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Google in 10 years (Flash Story) Could this happen?

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posted on Dec, 14 2004 @ 11:40 PM
Hello all.. this isnt my usuall topic of interest, but it was pretty grabbing.

Google in the year 2014

Anyone think this or something like it might or could happen?

It seems a little unlikely that people would just sit by and let this happen... BUT people do strange things sometimes.... and bad stuff has happened all through history. Oh well... just wondering what you guys thought of it!

(sorry if its been posted! I tried searching, lots of google threads)

posted on Dec, 15 2004 @ 12:57 AM
Most of that stuff is possible, but Google fusioned with Amazon is a bit hard to believe even within 7 years.

E.P.I.C could not happen within a ten year timespand. It would be impossible to shift the hole world within so little time

Anyone realize they failed to mention anything about KeyHole

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posted on Dec, 15 2004 @ 03:33 AM
These seems facinating to me, why cant it happen, if it did happen would you oppose it? It seems real cool.

posted on Jan, 5 2005 @ 04:43 AM
I love this video story! I have forced all my friends to watch it!

I think the scary part is this: Isn't it kind of already happening?

Think about it....say you search 'above top secret' ..... you get this site up, and you get ads like "Buy Abovetopsecret" on Ebay, on Amazon, etc......

But for now, the ads are still separate

But the blogs aren't. You put in 'Tsunami' for'll get news stories as well as llinks to blogs ABOUT Tsunamis. You'll get unrelated stuff mixed in....example: I like to drink this energy juice, they have a flavor called "Tsunami" (I think)......well, you type in Tsunami, you can get somebody's blog talking about how they like this drink......stuff is already mixed on the net......we can still SEE that its a BLOG about a drink.......but the results are alreday mixed........its just a small leap to mix them further....

The lines are already blurry

My friend was reading this site (ATS) today and we talked about it. He was reading the threads about 'Secret Societies' and commented about some of the actual quoted facts. He's a librarian, he knows how to research, and what is fact and what is opinion. But many DO NOT. They will look at a site, and maybe say "SpongeBob (or whatever) " is a "Secret Society" just because they saw an idea, a joke. Think about it.......
I believe this 'future history' story was done because the concept, the gist of it, is already happening.

Way cool story, thanks for posting it!

posted on Jan, 5 2005 @ 05:45 AM
google has got so big from its humble beginings and now that it hs fused with amazon i hope it will cause msn to lose out i really hate microsoft they have enough power but always want more go google!!!!

posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 05:56 PM
I was half-expecting Google to buy M$, but that would be weird. "Google OS 1" Anyways, this is a very disturbing story of media wars.

posted on Jan, 6 2005 @ 06:17 PM
Definately a very ineresting story, and not out of the realm of possiblity. We just now are getting our feet wet with the idea of 64bit processing, memory is becoming cheaper, storage is larger, and newer techlogy such as stereoscopic displays (3d) and the virtual paper is actually in development. I acutally think it could happen with just the right prodding and a few sparks of coding genius, but I guess we will have to wait to see how it all pans out.

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