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Kabbalah And The Zohar; The Esoteric Bible

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posted on Aug, 11 2015 @ 04:09 AM
Hypnotised by words.

There is only God but he has put a spell on himself, he did this with spelling - magic.
Words speak of what is not and a whole world is created out of nothing.

posted on Aug, 11 2015 @ 04:16 AM

originally posted by: LittleByLittle
Ever looked up the definition of יְהֹוָה, Jehovah = "the existing One".
In the end there is only one source of all: ONE.

Is there any thing existing besides what there is right now?

What is this that IS?
It cannot be spoken, it is the unnameable.

But words pretend that there is something besides what there actually IS. This that is is not some separate thing - it is all there is - there is not a separate you and this - this is all there is - the source and sum is always right here.

Words arise here and speak of 'there and then' - words speak stories about what is not happening and you get lead astray - a you seems to appear outside presence. There is no you - a separate you is an illusion - a magic trick. There is nothing outside presence - there is just what is happening. Stories made of words seem to create a you that lives in a world of many things.
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posted on Aug, 11 2015 @ 06:22 AM
The mathematical knowledge about the nature of the physical and superphysical universes that is encoded in the Otz Chiim (Tree of Life) has now been fully deciphered. It is truly amazing. Moreover, its equivalence to the sacred geometries of other mystical traditions has now been mathematically proven. This has profound implications. This amazing connection and isomorphism has no rational explanation other than a transcendental intelligence exists, contacted by the minds of mystics and embodied in the geometries revealed by their visions.

According to Kabbalah, divine ideation proceeds in four stages called the Archetypal World (Atziluth), the Creative World (Beriah), the Formative World (Yetzirah) and the World of Action (Assiyah). Each of the ten Sephiroth (Divine Qualities) functions in the four Worlds as the Divine Name, the Archangel, The Order of Angels and the Mundane Chakra. Their Hebrew names acquire number values through gematria. Amazingly, these numbers have been now discovered to represent the meanings and functions of the Sephiroth in the four Worlds. Collectively, they constitute a complete set of parameters charactering ANY holistic system that manifests the universal mathematical pattern shown to be present in sacred geometries. Moreover, some of these numbers have appeared in the research journals of theoretical physics. For example,
1. 26 is the number of Yahweh, the Godname of the Sephirah Chokmah, and this is the number of dimensions of space-time that allow spinless, 1-dimensional objects called "strings" to be consistent with the principles of quantum mechanics;
2. 496 is is the gematria number of Malkuth, which denotes the outer, physical form of any holistic system (on a cosmic level, the very physical universe), and this is the crucial dimension of any Yang-Mills gauge symmetry group that physicists Gary Schwarz and Michael Green found in 1984 to be free of so-called quantum anomalies;
3. 248 is the number value of Raziel, the Archangel of Binah, and this is the dimension of E8, the rank-8 exceptional Lie group that appears in E8xE8, one of the two possible, anomaly-free, symmetry groups that describe superstring forces.

Such appearances of certain numbers central to the mathematics of superstrings cannot be coincidence; they occur far too frequently to be explained as coincidence (unless one is happy to accepy miracles of chance!). Moreover, they are found to be global parameters of sacred geometries, whether Kabbalistic or not, enabling one to identify what geometries are truly sacred. The fact that these numbers appear in three different contexts: Kabbalah, sacred geometry & mathematics/theoretical physics in a clear, spectacular manner cannot be explained away as the result of cherry-picking or random chance. Instead, they point towards the existence of an amazing, beautiful "master design" at work in nature that has been captured in Kabbalah as the Otz Chiim, as well as in the sacred geometries of other mystical traditions. This pattern has now been identified. It even manifests in the tone intervals in the ancient, Western musical modes (Dorian mode, Phrygian mode, etc) that became the basis of Roman Catholic plainsong. The 64 hexagrams of the I Ching and the 64 codons of DNA and RNA are related to the 64 triplets of intervals between the 14 types of notes in the seven diatonic scales.

The Tree of Life can serve as a map of the human soul. This is its traditional use. But its geometry has been found to be connected to the properties of matter at a fundamental level. This is possible because both the soul and elementary matter are different manifestations of the same One Life, conforming to a universal, mathematical design that has now been identified.

For details about these discoveries, see .

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