internet somewhere that if giving birth is so painful to women, that it's really not. That is why most will have more than one child. "

**Source please.

posted on Jan, 23 2015 @ 10:39 AM

originally posted by: unikornrainbowz
"(and this old tired drivel) Feminazis like to run away from facts,"

**What is a feminazi, and list examples of how they like to run away from facts. Because qall we see is another tired woman hater spouting off about his hitler fantasies.

I have done, the Swedish "Gender War" video I posted shows many examples of extreme feminazi's denying reality, if you had bothered to check it out you would have seen for yourself.

Hitler fantasies eh? Thats interesting, would you care to elaborate or are you just blowing hot air?

But anyway heres some more examples of the insanity of some of these people. For the reality challenged.

There is nothing new about this phenomenon.

Heres some examples of WOMEN against feminazism, if you think Im being biased.

And talking of avoiding facts, funny how you completely ignore what I have already posted and cherry pick comments out of context and accuse me of "Hitler fantasies". Shame on you.

Do you want more examples? Or are you just going to avoid everything I just posted making it a waste of time me even addressing you? And proving the fact that "feminazis avoid facts"

Im waiting for someone, anyone to refute what I have posted so far. Instead of just the usual throwing of unsubstantiated claims. Get your debate game up.

posted on Jan, 23 2015 @ 11:47 AM
Well this seems like an odd threat. Generally both male and female are of equal value (not to sound politically correct), but also in most religions. However some people to analyse it differently.

posted on Jan, 23 2015 @ 01:53 PM
I never fail to be amazed about the interesting tidbits one picks up on ATS! I had never realized before that all female reproduction is a reptilian thing!

posted on Jan, 25 2015 @ 10:38 AM

originally posted by: unikornrainbowz

"(and this old tired drivel) Feminazis like to run away from facts,"

**What is a feminazi, and list examples of how they like to run away from facts. Because qall we see is another tired woman hater spouting off about his hitler fantasies.

Little surprise that YOU run away from facts. The barefaced lunacy, bias and unhingedness of these so called feminists, is really quite scary for anyone with 2 braincells to rub together.
Just run around like a headless chicken calling anyone and everyone a woman hater, who needs supporting evidence eh, when you can just be a f**king total moron and make crap up on the spot hoping nobody bothers to check the information.

Elvis put it so well, the evil hater of women that he was.

And dont come back.

posted on Feb, 1 2015 @ 04:31 AM

originally posted by: MarkJS
Read on the internet somewhere that if giving birth is so painful to women, that it's really not. That is why most will have more than one child.

Recent discoveries in science tell we evolved from reptiles.

The increased pain in childbirth in women mentioned in the Bible seem to support the scientific discovery.

As reptiles, females lay eggs which is a lot less painful.

posted on Feb, 1 2015 @ 11:53 PM
a reply to: johndeere2020
Actually male and female is merely just a dichotomy of nature and of biological process. It just expresses itself in different ways in different ecosystems, social and cities being an ecosystem of the human animal. Oh and all those female lizards you link, well its just a matter of how you categorize them. For instance in lizards the females lay eggs, so now if they all do it then there female. Simply because of that fact and trait.

There really is nothing beyond that. Like in other species, for instance take these lions. If there were not male lions around but the females eventually some will grow a penis as well as the mane. So ya! Its just as likely that like females like to say on that whole last man on earth joke. Well the truth is, if one day there were no males around, some of them may begin to experience some changes in there biology. So if lioness suddenly start growing manes and eventually penises. What does that make them, male or female?

In that lizard population they can only do it as there less complex and have less to worry about in there habitat, in other creatures. Well lets just say nature finds a way...And then much later it is labeled by others as one thing or another, in one group or another, in humans its depending on social constructs. But in lizards they classify them as male purely because they can lay eggs. By that very same token if you can make a machine or incubator which can grow a human like a female uterus or womb, even if you installed it into a male. I suppose that would make it and him female, by definition of biology, but not social context. In lizards the social context is much more simpler, hence why you seem to think those lizards are females when there merely more androgynous then anything else. Male and female is a categorization which is simply brought on by biological process of nature.

Basically lions and lizards and everything else does not think of themselfs as one or the other. We label them that, because we think of ourselfs as that. They merely are on a more basic level and simply follow nature guidelines more so instinctively. Its basically a form of pareidolia, there are all kinds of insects or critters out there which if we were to categorize them in social context of having what we consider female traits they would be considered male, but if we go by pure biological states ie which one is responsible for reproduction, they would be female. Its simply something we attribute to things. Kind of like watching a Disney movie with talking dogs and everything and attributing to them human traits. When in real life they are not any such thing, much less able to speak English like in the cartoons.

Oh and the gods do not need to breed, nor do they really need biological bodies, they are neither male nor female but it just depends on traits. The whole duality of things, expressed through biology. Well that is not only nature but it is also number of the beast and all things biological.

So ya! It would be ridiculously hilarious what would happen if suddentely there were nothing but females around on planet earth. Lets just say some of them suddentely spawning deep bass voices may be the least of it. The only way the social and biological context can be maintained then would be by artificial means, and even then it will eventually all fall apart over time, generation after generation even with all the tinkering on a genetic level, humans society roles functions may just go out the window, and really it could end up as nothing but clones of clones. Kind of like a piece of paper that has been copied countless times...Its bound to get stagnant and full of redundancies. And then you run out of ink.

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posted on Feb, 1 2015 @ 11:56 PM
a reply to: johndeere2020
So what are you trying to say that women have been faking this whole pain during child birthing, for centuries and eons, and who knows how long?

posted on Feb, 2 2015 @ 05:38 AM

originally posted by: TiM3LoRd
Funny how since we moved out of the jungles and women dont need protection from wild animals they are suddenly so ready to discard males.

If we hadnt protected the psychically weak women and you are weaker than males thats a fact just get over it. You wouldnt have the luxury to condemn us because you would be too busy gathering berries and running from wild animals. Oh yeah and the fact that you wouldnt exist because YOU NEEDED A MAN TO REPRODUCE.

Nothing more idiotic than uneducated feminist. They are so quick to forget that 80% maybe 90% of the inventions of the modern world were by men and if we hadnt done these things to make life easier they wouldnt have the freedom to complain about us. You're Welcome.

Ungrateful women............. what a shocker.

Women use men. It's just what they do. They get us to do their dirty work and then throw us away at their first convenience. If we could rid the world of women it would be a much better place. Hopefully more men will fight their basic urges and totally ignore women.

I hope scientists will nail down the "gay gene" so I can have on inserted into my brain. I totally love the idea of being gay, except for the fact I find men horrendously unattractive. With science, that might change!

posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 09:08 AM
Well this thread makes very little sense. Is the OP somehow saying that women need to inherit the Earth via.... what exactly?

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